Free From Hell.

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Chapter 22: Finally Captain.

Captain Williams looked towards Jack while he was at the helm. He smiled with pride at how much Jack has learnt. Five years have passed now and Jack has become a man, and a wonderful pirate. Jack was now 20 years old and ready to be captain of The Black Pearl now. They had stopped at the port of Tortuga and Captain Williams was finally giving up his title and his ship. He grinned as he heard Jack walking towards him.

"Well, we are here now, Captain." Jack said with a sad smile. "Are ye sure yer ready. I can wait ye know." He asked. Captain Williams nodded.

"Aye, I'm ready. Here take this and treasure it, lad. Ye know ye have become like a son te me through the years." Captain Williams smiled as he handed Jack his prized tri-corn hat. Jack took it in his hands with utmost gratefulness and put it on his head.

"Aye, I shall take care of this hat with all me heart, savvy?" Jack said grinning sadly. "The Pearl will be in very good hands, Captain. I guarantee that it will always be taken good care of, savvy?" He sighed looking around at the Pearl with pride gleaming in his eyes. The older pirate nodded and also looked around the Pearl for the last time.

"Aye, I have always known that ye'd take good care of it, Jack. Karla's spirit lives in this here ship now, and that would be a very good reason why ye'd be wanting to take good care of it, savvy?" He replied. Jack nodded.

"Aye exactly. Well, hopefully I'll be seeing ye around Tortuga sometimes, savvy?" Jack said. The older Pirate nodded. They both looked towards Bootstrap who was approaching them.

"Just wanted te say goodbye and all, Captain." He said with a sad smile. Captain Williams nodded.

"Aye, I'll miss ye both aye. I ain't Captain no more though, savvy?" He said with a grin towards Jack. Jack grinned back at him.

"Aye, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, now, savvy?" Jack said with pride, that had a lovely ring to it. Bootstrap and former Captain Williams chuckled.

"Well, I best be off now. Take good care of Jack fer me, Bootstrap, aye? Make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble."

"Aye, I will." Bootstrap replied. "Well, hope te see ye around Totuga sometime, aye. Gotta get back to me duties and all." Bootstrap said as he shook the older pirates hand. Then Bootstrap walked off back to his duties. Jack sighed and looked at the man that had become like a father and a role model to him with sad eyes.

"I'll miss ye too, Captain." Jack said as he hugged his captain goodbye. former Captain Williams gave him a pat on the back and broke the hug.

"Aye, ye'll still see me around, lad. well I really better be off now, savvy?" He said as he walked down the gangplank.

"Bye, Captain!" Jack called out after him. The Pearl will be in safe hands!" He called and watched his captain walk towards the busy streets of Tortuga until he was so far Jack could not see him anymore. Jack sighed and headed towards the helm.

Well, Karla. I fulfilled ye dream! I'm Captain Jack Sparrow now, little lass! Jack thought as he stood behind the wheel. He had finally found freedom, and his mother and sister were all free from hell aswell. I knew you could do it, Jack! I'm so proud of you! Are we ready to sail away towards the horizon, now? Jack nodded. We sure are Karla, savvy. Jack thought as he stroked the wheel. He heard Bootstrap and all the crew coming towards him and they surrounded the helm. Jack raised an eyebrow and looked at all of them curiously.

"Captain, the crew and I wanna say something." Bootstrap said and then turned towards the crew. "Ready, boys, Three cheers fer Captain Jack sparrow!"

"Yay fer Captain Jack!" The crew all cheered. Jack chuckled with appreciation.

"Aye, thankye.Now get back te work, ye scabrous dogs!" He ordered and the crew scurried off to do what Jack., no sorry, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow ordered. Jack had never felt more free or more happy in his life. Bootstrap became his best mate and loyal first mate and he had gained the respect to be titled captain, and had gained ownership of The Black Pearl. Jack grinned with pride and felt the most peaceful he had ever been as he and the Pearl, Karla too sailed off towards the horizon.

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