Chapter 16: The return of the reaper

Dean sighed. He knew he shouldn't have been so mean to Sam, but he couldn't help it. Sam had just played right into the demon's hands and now they were doomed. Dean looked over at the door at the sound of knocking and saw his dad in the door way.

"Hey, dad." Dean said sitting up in his bed. His smiled and sat down next to Dean.

"Hey, Dean." He said looking around the room. Dean looked at his dad curiously.

"What's wrong, dad?" John sighed and looked Dean straight in the eye.

"I think Sam's in trouble." John said bluntly. Dean rolled his eyes.

"Well he gave himself to the demon; of course he's in trouble!" Dean said loudly. He couldn't believe this, his dad now wanted to save Sam? "The demon won't hurt him, he needs him too badly. So I wouldn't worry about him." John sighed.

"I guess you're right." John said shaking his head with a small smile. "I don't know why I'm worried. Sam's a big boy and can take care of himself." John got up out of the chair and left the room. Dean sighed; this day just couldn't get any weirder.

Sam gasped in pain and clutched his side while the demon stood over him twirling the bloody knife. Sam rolled over so he could see the demon and grimaced in pain.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked he tried to stop the bleeding with his shirt. The demon laughed at Sam, a cold hard laugh that made Sam's blood run cold.

"You don't understand your true importance do you?" he said mockingly. He kneeled down so he was sitting nose to nose with Sam. Sam winced as the demon pushed against his wound. "By killing you… I kill all good supernatural beings. Angels, reapers, brownies, all of them are in pain and their cries are a never-ending supply of energy. When they're all dead I will be the most powerful being in existence, and no one can stop me from wreaking havoc on the human race."

Sam screamed as the demon shoved his foot into his wounded side. The pain was unbearable and Sam soon passed out. The last thing he saw was the demon standing over him laughing at his screams.

"Dean." a weak voice said from the other side of the room. Dean sat up and looked over to see Megan materialize holding her side. She stumbled and Dean could see that she was in extreme pain.

Dean got out of bed and grabbed her as she began screaming and helped her over to a chair. Megan passed out and Dean looked at her side and saw a huge gash like a knife wound. Dean was puzzled, he didn't know of anything that could kill a reaper. He sat down on the bed and watched Megan until she woke up.

When she finally did he grabbed some water from beside the bed and helped her to drink some. She grimaced as she tried to swallow and looked at Dean gratefully.

"What exactly happened?" he asked her as she sat up in the chair. "I didn't think there was anything that could wound a reaper like that." Megan grimaced and looked at Dean.

"It's your brother, Dean." she said, her voice cracking. "He's been seriously injured and you have to save him." her was almost a whisper as she said this. Dean looked at her curiously.

"What does Sam have to do with this?" he asked. Megan coughed and blood appeared in her hand but she just ignored it.

"Your brother is the life force for all good supernatural beings." she said, her voice growing weaker. "If he dies than we all die and the demon is free to wreak havoc on the human race unchallenged."

Dean looked at her in astonishment. After a minute he found his voice. "So what you're telling me is that not only are reapers good," Megan glared at him but didn't say anything. "And my brother is dying and taking all good supernatural beings with him." Megan grimaced and nodded.

"You have to save him, Dean." she said, before crying out in pain.

"What is it?" Dean asked worriedly. He was actually starting to like Megan a little. After all, she was a good being.

"The demon is hurting Sam!" she said through gritted teeth. "You have to stop him; I don't know how much more of this I can take!" Dean jumped up and ran out of the room pausing for a moment at the door and looking back at Megan.

"Just go!" she said as she cried out in pain. "He's in an abandoned parking garage." Dean nodded and ran out of the room. He slowed when he got to John's room and wondered if he should tell him, but his instinct told him no and he continued on.

He went over to the Impala and grabbed a gun from the trunk before looking around. He had no idea where this parking garage was.

"How am I supposed to find this garage?" he asked no one in particular.

A passing nurse looked at him in confusion. "Excuse me…" she said walking over to Dean. He quickly hid the gun in his jacket and smiled at the nurse.

"Yes?" he asked as she got closer. She wasn't the cutest nurse in the world, but Dean didn't dwell on it long.

"I'm sorry, but I over heard you asking about a parking garage. Perhaps I could help." Dean smiled sweetly.

"That would be much appreciated." he said smiling at the lady. The nurse blushed slightly. "I'm looking for an abandoned parking garage, my brother was supposed to meet me there… but I don't know where it is." The nurse gave him a quizzical look but it soon passed.

"Just follow that side road right there." she said, looking at Dean as if she was wondering if he was serious. "You can't miss it." Dean nodded his thanks and ran down the side road. He was just hoping he wasn't too late to save Sam.

"Dean?" John asked knocking on Dean's door. There was no answer. John pushed on the door and looked around. His eyes locked on Megan's and she grimaced. John walked over to her, his confusion apparent on his face.

