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The school bell finally rang. Not the good bell though, the one that meant first period Friday morning was starting. Yea, all bells sounded the same, but Zack Taylor could always hear something a little different in the first period bell. Something taunting him. Mrs. Applebee entered the room, looking at all of the students before speaking.

"Class, I want to introduce our newest student to you." She started, as a boy stepped up next to her, looking nervous. But that wasn't a very big surprise, all the new kids hated how Mrs. Applebee did this to them. "This is David Whaley, he just moved here from Seattle."

"Hi, David." The half asleep class sounded off with almost no enthusiasm.

It was enough for Mrs. Applebee, though, as she smiled and David went and found his desk. Right behind Zack, in front of Kimberly, and in between Trini and Billy. Zack was still tired and sore from yesterday, and wasn't feeling like meeting new people for once in his life. That didn't stop his teammates behind him, though.

"Hi David! I'm Kimberly!" The energetic Pink Ranger said behind him. "This is Billy, Trini, and Zack!" She continued, pointing to each of them, and David shook hands with all of them, except Zack, who didn't even turn around. He didn't mean to be rude, but he really didn't have the energy this early in the morning. He was sure that by second period he'd be his hyperactive self, though. His eyes started to drift shut as he heard Mrs. Applebee begin with the lesson for the day.

First period. Chemistry. A horrible combination. Jason hated chemistry with a passion. Actually, he hated all science classes. He usually managed, but this was the first semester he had science without Billy alongside him. And even if he had Billy in his class, the teacher had randomly assigned lab partners this semester, so either way, he was screwed.

Jason was glancing across the room, while drinking the coffee he had picked up on the way to school through a straw. Yea, having any food or drink during chemistry was a serious hazard and against all the rules, but whatever. He'd faced much worse health hazards. He noticed a group on the other side of the room that he couldn't help but smile at. Or maybe it was Skull's annoying, high pitch laugh. Skull was paired up with one of the newer kids in the school, the quiet and shy Adam Park. Jason didn't know him that well, but it was pretty clear that he and Skull were completely different than each other. He continued to glance around, and saw his two football buddies, Matthew Stevens and Ray Jones, who ended up together, despite the random assignments for partners. Jason wished so much to be partners with either one of them. Instead, he looked at his own partner, who was busy at work with all the chemicals. Jason didn't even know what the assignment was, but he was pretty sure that it wasn't concocting a truth serum that when put in the water pipes would make the Power Rangers come forth and reveal themselves.

"Bulk, why don't we actually get to work on the assignment?" Jason asked, shuffling past the application for the Peace Conference in his binder, and pulling out the worksheet for the day.

"Would you shut up, dweeb? I'm almost done here." Bulk snapped, clearly frustrated.

Jason just let out a small grunt as he dozed off into his thoughts again. He was still tired and sore from yesterday's battle, so he just let Bulk have his fun. He started thinking about this new obsession Bulk and Skull had with finding the Power Rangers' identities. Jason had to admit, they had come dangerously close to the truth several times now, the closest yet being the video tape that had recorded them morphing. He still could not believe that these two had come far closer than exposing the Rangers than anyone else, including the military. Jason let out a small laugh as he remembered the time a squad on F16s intercepted Kimberly in her Pterodactyl Zord early in their careers as Rangers, and tried to get her to return to base for questioning. She'd managed to get away, and even Zordon admitted that he had not expected that at all.

"What's so funny, geek?" Bulk snapped again, responding to Jason's random laugh.

"Nothing. Just wondering. How goes the search for the Power Rangers?" Jason covered, actually attempting to make casual conversation with Bulk.

"You have any idea how close I always come? That idiot Skull always screws it up though." Bulk answered, frustrated.

Jason hadn't seen an opportunity like that since the Hatchasarous had opened its mouth and practically let him jump right in to go for Cardiatron. Even if that didn't turn out exactly as planned...whatever!

"Sounds like Skull doesn't want you finding out who the Rangers really are." Jason said casually.

Bulk finally looked up from his work and right at Jason, obviously aggravated. "And WHY would Skull not want me finding out who the Rangers really are?"

Jason just shrugged. "Maybe Skull's a Ranger."

Bulk froze. His jaw dropped, his eyes widened. Skull couldn't be a Ranger...could he? He would have to be incredibly good to be able to pull that off right in front of him. But then, the Rangers were good. No, wait, it was impossible. "Skull can't be a Ranger, numb skull. He was with me when we saw all six of them at the race." Bulk answered.

"Yea, but did you see the news yesterday? There's that new White Ranger in town." Jason and Bulk instantly looked over at Skull, busy messing up all of Adam's hard work. The two of them then looked back at each other and Jason continued. "I mean, if I was a Power Ranger, I would have a really good cover."

Bulk thought about that, and looked back at Skull. Of course! A really good cover. Like being a bumbling idiot when not saving the world. He would have to watch his friend a lot closer now. Yea...he had found his ticket to the Rangers' identities. How could he not have seen it before? "Yea...hey, thanks." Bulk said to Jason, which surprised Jason because he could tell Bulk really meant it.

"No problem, Bulk. Just trying to help out." Jason answered, doing his best to not bust out laughing right there. It was those little things that mattered.

Tommy was in a complete daze as he thought about everything that had happened. Once again, he was back in Angel Grove. Once again, he was fighting to save the world. Once again, he was a Power Ranger. Things were different this time though. He was the White Ranger now. A brand new Power created just for him. Not to mention he was now the leader of the team. Zordon sure had a lot of faith in him. He was pretty happy about it, though. What he wasn't happy about was the fact that Zordon announced it to the whole team for the first time with Tommy right there. He could see the hurt in Jason's eyes and voice, but Jason had put on his best smile and just said "This is great!"

He knew is wasn't great though. Jason was distant the whole battle, commanding the Red Dragon Zord alone, and letting them try out the newest Megazord. Tommy cringed when he thought back to the end of that battle. He and the others were celebrating their victory with high fives, pats on the back, and everything else ordinary when Jason came over the radio.

"Alright! Great job, Rangers! Now, let's disengage the Zords and get back to the Command Center." Jason had said. No big deal. He always said that after they won the battles. That was his leader speech.

The silence that followed that just about killed Tommy. Finally, Jason came back over the radio. "Oh, uh. Right, sorry."

That didn't help. Tommy had struggled for some kind of unique phrase to say, but all that came out was "...Alright! Great job, Rangers! Now, let's disengage the Zords and get back to the Command Center." Tommy had wanted to slam his head into console right there, but controlled himself. But, the Rangers detached their Zords and took them back to their hiding spots, and they'd met at the Command Center for their debriefing like always.

Tommy had been really hesitant to talk to Jason ever since the leadership transfer. He knew Jason was hurt, but he also knew he wouldn't show it at all. He'd just bottle it up and try to deal with it on his own, until Kim would finally force him to talk about it one on one with her, and then things would be cool. Except Tommy would still feel like a jackass. He glanced down at his watch with a sigh. Only fifteen more minutes in first period.

So, with that to refresh his mind, he walked into class, late as usual. Mrs. Applebee gave him a stern look, but had all but given up on breaking this habit. Tommy started to head for his desk, right in the middle of the four Rangers in this class with him, and but noticed some new kid sitting there. Ouch. So that's how Jason felt.

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