Author's Note: This episode is based on a weird series of dreams I had. Trust me it's weird. I don't know how far I'm planning on going with this but read on and enjoy.

Chp. 1: Dreaming

I know someone's behind me, watching me. I just don't know where for sure. And none of this makes sense. One second I'm visiting with my family in my house and then the next my cousin says we have to make a run for it before he finds us. Well who the hell is he and why do we have to run?

"Damien where are we going? What are we running from?" I ask.

"Just follow me," Damien said.

And so we kept running. Out through the backyard and through one of the neighbor's fields. There was a ravine there, and slicing through the bottom of the ravine was a flooded creek. It had only rained the past few weeks, and if one of us fell into the creek, we sure would feel its fury.

My 18-year-old cousin stopped just short of the ravine's edge, "C'mon Astrid. We're jumping."

Jumping? I could hardly believe my ears. That was a good twenty-five foot drop into a creek that wasn't even that deep. And not to mention, I'm afraid of free falling. There was no way I was going to jump.

"Damien tell me what is going on. Are you trying to get us both killed?" I was extremely anxious to know.

"Alright I'll tell you, but I have to make this as brief as possible. There is someone after you Astrid, why I don't know. Now c'mon he's gaining on us,"

"No you've already told me that," I shouted, "Tell me something I don't know."

"That's all I can tell you, Astrid,"


"I'll explain it to you when I have enough time now jump!"

I didn't move. Damien growled and took my hand. He jumped, and I couldn't hold his weight. I fell from the ravine with him. What surprised me the most was I didn't land in the water. I went crashing through the roof of an old abandoned cabin, and my cousin wasn't with me.

When I landed I was knocked out of it for a few seconds. My first conscious thought was the utter repulsiveness of the cabin. The floor was gray, the walls olive green with mold, and the roof was brown. It was very dark in the cabin. What struck me as odd though was there was no hole in which I should have created when I fell through the roof. None at all, the roof was perfectly intact.

As I looked about myself more I noticed chain link cages with strange animals in them. They were unlike any animal I've ever seen before. They looked out of this world. Alarmed by them, I decided to make a run for it and try to find a way out of the cabin.

I ran down a certain hallway and soon discovered the cabin had tons of doors. Most of these doors had nothing behind them when I opened them. Some led to other hallways. And after a few minutes of running I knew I was lost.

"This cabin is like something you would find at a fair," I muttered.

The hallway I was traveling down came to and abrupt halt before me. I turned around to head back in the direction I had come when I noticed a humungous door at the other end of the hallway, and it hadn't been there before.

I looked more closely at the door and I noticed it was shaking. Freaked out, I tried to take a step back, but my back was already up against the wall. I was pinned where I was, unable to run away.

Whatever Damien had warned me about while we were running was behind that door. And suddenly the shaking stopped. The door remained just a bit ajar like it had been. Then it opened and two bright blue lights were staring down upon me.

The thing began to come out of the darkness it was hidden behind. I marveled at its enormous size. A robot, a huge, giant robot, with soft blue eyes was looking down at me. He wore a smirk on his lips and his arms were crossed. Air felt like it was being sucked out of my lungs.

Water splashed on my face and I opened my eyes to see daylight. Relief swept over me as I realized I wasn't in the cabin anymore. But that relief was short lived for now I was in the creek struggling to keep my head above water as a strong current pulled me down stream.

Damien shouted to my left and I swam as hard as I could towards him. My efforts paid off when my cousin pulled me out of the water. I collapsed exhausted on the ground trying to rest and hoping Damien wasn't planning on running anymore.

"You're bleeding," he said.

I touched my forehead. Indeed, I was bleeding.

"What happened?" I asked tiredly.

"When you fell from the top of the ravine you hit your head on a rock. You passed out for a couple minutes,"

So the cabin, and the robot, it had all been a dream. I sighed. Maybe I'm still dreaming, and none of this is really happening at all.

I heard a beeping noise. I sat up and looked over as Damien pulled out what appeared to be a PDA from his pocket. It was anything but that though when my cousin pressed a few buttons and an image of a face was projected from it. I looked at the projection in horror.

"Do you have her yet?" the face from the projection demanded to know.

"She is injured, but she is with me," Damien responded.

"Bring her to me, I can fix her,"

"Yes, Megatron,"

Author's Note: Well there's chapter one. Yes, weird, but I hope the next chapter will clear up some of the confusion. Please review!!!!