Julie de Lespinasse

"You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul."

Mrs. Granger sat down on the couch, setting down her mug of steaming coffee. Narcissa came in and placed the tray of sandwiches on the coffee table and also sat down on the couch. Mr. Granger came in, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. They all chatted for a while and then an owl swooped in. Narcissa took the letter from it and handed it to Mrs. Granger.

"It's for you," she said, sitting down again. Mrs. Granger opened the letter and laughed.

"Here, listen to this:

Dear Mum,

Oh, I hope this gets to you. I don't know about the postal service, as I don't use it much. The man at the desk said it would take only three days, but when I called on them five days later, the letter had not been sent. I do believe the man meant three days travel time, but who is to know. Maybe he was pulling my leg to see how many times I would come back to the office before I cursed him. Ah well. How is Dad? It has been a while since I visited. I suppose we'll be coming up for Christmas. The children are dying to see snow, and it will be nice for Nathan to see it for the first time. We haven't been up there for Christmas since before he was born. Where will it be held this year? Ask Narcissa if she can host it, as I know this year Dad's side of the family is also coming and I know you won't be able to house that many. Have you spoken to Harry or Susanne? I do believe they said they would send me a letter, but maybe they have used the same postal office. Please tell Harry that he can call me, as I know he knows to use the telephone and we do have one. I heard that Susanne is pregnant! Oh, I hope I can come in time to see her before the baby is born. Is it a boy or girl?

By the way, I wrote Ron a letter but sent it along with the owl. Could you please see to it that he gets it? I've been meaning to write him for a while, but things have been hectic. I have finally gotten rid of all those boxes and the house looks wonderful now. No more cluster except for toys and such. Oh, this reminds me. Please write back with Ron's child's birthday. I can't remember his name nor his birthday, and I know if I ask Ron, we will get into an argument and I will not be in the mood for it. They are coming down here for August, but I would like to get birthday presents early. Enclosed also is a list of things I need you to send back with post. They'll send one of those big birds instead of an owl for large packages and I do need a lot.

Time heals. That's what people say, and in some respects it is true. My scars are very faint now and I have most of my memory. Some of it is still fuzzy, but it is coming to me. I don't remember some of the childhood memories, but the Healer says that it will clear up in a month or so. I was hoping I'd have all my memory already, as it has been almost six years since. Good grief, six years. Harry must be glad that it's over. Imagine if it hadn't ended then...well, I'd rather not. I don't like thinking back so far, it brings back terrible memories and these are memories that not God Himself could heal. I have stayed in contact with the friends from the muggle world, Nicole and Hillary. They do not know that I am a witch, but that does not affect anything. We are still very close and I call them often. If you don't mind, ask Narcissa if it would be ok if they come over and pick up some of my stuff from the manor. I sent her some things and I would like them to have them.

Well, things down here are going well. Elly and Nathan are both healthy and happy, running around and playing. Nathan turns two in a week, and he is very excited. Elly is more subdued about it. She came with me when picking up presents for Nathan and was slightly miffed that her birthday was so close to her younger brothers. Their birthdays are three weeks apart, so she is now six years. I pray that she has many more to come. I love both my children, but she is special to me, and she will always be special. She was with me when I was going through things I won't even mention. Nathan, thank God, will never have to know about these horrors. He is a happy, unaware four year old. And he has started muggle kindergarten at the American school here. Elly goes to the British Academy for Young Witches. Everyone says she will become like her mother, a bookworm, top-notch witch. Nathan is not a wizard and I am glad. I would hate to have all my children to be magical. And he doesn't mind not having magic. He loves his big sister with his whole heart and often looks up to her for advice, as it should be.

I have begun work at the hospital here in Potions Research, but I will soon have to go on leave. I am pregnant again! It is four months now, but don't be mad for not knowing. I haven't told anyone yet. It's twins this time and I am excited. I'm hoping for girls.

Well, what more is there to talk of? Oh, yes. My husband.

