Controlling Death

Note- This is the next story coming after "Captured by Death." I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as you enjoyed the others.

Summary- Kagome's found her place amongst the murderers who took her away from her former life. She's taken her place as their 'leader,' and she's nearly as ruthless as the one before her. Inuyasha, who could never find her, became a cop and dedicated his job to finding her. What happens when the two reunite?

Controlling Death

Chapter 1

It had been three and a half years, and Inuyasha had not made any progress whatsoever in his heated search for Kagome.

All right, that wasn't true. After searching for her for a few months within Tokyo and Kyoto, he had given up his private search. He decided that he needed some help, some reason to go into peoples' houses, some sort of training. And that was why he became a police officer. He had gone back to school to finish out his high school career, and ended up joining the force, training day in and day out. It was rough, and he often danced around the option of quitting, of giving up.

However, Kagome's smiling face, and the thought of her arms around him brought him back to reality, made him realize that Kagome needed him. It was up to him to find her, and he was determined to keep the promise he had made over three years ago.

He knew there was a possibility that she was already dead. This thought plagued him constantly, but he scanned the news four times a day and nothing showed up in it of a dead girl found.

And yet, he could never find anything about a girl being held hostage, either. He followed every case he could, even if he wasn't assigned to it. He would trail along behind other officers, listening to them, asking them, just to see if anything led to that Naraku person who had took his girlfriend.

Yes, he still considered her his girlfriend. They had never split up, technically, and he still loved her.

He could never dig up anything that led him to Naraku, or that sadistic killer Suikotsu. He did a background check on the guys Kagome had mentioned -- locked away in his memory forever -- and found that Naraku was a dangerous half demon who had committed just about every crime in the book. He liked to use his magic skills, and lived for the torture of others.

Then there was Suikotsu and Jakotsu. They were next in line to claim the prize of the worst criminals ever alive. They, too, had committed just about everything there was to do. They had robbed people, murdered countless people, tortured and raped women. They always seemed to slip through the clutches of the police and jail houses.

Then there was Ryura -- the one Inuyasha hated the most. According to the most recent records, he had raped twenty women, and Inuyasha couldn't help but wonder if Kagome had been among those twenty. Inuyasha was certain of one thing: if she was, he'd personally kill Ryura himself.

Then came Jura and Kyora. These two were nut jobs, it was true, but they hadn't done much besides killing and stealing. Kyora was the pyromaniac who loved setting things on fire, as well as people. Jura, however, only like guns. He loved using them on people and probably had an extensive gun collection with him wherever he went.

That Yoshiro guy Kagome had informed him of was pretty clean. He had been convicted of harassing his pregnant girlfriend, and, after doing a little bit of research, Inuyasha found that this girl had been with another man during Yoshiro's trails. It looked like a set up to him, so Inuyasha ruled Yoshiro out as a convict, and added him to the same list Kagome was on, as well as many others -- the victim list.

Inuyasha yawned, blinking rapidly, trying to keep himself from falling asleep as he reviewed his notes and the suspect files piled high in front of him on his desk. This was tiring work, he knew that much, but he was determined to keep going for Kagome's sake.

His phone rang and he answered it. "Takahashi," he said, accustomed to answering with his last name.

"You don't have to be all cop-like around me," Miroku said on the other end. It had been a while since the two had spoken.

"Hey, man," Inuyasha said, leaning back in his rolling chair. He was thankful for the distraction. "How are you?"

"About as good as I can be," he said. "You know…with Sango and all."

Inuyasha smirked. "Is she stressing you out again with those cravings of hers?"

"She wants watermelon and soy sauce!" Miroku exclaimed.

"You're the one who got her pregnant." Inuyasha reminded him. "Just hang tight, man. It'll all be okay. Think about it; you're going to be a dad."

"Yeah," Miroku said, sighing. "You working late again tonight?"

"Sure am." Inuyasha replied tersely.

"Why don't you just quit?" Miroku asked.

"It's a good job," Inuyasha responded. "Why would I?"

"I didn't mean the job." Miroku retorted.

"I'm not going to quit looking for her." Inuyasha said, his voice suddenly hard. He was very sensitive when it came to this subject.

"It's been almost four years," Miroku said, his voice soft and regretful. "Don't you think you're too…I don't know -- attached? Obsessed?"

"Don't you ever wonder what happened to her?" Inuyasha demanded heatedly, ignoring his friend's question. "She disappeared over three years ago, and all you can do is go home and marry Sango and get her pregnant, like nothing ever happened to one of your best friends?"

"Inuyasha," Miroku said firmly, yet calmly. "I think about her every day. I know you do, too. I know how much you loved her, but what happened, happened. I knew I couldn't change it and I knew I couldn't do anything about what happened. I decided to let the police handle it."

"Well, the police don't care about that case. They've got other cases to deal with." Inuyasha argued. "They have me, though, and that's why I have to keep looking. I don't want her mother to grow older and die without her daughter. I don't want to keep living, knowing that she's alive out there somewhere. And I know she is alive."

Miroku sighed. "I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to get you worked up. I guess I'm just as upset about it as you are. But I think that you should take a break, or something. You've been working late for two months now, and it hasn't done you any good."

