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Chapter 28– Epilogue

Dean sat watching Sam's even breathing. It was such a simple thing and yet, one of the few things that made Dean feel at peace. Missouri was next door with Andy talking to Melissa. Sam hadn't regained consciousness…not on the way down from the roof, the ride in the car or when Dean and Andy had dragged him into the hotel room.

Dean was still worried. Melissa had come to briefly and explained that Sam had seen the yellow eyed demon. She said that the demon had told Sam to save her and he had, but at what cost? From Dean's vantage point, he wasn't sure who had saved who on that roof. If Melissa hadn't been there, would Sam have taken the jump?

Dean jumped as the door to the room opened quietly. "Oh hi Missouri" Dean said quietly, taking his hand off the gun he had in his waist band. "How is Melissa doing?"

"I think she'll be just fine Dean. Andy is going to stay with her for to make sure she is ok. They are talking about going back to Oklahoma together." Missouri smiled softly as she looked at Sam's sleeping form.

"A regular Romeo and Juliet story huh?" Dean ducked as Missouri aimed for his head.

"Boy, you have a one track mind, you know that?" Missouri sat in the other chair in the room. She was still worried about Sam. She could feel his unrest and the other emotions just boiling under the surface.

She shook her head and looked at Dean again. "Andy is making arrangements for them to leave in the morning…they want to wait and make sure that Sam is ok before they leave. Has your brother woken at all?"

Dean groaned as he stood and stretched his weary body. "No, but his little unscheduled trip to the roof, I'm sure did him more harm than good. I'm going to have to try to wake him soon so he can take his medicine…his fever isn't dangerously high, but it's higher than I would like." Dean pulled the damp cloth from Sam's forehead and wrung it in cool water before replacing it. He let his hand stay on Sam's head for a brief moment before moving across the room to look out the window.

"Dean, you need to give him time…you need to give yourself time."

"Yeah, like time has always been our friend…Now he's seeing the damn thing in his dreams. The colt is gone, Dad….isn't here to help. How the hell did Dad expect me to save him? Every time we seem to be getting ahead, something happens to slam us back against the same wall!" Dean hit the wall with his fist, letting some of the frustration he was feeling show through. But it only lasted a moment as he bowed his head and took a deep breath.

Missouri watched as once again Dean rebuilt himself, she marveled at the strength in this man who refused to be broken. She knew that inside he was feeling overwhelmed and maybe even scared. Yet, other than that brief show of emotion, Dean now appeared to be in charge of himself once more.

Both heads turned as they heard a soft moan from the bed. Dean moved quickly to sit beside Sam. "Hey Sammy…about time you started to wake up."

Sam blinked his eyes slowly, taking in the room, he was confused. "Where….how…."

Dean grinned. "Well after your little roof top chat with Melissa, Andy and I managed to get your freaky self back to the hotel. Of course, you slept through the hard work…I'm going to have start charging you for door to door delivery service."

Sam swallowed, the pain in his body was growing with each second and he really wasn't feeling very well. But he had to put on a brave face for Dean. He didn't want to be a bigger burden than he already was to his big brother. And now that the demon was visiting him…he knew that Dean would have his hands full watching him. Sam tried to sit up, but fell back weakly, a groan leaving his lips.

"Sammy, where do you think you're going?" Dean asked grabbing the washcloth as it slipped to the bed.

"Ah…bathroom…sorry Dean, I think I need some help." Sam sighed as he closed his eyes. He felt so useless.

"Sam, look at me…it's no big deal ok. You're going to need help for a few days. I had to stitch up some of the wounds on your feet and back after your little stroll. Missouri, can you get the wheel chair over here?" Dean gently helped Sam sit up and then helped him get into the chair. Without another word, he wheeled Sam into the bathroom. "Do you need help Sam?"

Dean let Sam decide. He knew that Sam hated being taken care of as much as he did. "I think I can do it…I'll call ok?" Sam watched as Dean nodded and quietly closed the door. Sam managed to get to his feet, but the pain was almost unbearable. But after a few moments, he was able to get back into the chair and call out to Dean.

