Sam could no longer hide her feelings she ran to Danny.

Sam: Danny I have something to tell you.

Danny: Me too.

Sam: You first.

Danny: No you first.

Sam: Fine, I, I, Danny I think I l, lo, love you.

Danny: Huh?

Sam: I...love...you.

Danny: I should of gone first.

Sam's heart broke that very instant. She knew what Danny was going to say probably had to do with him liking someone else like Valerie.

Danny: (annoyed) I wanted to be the one to say "I love you" and get us together!

The Goth's sadness turned to anger. She grabbed the horrified Danny and pinned him to the nearest locker.

Sam: You nearly broke my heart! You stupid, clueless, (voice getting softer with every word) OBJECT OF MY HEART'S DESIRE! (Starts kissing Danny)

And so they made out for awhile and then once Mr. Lancer saw them and told them to go away school had been over for two hours the lovebirds walked back to Danny house hand in hand.

Sam: You know in order for this relationship to work Danny you have to promise me something.

Danny: What?

Sam: That if we get married when we're older that we'll have six kids.

Danny: SIX! (Gulp) Okay if we get married someday I promise we'll have six children.

Sam: Yeah! (Hugs him) O, and if you ever even look at another girl I will...

Danny: I get the idea Sam.

Sam: Whatever you say honey, whatever you say.


33 year old Sam Fenton laid on the couch of her house. Her daughter Lillith walked in.

Lillith: Hey Mom, what are you doing.

Sam: Just having flashbacks to when I was fourteen.

Lillith: Okaaay, (Sam gets up) where are you going?

Sam: To find your father, he's three kids behind on that promise!

As Sam left the room Danny Jr. walked in.

Danny Jr.: What's going on.

Lilltith: If I were you I would expect to see mom gaing some weight in the near future.

Unfortunately being almost as clueless as his father Danny Jr. had no idea what that meant.

The End


Yeah a sequel to My Middle Name. And Sam said Danny was three kids behind so there is still one more child of our favorite couple you don't know about meet him/her in "The Wedding of the Century" coming soon. Also I changed Danny and Sam's ages from 37 to 33 based on when people are still in college.