"I don't want to take a break." Inuyasha said tersely. "I'm going to get her back."

"Well you don't know where they are, so how are you going to get her back?"

"I know they left the city. They're not here in Tokyo, or back in Kyoto where they used to be." Inuyasha said. "I'm just waiting until I get a lead, a big case somewhere. Then I'll follow it and it should lead me right to her."

Miroku exhaled. "All right. If it's what you want to do, I won't stop you. I'll call you sometime, okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

"I'll tell Bankotsu you said hey and that you're doing all you can." Miroku added.

"Thanks. Talk to you later."



Inuyasha hung up the phone. Poor Bankotsu. He had lost his brothers and his favorite cousin and hadn't seen them in over three years. He was lonely, and worried, and very vengeful, that was true. He was also training to become a police officer, only he was in Kyoto, where Kagome and the others had last been. He knew that if a major case came along in a different city, then he would be the one to go from his force team while Inuyasha would go from his.

He looked down at the only picture he had of Kagome. She was wearing a summer dress with her hair pulled back. It was the picture he always looked at when he was stressed, or felt all hope was lost. Her smile encouraged and strengthened him. It kept him going.

"It's only a matter of time, Kagome. I'll find you. We'll be together again." He whispered.


Kagome was sprawled across her large bed, breathing deeply. Her lungs burned painfully and she was surprised that she had held out through her training for that long.

Three and a half years had passed. It had been three and a half years today that Naraku had recruited her and made her one of their own. It had been the day that her life had changed drastically.

She, herself, had changed a great deal. Her hair had grown longer, now reaching the belt of her pants, but she always wore it up in a pony tail to keep it out of her eyes. She ran her slim fingers over her stomach and she could feel the toned muscles that covered her body. She wasn't buff by any means. She was just toned from her many workouts during the day.

Naraku had taken to training her himself, teaching her how to master her priestess powers. The other physical stuff she did on her own.

Her breathing slowing down, she got onto the floor and began doing push ups. She completed ninety each day, as well as a hundred sit ups and pull ups.

Fifty two, fifty three, fifty four…

"Kagome," Ryura said, entering her room. "You hungry?" He examined her doing push ups, her gray sports bra darkening with sweat, her jeans hugging her legs, her muscles straining.

Fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven…

"Yeah," she said, her voice strained with the effort of lifting herself over and over. "You know what to get me."

He nodded. "Sure do."

Fifty eight, fifty nine, sixty…

"We'll be back later with food. Don't work yourself to hard." He said.

Kagome began doing push ups with one hand, turning to look at him with a smirk on her face. "I won't."

He smiled back at her and left the room.

Sixty one, sixty two, sixty three, sixty four…

Kagome and Ryura had grown somewhat closer. He treated her differently now that she was one of them, and she could joke with him. Of course, they had never done anything, and he never tried to do that. It was probably due to the fact that she was training daily with Naraku and he was afraid. Either way, he always took up for her against Suikotsu and Jakotsu.

Sixty five, sixty six, sixty seven, sixty eight…

Her blood boiled whenever she thought about Suikotsu or Jakotsu. She still felt deep hatred toward them. She knew that they despised them as much as she loathed them. Jakotsu hated her because of her gender while Suikotsu hated her for who she was. She was his cousin. She was supposed to fear him, succumb to him like she used to. He hated her because she had changed, because she was moving up in the ranks of murder. She was becoming quite the killer…just like he used to say.

Sixty nine, seventy, seventy one, seventy two, seventy three…

Of course, he still bore his hatred toward Naraku. He still thought that he had told her of Anaya. He also didn't like Naraku because he was the one responsible for Kagome's transformation. He was being replaced as Naraku's right hand man by Kagome, his own cousin, a woman.

Seventy four, seventy five, seventy six, seventy seven, seventy eight…

Yoshiro was still the same kind guy he had been. She was still fond of the guy, even though his kindness made him weak. He looked after her and she could talk to him easily.

Jura and Kyora were still the same. She thought they were funny, especially when Jura ended up getting into some sort of stupid argument with Ryura. She felt right at home with these guys, in this old warehouse in Osaka.

Seventy nine, eighty, eighty one, eighty two, eighty three…

She never felt the impulse to kill…except for when Suikotsu or Jakotsu was getting on her nerves. Then she was tempted top pull that Beretta given to her over three years ago out of its holster on her thigh and shoot them dead. She relished that thought at night when she went into her room, seething with anger at them.

Even Naraku angered her sometimes. Whenever she messed up during her training with him, he'd curse her, and tell her that she was weak. It angered her to the point when she also wanted to shoot him, as well.

Eighty four, eighty five, eighty six, eighty seven, eighty eight, eighty nine, ninety…

Panting, she rose to her feet and walked out of her room. She walked outside to the back of the warehouse to get some fresh air. Only Yoshiro, Naraku, Kyora, and Jura remained behind while the others went to get food. They, however, were in a different room, where they had placed their big screen television, no doubt watching some action movie.

She sat down and sighed. She liked this life. She had food, money, and shelter. She had friends and had fun. Everything seemed perfect…

So why did her heart feel so empty sometimes?

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