Chapter One

I love him.

Try as I might, I cannot stop feeling for him. It's strange- loving him, that is. He gives me the coldest glares, says hurtful things, and yet I cannot bring myself to give up. Maybe it's because I know he wasn't always so spiteful. He used to be a kind, caring boy who would do anything for me...

"I can't believe we had to bring the little twerps along! This is their entire fault!" exclaimed an eight year old boy, a scowl plastered on his handsome boyish face. He folded his hands behind his head and took heavy steps through the brush in the large, foreboding forest.

"Be nice Matthew," said another young boy running a hand through his dirty blonde hair. He smiled at the younger girl walking right behind him, her small hand grasping his pants.

"Be nice? The little dwarf just had to chase the rabbit and get us lost! How can you be so calm Carlisle?" Matt glared at the little boy, who was running just a few ways ahead of them.

"Are...are we really lost?" I asked with a tremble in my voice. I bit my lower lip while looking around, noticing how all the trees look the same.

"Now look what you did," Carlisle hissed at Matt.

"Is that why Sally's been holding onto you for the past hour?" I asked. "Are we going to die? What about the scary monster?"

"Humph, like I'd let a monster get you," Matt said, stubbornly keeping his nonchalant attitude. "Besides, Sally's always like this."

"...How come Steven's not scared?" I demanded, looking at the blonde boy ahead who was now poking a puddle of mud with a stick.

"He's an idiot," was Matthew's reply.

"Well, at least can't get any worse," Carlisle said, giving me a warm smile.

But of course, right after young Carlisle Chapman uttered those words, loud thunder echoed throughout the forest causing me to let out a yelp and fall to my knees, coving my ears. I hate thunder.

"Mimi!" I barely heard Matt and Carlisle shout. They both ran over to me and held out their hands. "Here, take my hand." They glared at each other. I ignored them and tried to keep my mind off the oncoming storm.

Suddenly a small hand grasped one of mine. I looked up to see my little cousin Steven staring down at me with wide, innocent eyes. "I'll hold your hand Mimi," he said, while pulling my up and continuing our way. Steven's twin Sally ran up to us and grabbed onto Steven's sleeve, burying her face into his shoulder. I was always amazed at my twin cousins. Even though Sally was the eldest, by three minutes, Steven was the braver one, always looking after his sister and caring for her. Even though he was troublesome at times, when Sally was involved he always seemed to mature tenfold.

I looked back to see Matt and Carlisle walking behind us, glaring at one another.

Suddenly a drop of rain fell onto my right cheek and rolled down my chin and neck. Soon it began pouring.

Steven let go of my hand immediately and wrapped his arms around Sally, covering as much of her as he could from the rain. I wrapped my arms around myself, cursing that I hadn't brought a coat with me.

"Stupid rain," came Matthew's mutter as he walked up to me. He took off his outer coat and dropped it over my head. "Idiot. The clothes you wear are always to light." Matt walked ahead, bushed back so brush and looked around. Then he smiled and motioned them to come over. "Look! It's a giant mushroom!"

Giant mushrooms were rare in the castle forest, but there still a few of them scattered throughout the wood. They were most common in Mushroom valley in the Meadow of Zosia, South of Blavan.

We quickly ran under it for protection from the rain.

Steven kept his arms around Sally as they sat on the dry flower under the mushroom, Carlisle shrugged his own coat off and wrapped it around the both of them. He then wrapped his arm around my shoulder and sat my down next to him.

"Alright then," said Matthew as he stepped out from under the mushroom. "Carlisle, watch over Mimi and the others while I try to find the trail."

"But-" Carlisle and I both said, but Matt just waved and ran off.

Carlisle sighed and shook his head, but his arms tightened around my shoulder and I couldn't help but smile.

Matthew and Carlisle were total opposites, and got into a lot of fights; but they were also best friends, along with me of course, and knew exactly what was to be done.

I couldn't picture my life without them...

It was long after that day that my life was turned completely upside down. Though I didn't know it, I was about to both of my best friends and make the biggest decision of my life.

I hate her.

She was the reason I was trapped here; forcing her selfish feelings on me; as if I care or want them. If she truly "loved" me like she says she does, then she would let me do as I please, instead of forcing me to be her lowly bodyguard and causing me problems. Along time ago I might have welcomed her feelings, in fact I probably would have recuperated them, but now; they're just troublesome. I have changed and she must accept that; ever since my parent's died...

I stared down at the two cold, stone tombstones that marked the death of my mother and father two nights ago. My younger sister by two years, Candace, was standing next to m, staring blankly.

Preston Thomas Johnson, loyal and trusted knight, husband and father.

Hillary Elizabeth Hallaway Johnson loving and caring wife and mother.

I looked down once again and sorrow filled my heart even more.


Candace had seen everything.

I had been out getting wood but when I saw the smoke rising to the sky, coming from the direction of my home I went running.

A band of resistance fighters against the crown had raided the house. Father made Candace hide in the closet as he tried to fight them off. But he couldn't and he and mother...

The raiders then set fire to the house; luckily other knights had gotten the house and found Candace in time. But when they found her she was screaming and crying in a way I had never seen before. She had seen the murder of mother and father, she had watched as the flames engulfed their bodies and the house.

In a way, it was like she died. It's like she's not even here.

"Don't worry Candace," I said, looking back at the tombstones. "I'll get revenge. I swear on their graves."

"I know..." Candace said in a monotone voice.

"I'm going to Cleavon, I'll become a soldier and I'll make the resistance pay."

"I know. I'm going to help."

I did not protest.

It wasn't fair to her. Though she was only four years old, she was the one who deserved revenge more than anyone.

I was feeling so many things; anger, shock, sadness, and... scared. I was scared, not only for what lied ahead for me and Candace, but also because, for the first time in my life, I have this burning thirst...to kill.

I wanted to make the murderers of my parents to suffer. Just like mother and father did. Just like Candace and I are.

And I will make them.

I will kill them...

That day changed everything for Candace and I. We went to the warrior school in Cleavon and studied with some of the best teachers, courtesy of the royal family of Blavan. I stayed there for about ten years until I came back to Blavan. Candace was sent back to Blavan two years earlier, the Grand Martial of Cleavon thought her "unstable" and unable to fight. Upon my return to Blavan I was given the position of royal bodyguard of crown princess Mimi Ackerly and was to stay and protect her until relieved of duty.

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