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"We're here at Reefside's Ranger Dome for the California state championship game between the Angel Grove Tigers and the Stone Canyon Cougars," commentator Kirk Jones explained to the television audience.

"That's right, Kirk," Steve Tyler, the other commentator, said. "However, here at the end of the second quarter...it's not much of a game."

"Angel Grove is down 32 to nothing, already."

"This is the Tigers' first time in the entire history of their football team that they've had a winning season, so the fact that they're here at the state finals competing against the Cougars' dynasty is impressive."

"Well, everyone knows about the tragedy that happened between their previous game and this one. Star quarterback Jim Scott was killed in...suspicious circumstances, to say the least."

"It really is a shame. He was a great person and a great role model for this team, who seem to be falling apart without his leadership."

"The players are taking the field again after their timeout, so let's go back to the action."

"Alright, alright. Who ordered the nachos?" Zack asked as he and Nick, the youngest Scott child, rejoined their group of seats in the stands.

"Right here!" Tommy said, raising his hand, and Zack passed him his food, taking his seat at the end of the row. Nick's seat was next to his, with Billy on Nick's other side. Kevin was next to Billy, with Tommy at the other end of the line. Jason had decided not to go to the game, he wasn't able to take it. Kim was down on the field with all the cheerleaders, and Trini was wandering the stadium since she wasn't really a football fan.

"Man, come on guys!" Zack yelled, watching their offense get stopped once again.

"This really is depressing," Billy said.

"Oh yea?" a voice came from behind them, and the five of them turned to see Skull sitting in the row of seats right behind them. "Keep watching. Because Bulkie's gonna get a home run."

"Skull, there's no home runs in...Bulk's a center, he doesn't..." Tommy was saying, unsure where to start.

"Leave it," Zack reminded him. Tommy shut up, remembering to just let Skull go with it.

"MOVE THE FREAKING BALL FORWARDS!!!" Nick suddenly screamed, leaping to his feet. The four older guys turned and stared at him for a minute while Kevin laughed at his little brother. Redirecting their attention to the game, they saw Angel Grove get tackled in the backfield once more.

"And that's the end of the first half, everybody."

"The teams are heading into the locker rooms...let's see if the Tigers'll do any better in the second half."

Kimberly dropped her arms to her side, letting out a sigh. Her and her cheerleaders had been trying to pump the crowd up all game, but it hadn't been working at all.

Meanwhile, Jason was up in his room watching Star Wars, but his mind was elsewhere. He was thinking about everything possible. For starters, finals were next week. Sometime over Christmas break he would be learning if he was coming back to Angel Grove High for another semester, or if he would be packing up and moving to Switzerland. They sure were taking awhile with the application process. Anyway, he had decided to see if he could make it, but had only told Zack and Trini so far. He'd worry about telling the others if he actually made it in.

Jason looked over to his dresser, which had a bullet sitting on it. His newest decoration. Billy had stepped on it last weekend while Zack was teaching him Hip Hop Kido. Apparently his powers had pushed it out of his body and healed the wound, trapping the bullet between his Red Ranger suit and himself. No one had even noticed it fall to the ground when he demorphed. He was going to hang onto it, as a reminder of this time if nothing else.

As for David, well, he was still awaiting trial. They had a lot of evidence on him, so none of the Rangers were worried about ever seeing him again. His dad was fighting the system with all he had, but he was busy with his own problems. See, all houses in Angel Grove have monster insurance. That is, if your house is destroyed by a monster, you're insured. The insurance company found a loophole in that one, though, seeing as the house wasn't destroyed by a monster, but instead by the Power Rangers. They didn't have Power Ranger insurance. Who the hell did? So the Whaleys were packing up and moving on. They were done with Angel Grove, and they'd probably have to accept leaving without their son.

There was a knock on his door, and Jason frowned. His mom and dad were on a date, his little brothers were at the game with everyone else. He was alone tonight. He paused the movie, looking to the door.

"Come in," he said a bit hesitantly, and the door opened to reveal Trini. "What're you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at the game?"

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at the game?" Trini shot right back at him, and Jason rolled his eyes.