"Where's Dean?" he asked grimly. He didn't trust reapers, and he could tell that's exactly what Megan was.

"He went to save Sam." Megan said her voice barely a whisper. John looked grimly at Megan. "He's in the abandoned garage."

John nodded and walked out of the room. Sometimes he just wanted to kill Dean for doing stuff like this.

Dean cocked the gun and entered the garage. He looked around and heard the demon's cold laugh from upstairs. Dean became grim as he heard Sam's cry of pain. He sounded very faint and Dean knew he had to hurry.

He walked over to the stairs leading upstairs and ran up them two at a time, wincing each time Sam cried out. When he got to the top he cautiously opened the door and peered in. His face became grim as he saw the demon apply pressure to Sam's side which was covered in blood.

Finally Dean could stand it no longer and he burst in with his gun drawn. The demon looked up sharply and smiled when he saw Dean.

"Why Dean" he said mockingly. "What a surprise. Why don't you stick around?" As he said this he flung Dean against the wall and pinned him there. His gun went flying to the other side of the garage and landed on the edge.

Dean sighed; this rescue wasn't going according to plan. He looked down at Sam and saw that he was losing consciousness fast. He glared at the demon.

"Let him go." he said between clenched teeth. The demon merely laughed at him and grabbed the knife again. He walked over to Dean and Dean stiffened as the knife came closer to his neck. The demon smiled at his discomfort and held it there.

"Now why should I let Sammy here go?" he said walking over to Sam and pushing on his wound. Sam cried out and Dean struggled against the Demon's hold. The demon let up and Sam gasped in pain before losing consciousness.

The demon laughed and went over to Dean. "Sam has been so helpful to me." he said looking at Sam. "I can't just let him go, while he's alive any way." Dean struggled against the demon's hold trying to get to the demon. The demon laughed at Dean struggling and went over to the unconscious Sam.

John walked into the garage with his gun drawn. He had taken the liberty of "borrowing" one of Dean's guns from the Impala. He heard the demon on the next level and took the stairs up. He opened the door slowly and looked in on the demon standing over Sam. He gritted his teeth made sure his gun was cocked before pushing open the door.

"Let go of my sons." he said seriously, pointing the gun at the demon. The demon turned around slowly and grinned.

"Hello, John." he said, walking around to Dean again. He held the knife against Dean's throat and John gritted his teeth as Dean tensed under the knife. John took a step towards Dean and the demon pressed harder with the knife, Dean sucked in his breath as he felt the knife cutting into his throat.

"Let him go." John said aiming the gun at the demon's heart. The demon laughed and went over to Sam. John tensed as the demon gave Sam a swift kick in the side. John kept the gun aimed on the demon.

"You know you can't kill me, John." the demon said opening arms as if daring him to try. "Only Sammy here can kill me, and he's unconscious." John sighed; he knew the demon was right.

"All right, you got me." John said lowering the gun. The demon walked over to John and flung him next to Dean and pinned him there. John struggled against the binds and the demon smiled. John and Dean exchanged glances as the demon came over to them.

"You two are so pathetic." the demon said as he picked up his knife. "You actually thought you could beat me?" he asked laughingly. Dean looked behind the demon and saw something strange. Megan appeared next to Sam and crawled as silently as she could over to his lifeless form. Dean could tell Megan was still injured, but he kept his eyes trained on the demon so he wouldn't suspect anything.

The demon heard Megan but Dean kept his attention on them. "What are you going to do after Sam's dead?" he asked as innocently as he could. "I mean, you'll still have people like us to deal with." The demon laughed.

"Do you actually think that all your triumphs, all the monsters you've killed, everything was entirely you?" Dean gave his father a quizzical look. "Some good being has always been there helping you, that's why you can't win this battle. None are here to help you."

"That's not entirely true." Megan said helping Sam to his feet. The demon spun around at the sound of her voice and his smile was instantly replaced with a look of loathing. He looked from Sam to Megan and back, twirling the knife as he did so. He looked surprised to see Megan there, but it was covered with a glare.

"How did you get here?" he asked menacingly. "You're all supposed be dead!" Megan laughed and a gun materialized in her hand. She handed it over to Sam who pointed at the demon's heart.

"I'm not an ordinary reaper." she said pointing to the gun. The demon took on a look of fear and he backed away from Sam.

"Is that what I think it is?" he asked, Dean thought the demon almost sounded scared as he asked this. Megan just nodded, a small smile playing across her face. The demon looked from Megan to Sam to Dean to John and looked behind him. He had no where else to go and he knew he was doomed.

He straightened up and he took on a serious look. "This isn't over Sammy." he said looking Sam straight in the eye. "I will get you." And with that he vanished from the garage. Instantly Dean and John were released from the wall. Sam lowered the gun and looked at Megan as Dean and John came over to them.

"Thanks Megan." Dean said to the reaper. Megan smiled and vanished while blowing a kiss at Dean. The Winchesters looked at each other and sighed. They knew their nightmare was only beginning.