Dean came in and rolled Sam over to the table. While Sam had been in the bathroom, Dean and Missouri had managed to get some soup warmed up along with some crackers and the sports drink. "Here you go Sammy, sorry the happy meal didn't come with a toy surprise…but you need to eat and drink this all so that you can take your pills."

"Dean…please, can't I take the other pain killers…" Sam stopped, he didn't want to admit to Dean that he was afraid the strong pain killers would keep him unconscious. And when he was unconscious, he felt vulnerable to the demon.

Missouri stood and put a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder. "I'm going to go to my room and get some rest. I've got a long trip ahead of me tomorrow…everything will be alright Sam…you'll see."

Dean smiled as Missouri left the room. He knew that she had left so that Sam and Dean could talk in private. He could guess what was bothering his brother and decided that now was a good time to get it out in the open. "Listen Sam, Melissa told me about the yellow eyed demon visiting you…care to tell me what he said?"

Sam put the soup down and began to play with his food as he sighed. He knew that Dean wouldn't leave it alone until he told him. "I'm scared Dean…I mean, he's come to me twice now since Trisha died. I mean, he just talks…but he wanted me to save Melissa…said it would serve his interests to make sure she lived. God, Dean…what if I have condemned her to my fate?"

Dean sat back and looked at Sam for a moment before asking a question of his own. "So you think that Melissa, Andy and all the people with abilities should find a roof and jump off…that will stop the demon right?"

Sam looked up at Dean, anger in his eyes. "Of course, not Dean…I'm not stupid…"

"Hold on Sammy…before you get yourself worked up, just listen ok. I don't know what tomorrow will bring…maybe you will turn dark side and then I will do what I promised…I'll make sure that you don't hurt anyone. But today, right now, we are both here…you are still a pain in my ass and because of you, Melissa and Andy are getting their Romeo and Juliet moment in time."

"But Dean…wait…what do you mean about Melissa and Andy?" Sam saw Dean grin.

"Well, Andy has convinced Melissa to go back with him…you do the math."

Sam smiled as he realized that both Andy and Melissa no longer had to be alone. Maybe things weren't as bad as he thought. If they could make it, maybe there was hope. "But Dean, what about the demon?"

"Nothing has changed Sammy, we will continue to do what we do…maybe save some other people along the way and when the time is right…we will send that bastard back to where he belongs. Sam, have you ever asked yourself, if he is so all powerful, why does he need his special children?"

Dean watched as the wheels started to turn in Sam's mind. He smiled as Sam started to eat again. "But Dean, why would Dad say you had to kill me? He knew that my destiny was bad…what if I can't avoid it?"

"Sammy, how many times do I have to tell you? Dad didn't know for sure…I don't think anyone does. But he did say that I should do everything to save you…why would he have done that if he didn't think there was hope for you Sammy? I've been thinking about this a lot…Dad believed that you and I together could beat this demon and I wouldn't be surprised if Dad didn't have some sort of plan to attack the bastard from the depths of hell."

Sam smiled and he thought of his father. For the first time, it didn't hurt as bad to think about his father. "You know Dean, I almost pity the demon" Sam said with a grin.

Dean's eyebrow rose as he asked. "Why?"

"I can tell him from experience…it's not pleasant to be on the other end of Dad's temper and he is the most stubborn, mule headed son of a bitch that I ever knew…except for maybe his oldest son."

"Why you…come here Sam…I believe I promised you an ass whipping for your little stunt earlier!" Dean moved towards Sam who tried to duck the playful punch that Dean had aimed his way. He groaned and held his chest as he giggled. "Dean, please…it hurts!"

"That's the idea Sasquach…" Dean smiled as he gently cuffed Sam in the ear.

Next door, Missouri smiled as she heard the playful banter of the boys next door. She knew that they had a rough road ahead of them, but luckily they had each other. As long as they were together, she felt sorry for anything that got in their way. "You did a good job John…you'd be so proud of them…and don't you worry, the others and I will be watching their backs for you."

The End

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