"We've been over this. I barely made it through school this week with everyone coming up to me, wanting to talk about it, wanting to know what happened," Jason said. "I just can't do it."

Trini nodded, and started walking around the room, looking around.

"Angel Grove's losing pretty bad," Trini finally said.

"I'm not really surprised," Jason said. He knew how much that team centered around his brother.

"You know..." Trini said. "If you had died that day..."

"What day?" Jason asked. As Power Rangers, you had to be a lot more specific than that about near death experiences.

"Let's say you got in the truck, he didn't," Trini said. "Just hypothetically speaking."

Jason's eyebrows shot up just a tiny bit.

"I really, truly believe that Jim would be the Red Ranger right now," Trini said, and Jason nodded. He got the message.

"That's different, Trini," Jason reminded her. "You're talking the fate of the world vs. football."

"Jim's world," Trini said, turning to look at the former leader of the team. "He wanted you to rejoin the team so badly. Come on, Jason. Not only will it help you put some things to rest, but it's something he's been working so hard at this season. You're not going to let it go to waste, are you?"

Jason slowly stood up, walking over to his closet. He opened it slowly and pulled out his jersey, looking at it with a weak smile. He was number 66, and right above that on the jersey it had his name: J.Scott. He then frowned and shook his head, tossing the jersey on his bed as he walked out the door of his room.

"Jason! Please!" Trini yelled after him, walking over and picking up the jersey. He used to be so proud of it. She turned her head when he walked back in the room, holding a different jersey.

"If he would wear my uniform, I should wear his," Jason said, holding up the jersey to reveal the number 8, but it still said J.Scott above it. It was Jim's old jersey.

A big smile came across Trini's face, and she neatly set Jason's back on the bed. "We better hurry. It's kind of a long drive."

"No, Zack, you're right. I agree," Billy said, nodding. "It shouldn't be called the Ranger Dome. Reefside doesn't have Rangers."

"Could you imagine a team of Rangers operating out of Reefside?" Tommy asked with a laugh. "They would be so bad."

Zack was about to add on, but the teams were lining up for the kickoff return, so he focused back on the game.

"We're starting the second half, let's see if the Tigers can put up any points on the board."

"I don't know, Kirk. The Cougars have this locked down pretty tight. It would take a miracle to turn this game around."

"Wait...Angel Grove's student section is going...crazy! What's happening?"

Tommy turned his head as the opening guitar riff of "Crazy Train" started playing over the loudspeaker. When he saw the source of all the cheering, he joined in, followed by the rest of his group as well.

Jason was walking onto the field in full gear, minus his helmet, which he was still holding in his right hand. Next to him was Trini, with a giant smile on her face.

"Alright, big guy," Trini said as they both stopped.

"Thanks, Trini," Jason said, giving her a hug.

"Good luck!" she said, running back into the locker room area.

Jason, meanwhile, ran down the sidelines. As he was running, he made eye contact with Kimberly. A smile formed on her face as she put her hands on her hips and shifted her stance a little bit. Jason just gave her a salute as he ran.

"Apparently it's number eight...Jim Scott."

"That can't be right, everyone knows about him passing away."

"Is this some sort of phantom? Will somebody please tell us what's happening?"

Jason stopped next to Coach Howell, who instantly turned to look at him, looking a bit surprised.

"Grab the wrong jersey, boy?" the coach asked.

"Eight got you here, eight's gonna see it through. How we doing?" Jason responded in one breath, causing the coach to smile.

"We're getting creamed if you couldn't tell. Take over out there," the coach responded, and waved in the current QB, who looked quite relieved to be out of there. Jason jogged out onto the field, putting on his helmet when he stopped by the team.

"Look who made it," Ray dryly while Jason squeezed into the huddle between John and Ross.

"What's the deal here, guys? How's this defense?" Jason asked, knowing the play clock was ticking.

"They stop everything. On the ground and in the air. Nothing we can do," Nate said, shaking his head.

"Alright, Shane," Jason said, looking over to the halfback. "Let's try running it up the right side, sound good?"

"Worth a try," Shane responded, though he sounded unconvinced. The huddle broke up, and the players all lined up in their spots.

"Apparently this new player is former quarterback and older brother of Jim Scott, Jason Scott."

