We do not own Naturally Sadie we just own Satine!

(Hal on Phone with Satine)

Hal:"Yeah...My dad just bought a new in ground pool,And they are instaling it today and tomorrow,So on Friday do you wanna come over and swim?"

Satine:"Ok um...No I don't want to!"


Satine:"Hal I am just kidding!Of course I will!"

Hal:"Oh ok for a second I though you really didn't want to come over!...Hold on let me ask my Mom and Dad!"

(Hal asking his parents)

Hal:''Hey Mom,Dad can Satine come over on friday and swim in our new pool?It's been a month since...you know what happened!Smiles,PLEASE!"

Sadie:"No!Ben is surpost to come over and swim on Friday,I don't want to swim with Hal!That's just gross!"

Mrs.Hawthorne:"Well you two can just combinded your little dates and make it alittle mini pool party oh that would be great fun!"

Sadie & Hal:''MINI POOL PARTY?!?"

Mr.Hawthorne:"Oh yeah that would be a great idea so then I will know that none of you will do anything...That your not surpost to!Unless you would rather have me shaperone it instead!"

Sadie & Hal:"NO!"

Hal:Yeah a mini pool party sounds wonderful!Don't you think sadie?"

Sadie:What?...oh yeah a mini pool party sounds like BIG fun!"

(Satine screams)


Hal:"Oh yeah sorry,ok yeah my mom and dad said that Ben has to come over too!To have a Mocking voicemini pool party!"

Satine:"Oh ok that sounds like fun!"

Hal:"Ok well yeah sadie has to call Ben so talk to you later babe!Bye!

Satine:"Ok can't wait see you friday Honey!Bye!"