He stared at the... substance that was placed before him. Wrapped in his blanket tightly, he shivered. Mucus that he didn't find very pleasing ran down from his nose.

"What is it?"

"Soup, eat up"

He scowled, glaring at the girl. "Sakura, what kind of soup?"

She smiled sweetly back. "It's my mother's age old recipe for the common cold" her voice was cheery and her voice shined.

Common cold? He didn't have something that people fell to so easily! He had a much harsher, severe thing. Of course, the common cold could never take down a proud Uchiha --much less the single survivor of the Uchiha clan-- like himself. This girl must be out of her mind.

He sneezed, covering his nose with hands hidden within the folds of the blanket. Okay, maybe she was right. Now that he thought about it, she was a medic nin after all.

"Age old recipe? This doesn't look like Chicken Noodle Soup to me..." Sasuke said, sighing.

Her face fell slightly, then perked up. "Of course not silly! Chicken Noodle Soup is so... unoriginal!" she giggled.

"Sakura" He practically whined (though they both knew, since he was sick and all, that it didn't really count). "It's pink!"

Sakura shook her head quickly, using the spoon to drag his attention from her to the soupy substance before him. "No, my hair is pink. This, my dear Sasuke-kun, is a dark red orange"

His scowl and glare increased upon seeing the soup again. "What's it called?"

"That's not important" she mumbled, gathering a spoonful and popping it in her mouth. "See? It's edible!"

"Why aren't you telling me?" Sasuke growled.

She slipped the spoon back into the bowl before staring up at him with pleading eyes. "Ino, Tenten and even Hinata told me it sounded disgusting!"

"I'm not eating it till you tell me what it is" he answered back, shifting his blankets slightly.

Eyes looking downward, she concentrated. "Tomato and Rice Soup"

By the time she looked back up the soup was gone.