"Well, let's see if he can help the team at all."

The ball was snapped into Jason's hands, and he bolted around the right side of the line. The defense saw it coming, and swarmed right at him.

"Hold it! Hold it!" Shane yelled, trying to call off the play.

Jason didn't hear him, and figured that side was still open, so he quickly tossed the ball back to Shane. When he turned, he saw that he had lateraled it straight to a defender. The guy didn't catch it, though, instead it bounced off his helmet, and popped high into the air.

Both teams were going nuts, pushing and shoving. Players were jumping up and down, tipping the ball back into the air every time it came back down. Finally, it took another weird hop, and fell into the hands of an unsuspecting player.

Into the hands of Bulk.

"...Holy shit!!!" Bulk yelled, standing there and just staring at the ball.

"GO BULK!!!" Jason yelled from the back of the crowd.

"RUN! RUN!!!" Nate screamed.

Bulk looked up to see the entire defense charging right at him. Wide eyed, the center took off down the field as fast as his legs would carry him.

"Unbelievable!!! Number 76, Farkas Bulkmeier, takes it down the field! He could go all the way!!!"

The defense was right behind Bulk, but it was too late. He was long gone. As he ran into the end zone the rest of the team, right behind him as well, already had their hands up to signal the touchdown. The crowd went absolutely insane.

"You called it, Skull!!! You called it!!!" Zack yelled, pulling Skull into a huge hug.

"Way to go, guys! Keep it up!" Tommy yelled as loud as he could.

"Come on, Angel Grove!!!" Kimberly screamed from the sidelines, and this time the crowd responded.

"Well, Steve...we just may yet have a football game."

Trini still had that giant smile on her face when she stepped up next to the boys again. No one here was sitting down anymore, so she didn't really plan on doing so either. Zack was the first one to notice her return.

"Hey, where you been!?" he asked.

Trini listened for a second, and BTO's "Takin' Care of Business" was playing over the loudspeakers. That was a good way to put it. "Taking care of business."

She gave him a wink, and he glanced back down to the field. He laughed and nodded in understanding.

"For those of you just now joining us...it's been quite a game."

"After one of the strangest touchdowns I've ever seen in the first play of the half...Angel Grove's team has been on fire."

"Quarterback Jason Scott has thrown completion after completion, and the defense has in turn pulled itself together. The score of this game is looking to be 32 to 28."

"That's right, but with thirty seconds left in the fourth quarter, and the Tigers all the way down on their own 20 yard line...it was a good effort."

"They have time for two plays tops, but Scott and his receivers haven't been able to hook up at large distances."

"That's right, they've been all about the short game all night. If they want take this comeback all the way, though, they'll have to get a lot of yards in a short time."

"Alright. We're going all the way on this one, guys," Jason said in the huddle, and the team silently nodded. "Who wants the ball? Who wants to go into the end zone with this one!?"

The crowd was silent for a second, and Jason felt the frustration burning inside him. The clock was ticking.

"I'll go," Nate finally volunteered, and Jason nodded.

"Alright, everyone. Let's do this!" the temporary QB yelled, and the team let out a loud cheer behind taking their place on the line. Jason stepped up behind Bulk, taking a deep breath. Jim was watching, he couldn't let him down. "Set...HUT!"

Bulk snapped the ball back to Jason, and he instantly stepped back, watching the defenders closely, and watching for Nate, or possibly any other receiver, to get open. Then he saw it, the gap. With a deep breath, Jason threw the ball forwards with all the power he had.

The football spiraled through the air, and into the arms of Nate. The wide receiver wasted no time bolting down the field. He stiff-armed one defender, and that was all he needed. Nate stepped into the end zone, beside himself in excitement. The whole team and the fans were going absolutely insane screaming and cheering. Nate spiked the football into the student section with a victorious yell.

"TOUCHDOWN!!! Touchdown for the Angel Grove Tigers!!! Amazing!!!"

"Wait...wait, look. There's a flag on the play. It might be midnight a little too early in this Cinderella story."

Jason wasn't cheering. He was looking at the yellow penalty flag, which he had seen the referee throw onto the field right after he had thrown the ball. He clenched his fists as the referee picked up the flag and made the hand motions while declaring the penalty.

