A/N: I'm glad to say that Cressida's challenges really work for me! The one she gave me this time was "Eyes," and I came up with this. We'd also been discussing how COOL, apart from the rest, Faramir and other Gondorians are, and I tried to put that into the drabble too...I think that worked.

Heck, why not just say it...I think I'm proud of this drabble ;)


Clear and bright are the young captain's eyes.

They look upon his men with approval and encouragement; when friends fall, they are full of silent grief; when supper time comes, they gaze towards the West wistfully; and when they behold the White City, they shine with ardent love and pride.

Perhaps a time will come when they do not turn east with grim determination…

But until then, his eyes watch, and so do other Rangers'. From behind trees, and rocks, and bushes, they peer into light and darkness, ever wary and keen.

And woe is he who underrates their sharpness.