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Free From Hell

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Chapter one

"JACK! Jack!" Jack woke up. He could hear his sister crying out in her sleep again. He pulled the covers off of him and rushed into her room. Karla was thrashing her arms and legs around violently. Jack walked over to her side and put his hand upon her forehead. She was burning up again. He gently whispered soothing words into her ears. Karla fluttered her eyes open and shook violently.

"Jack! I'm so scared! What's daddy doing to mamma?" She whispered panicked.

Jack looked into her big blue eyes lovingly. "It's alright, Karla. I'm sure mamma's okay. Tell me about your dream, lass." He sat down on her bed and gently stroked her long black hair.

"Daddy and mamma were-were fighting again. And then dad hurt mamma real bad and-and…" Karla choked and tears fell from her sapphire blue eyes. Jack leant over and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. He wished he could stop this madness and turmoil that Karla suffered every night. He knew this wasn't how normal families lived. Jack, Karla and their mother lived in a prison. A prison of fear of Jack's drunken, abusive father. He was only a boy of twelve, but he was smart and he knew that the way they were treated by his father was wrong. He worried about his just barely five year old sister and his broken, fragile mother constantly. He stood up and picked Karla up and cradled her small frame in his arms trying to soothe her. His dark brown eyes looked into hers with concern.

"Sh Karla, it will be okay! Life won't always be like this! Just hang in there for a little while longer okay, little lass?" He hugged her tightly and placed onto her bed. He felt her forehead again to make sure she wasn't hot anymore and kissed her goodnight on her cheek.

"Try to get some sleep, now Karla. We will get in trouble if dad knew we were up."He said to his younger sister gently. Karla looked at Jack with sleepy eyes and yawned.

" 'Night Jack! I love you big brother." Karla closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep. Jack looked at her for a second and then walked to the door.

"Love ye too, My beautiful little lass." He whispered as he closed her door and started for his room. As he walked past his parent's room, their door slammed open and the big, strong figure of Jack's father stood hovering over the scrawny twelve year old with hate in his eyes.

"Aye boy, what are ye doing outta bed? i thought i told ye bloody stupid rascals to stay in bed once lights went out in this god damned house!" He roared and before Jack knew what was going on he felt the strong force of his father's fist collide with his Jaw and he flew across the hallway and hit the wall sliding down to the floor. He was on all fours trying to get up when he heard his fathers footsteps coming towards him again, He scrambled up to his feet and fled to his room and slammed the door.

"YEAH, YE BETTER RUN YOU MONGREL! NOW STAY IN THAT BLOODY ROOM, OR NEXT TIME YE WON'T BE SO LUCKY!" Jack heard his father's thunderous voice roar. He leant against the wall, his heart pounding loudly in his chest.

Once Jack calmed down, he sat on his bed and examined his jaw. It was lucky it wasn't broken. He layed down and silently prayed that there would be a way for his sister, mother and him to break free from this hell hole of a life. This was no way to live, he had to get his family away from his abusive father somehow. He was going to be the one who will show his mother and sister what freedom really was.

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