"Holding. Number 84 on the offense. Five yard penalty, repeat second down."

The crowd instantly went into a fit of booing. The players were clearly enraged, and most of them had taken to insulting the refs right in their faces. Jason, meanwhile, was signaling desperately for a timeout, which one referee acknowledged. The players all regrouped on the sideline, around Coach Howell.

"With time for just one more play...Angel Grove has to get a touchdown from their own fifteen."

"I've already said this game was over a few times and had to eat my words, though. I think I'll just shut up and see if they can pull out another big play."

"Sorry, everyone," Ray quietly said. He felt absolutely horrible about screwing that one up.

"Don't worry. It's fine. Let's focus," Jason reminded him, and he nodded.

"We've got to go to the air again," Shane said.

"They're expecting the pass...but then, who wouldn't?" Coach Howell said. "That's what we'll have to do. Everyone just take off into the end zone and Jason...good God, Jason just hit an open man again."

"You got it, coach," Jason said. The team started heading back onto the field.

"Jim would have some inspirational speech by now," Andy, one of the receivers, said.

"I'm not Jim!" Jason reminded them, and they quieted down. Jason sighed. Big mistake. He quickly called a huddle before they lined up. "Alright. Jim's not here. But he's watching us. He's watching us and he's counting on us to finish what he started. So come on, everyone! Let's do this for Jimbo!"

"Jimbo!" the whole team repeated, breaking the huddle and lining back up.

Jason took another deep breath as he looked down the line, then at the defense. "Set...HUT!"

Bulk snapped him the ball, and went straight to blocking. Jason stepped back, and as soon as he looked around he saw the trouble. The defense was spread out, everyone was covered. A linebacker was coming right at his side...he saw him. Act fast...act fast. No one was open. No one was remotely near open. Throwing the ball would be suicide. The guy was getting closer, and Jason realized he didn't have a choice.

He tucked the ball under his arm, and bolted down the field.



The defense was turning around, and all focusing straight on him. He weaved through two defenders, and stiff armed another. After that, the field was clear. He bolted towards the end zone with all the energy he had.

Jason barely saw it. One of the defenders was moving in, fast. He kept running with all he had, closing in on the end zone. His only hope was to get there first. He kept going...but it was too late. The defender hit him hard in the side, not managing to get a grip on him. As a result, Jason was lifted into the air, and after a fast somersault, he slammed down hard to the grass.

Right in the end zone.


"They take it in once again!!!!"

"This is unbelievable!!!"

"Ladies and gentlemen...Angel Grove, the state champions!!!"

Completely ignoring the announcement to stay off the field, Angel Grove's students swarmed onto it, right behind the rest of the team. Jason slowly got his feet, looking around with a dumbfounded look on his face. Was it really over? Had they won?

His thoughts were confirmed when Bulk slammed into him, giving him a huge hug that lifted him right off the ground. The rest of the football team was instantly around them, causing a gigantic group hug. After a few minutes of screaming and yelling in celebration, Jason was finally set down.

Kimberly ran straight into the crowd as it cleared, seeing Jason right there in the middle. Jason turned and saw her. He took off his helmet before he held out his arms, catching her as she leaped into them and spinning her around in the air.

"You did it!!!" Kim screamed as he brought her down, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug.

"We did it," Jason said with a laugh, hugging her just as tightly. He looked over to see Tommy, Zack, and Billy running right at them. Trini wasn't far behind, but she was holding the two little boys' hands, so it was slowing her up a little bit.

Jason set Kimberly down, only to have the other three males of the power team slam into him for another hug. Bulk and Skull, meanwhile, were jumping around celebrating, and the four of them backed into them. The two bullies instantly joined in the group hug, and the two girls just sat there laughing.

Finally, that group hug separated as well, and Jason gave each of his little brothers the biggest hugs he could give them. He stood up, looking at his friends with a huge smile while listening to Van Halen's "Dreams" that was playing over the loudspeakers now. He still couldn't believe it...but Trini was right. He felt a whole lot better, now.

Yea, everything was going to be alright.

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