(Previous Chapter, Arden screams "WHAT!?!")

(Arden gets steamed and storms out, everyone follows Arden)

Hal: "Wow, Ben your hideous looks really do clear a room!"

Ben: mocking laugh "HA HA Hal, very funny."

Hal: "thanks, now we really need to clean up!"

Hal: "Ben, Sadie, you two clean down here, and Satine and I will clean upstairs."

Sadie and Ben: "Ok"

(Hal and Satine go upstairs)

Hal: " Ok Satine, I think we should clean my parents room first."

Satine: "Ok, sure."

(Meanwhile, downstairs)

Ben: "So...this is kinda like we are married and cleaning up our own house."

Sadie: "Yeah, kinda. smiles and blushes

Ben: "So...do you wanna ditch cleaning and makeout?"

Sadie: "Well, we really need to clean up or I'll get in alot of trouble and we'll never get to see each other again."

Ben: "Come on Red, be a rebel for once."

Sadie: "Well...I don't know..."

Ben: "I know! We can makeout for like, thirty minutes and then we can clean up."

Sadie: "Alright, I guess that would be ok."

(Ben and Sadie start makingout on the couch)

(Back upstairs)

Hal: "Ok, I'm done cleaning the bathroom."

(Hal looks at Satine, she is asleep on his parents bed)

Hal: "She's got the right idea, I think I'm just gonna take a little nap and then we can clean up."

(Thirty minuets later, Mr. & Mrs. H. come home)


Sadie: "Oh dad, I can explain...it was all Hal's fault!"

Mr. H: "WHERE IS HAL!?!"

Ben: "They went upstairs to clean up..."

(Everyone goes upstairs to find Hal and Satine asleep on the bed)

Mr. H: "HAL HAWTHORNE! (Hal rolls off the bed) I can not believe what I am seeing! Ben and Sadie broke

my rules and so did you,I AM FURIOUS WITH YOU YOUNG MAN!I told you and Ben both to expecially not to do that,And you go and do it ANYWAY!!!"

Hal:"No Dad I swear to you on my life we didn't do anything,We were swimming all day and we got tired and then came and then Arden showed up with a bunch of people and started having a party and trashed the place so we were cleaning up and Satine fell asleep and then I fell asleep...That's all I swear,I haven't even taken my swim suit off all day even to pee!"

Sadie:"Eww!Hal that's gross!"

Mr.H:"Sadie,Ben,Jean go down stairs I need to talk to Hal and Satine...ALONE!"

Ben:"It's been nice knowing you man...you too Satine!"

Mr.H:"Ok Hal,Satine I know you two are young and in love but you two have so much going for you"

Hal:"Dad for the last time I am telling you WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!Ok Gosh!I know I have thought about it alot but I haven't ever done that because I am waiting until after I get married to the women that I love."

Mr.H:"Ok well then why were you two under the covers and she was unclothed?"

Hal:"She is not naked dad she just took the strap off of her bikini because she said that it was hurting her,Satine stand up!"

(Satine stands up to reveal that she is still wearing her bikini)

Mr.H:"Well...I can see that I have made a mistake and I am very sorry!"

Hal:"It's ok I forgive you man,I love you dad!"

Satine:"Yeah I forgive you as well Mr.Hawthorne It's just alittle harmless misunderstanding!I am so sorry that we fell alseep on your bed though.And also just to let you know Mallory is the one who invited all those people over because Hal told her that he has a girlfriend and she got mad and called Arden and that is when everything exploded!And then when we came up here to clean up since we were really tired we kinda passed out and that is what happened!"

Mr.H:"Oh ok I get it now!Well I am sorry once again and I guess I will let you two finish cleaning up so um...Yeah just don't let it happen again please!"

Hal:"Ok dad we will finish cleaning up and we won't let it happen again we promise!"

(2 1/2 hours later)

(Ben kisses Sadie goodnight and Hal walks Satine home)

Hal:"Bye baby!I love you!I am so sorry about tonight,ok yeah I don't want to do that right now anyway until I find that right person and get married!And I think I might have an Idea on who that person is but I'm still not ready to get married yet!"

Satine:"Same here about everything!Well I better go in I love you Hal!"

Hal:"I love you too Satine!"

(Hal kisses Satine goodnight and walks back home)

The End!

this is all happening on friday ok just to let everyone know and also Cheyenne wrote this whole story but the next story we both are going to write it so there will be more Ben and Sadie parts,We should have another story started either tonight or tomorrow night!thanks for reading everyone!