"...and then Hermione and I lived happily ever after and made love every 9.187640927 seconds, which was satisfying beyond candy."

He finished his story with a smug grin, not failing to notice the gaping mouths of the golden trio and of the Slytherin's. Pansy was sobbing into Blaise's chest, who's eyes were practically popping out of his head. His favorite student and godson was looking livid and embarrassed.

"Um...professor...where did you say you found that book again?" Hermione Granger asked, her voice timid and shaking. Snape smiled at her, proud to have caused such ordered chaos within a few paragraphs.

"In the Slytherin dorms. The title, for all those interested, is Draco's Dream diary."

Ronald Weasley ran out of the classroom, holding a hand over his mouth with a pale face. Snape wandered around his classroom slowly, looking into each and every students face with the most serious expression he could muster.

"Currently, Draco's Dream Diary is a small known work, but after mass production starts copies of it should be available by next August. The price for this amazing literary accomplishment will be-"

"Professor!" Draco's voice rang out, breaking off Snape's 'lecture' and drawing the attention of the rest of the class to him. Without another word he jumped over his desk and wrestled the book from Snape's hand. "LIES!" He yelled to everyone, his silvery blue eyes panicky. Then, before anyone could stop him he ran out the doors to the classroom.

And that is the true reason Draco went into hiding.


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