Draco Malfoy wants me to believe that he detest Kenya, when, in actuality, he loves it more than I do. I have found him in a tree more than once, just soaking in the warmth of the evening and the sound of the wind and birds. The plains stretch out as far as I can see as we do live a quarter mile away from actual civilization. He has become a silent person, but it doesn't bother me. The children make up for him. He loves them so much, especially Nathan, who he has taken a fondness to taking around the Sahara plains on occasions. I believe it is because it is his only son and he is determined to keep the Malfoy Family Heritage alive. He complained when I told him I was pregnant. Went on and on about not able to afford it. Tell Narcissa that she has raised the biggest liar I have ever known. The man owns five Quidditch teams here in Africa, one in Brazil and one in England!! He owns the largest Quidditch broom making company in Africa and he has a fortune from his parents. What is he complaining about? But I know he doesn't believe anything he says. I can see it in his eye when he looks at me. It is pride that shines there. It bothers him, sometimes, his missing eye. It is a reminder to him what happened but there is nothing we can do.

He has stopped drinking. You remember what he was like after the war. Almost drowned himself in Firewhiskey. But he is sober now, thanks to the fact that I am alive and here for him. He puts his energy into Quidditch and training. I'm proud of him, Mom. He's changed so much since the beginning and I just hope it get's better. I still hate him every now and then, but it's ok now.

Hope to see you soon and give my best to everyone,

Love always,


Mrs. Granger looked up and laughed. "Well, that's our daughter." Narcissa leaned back in her chair and sighed.

"They seem content in Kenya. I'm glad that they went. I can't wait to see my grandchildren. Christmas seems so far away..."

Hermione rolled off him and snuggled into his side, running a hand up and down his chest. Resting her chin on his shoulder, she gazed up at him, glad she'd rolled off on the right side of him.

"You seem...tired," she told him. "It was like you weren't really there..." His eye closed and he turned over, his back to her. She sat up, covering her chest with the sheets. "Draco."


"Do you want to talk?"

"Not especially." She looked out the window and watched as several trees swayed to the wind.

"I hope my mom got my letter," she said.

"They got it, Hermione. Now stop talking." She placed a hand on his shoulder and felt him tense.

"What is it, Draco?" she whispered and he sat up, taking her leg in one hand and pulling it out of the sheets. He then pointed to a scar that was forever imprinted on her upper thigh. She immediately pulled her leg away and slipped it back under the sheets and took his chin in her hands. "Stop doing that," she hissed, feeling tears coming into her eyes. "Stop it." He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, kissing her passionately. They fell back into the bed and he pulled away, resting his head on her chest.

"I can't," he told her, intertwining his fingers with hers. "I just keep remembering..." He turned back to look her in her eye. "Why are you saying something now? For six years, sex hasn't been the same and now you chose to bring it up." She stroked the side of his face.

"It wasn't important until now," she explained. "You just seemed...like you didn't want to hurt me."

"I don't." He rolled off of her and sat up. "I..." Looking away, he closed his eye. "I still remember what they did to you...and I don't want to repeat anything..." She sat up, forcing him to look at her.

"Draco, there is nothing you could do that could hurt me like they did," she whispered. "They took me without consent. I let you in. You could never repeat anything they did because you could never be like them. You were my first and you will be my last, Draco." She leaned in. "Kiss me." He leaned forward and captured her lips in a soft, heart felt kiss that made her gasp and melt into his arms. He trailed down her neck and across her collarbone. "I love you, Draco. Don't ever forget that."

"I love you."

"Mommy!!" The bedroom door swung open and a four year old boy trundled in, wearing a shirt much to big for him that barely covered his feet. "Daddy, goodmorning!" Pulling on one of Draco's large shirts, Hermione pulled her son into the bed while Draco got his boxers on and got out of bed. Kissing his son on the forehead, he walked to the bathroom door and shut it. Picking up the remote, Hermione turned on the television and snuggled in with Nathan as he flipped through the channels and found Nickelodeon. They were playing Spongebob Squarepants and Hermione giggled along with her son as Spongebob shed his pants to join the jellyfish. Draco opened the door again and leaned in the doorway, watching them silently. Elly came in and, running over, she hugged her father tightly.

"Hi, Daddy," she mumbled and he smiled slightly. "Can I watch t.v. too?"

"Why not?" he replied and she jumped in the bed, feet in the air as she propped her head on her hands and elbows, lying down in front of her brother and mom. He watched them again and sat down on the edge of the bed. Hermione rubbed her stomach and leaned back in bed, eyes closed and mouth pulled back in a grin. Nathan moved over and put both his hands on his mother's stomach, his face glowing.

"Draco," she whispered.


"The baby moved."

This is the end of the road, unfortunately! For all of you who have been consistent since Three Rings, I cannot thank you enough for your support! If any think this isn't the end, well it's not! Watch my bio for a new story called 'Til Death. It's D/HR, so read it!!

Hope you enjoyed!!