Controlling Death

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Summary- Kagome's found her place amongst the murderers who took her away from her former life. She's taken her place as their 'leader,' and she's nearly as ruthless as the one before her. Inuyasha, who could never find her, became a cop and dedicated his job to finding her. What happens when the two reunite?

Controlling Death

Chapter 12

Kagome stared at herself in the mirror of the old, humid bathroom of the hotel. She studied her figure for a long moment, letting her brown eyed gaze roam over every inch of her body, inspecting and scrutinizing herself. It had been a long time since she had worn anything even remotely similar to what she was wearing now -- a pale blue sundress with a white shawl pulled around her shoulders.

She brought her slender fingers up to grasp the pendant that hung from her neck. It was a cool, blue stone that was smooth to the touch, hanging on a slim chain of silver.

On her feet were white sandals with slim strings that tied all the way up to her shins.

She had gotten a haircut earlier that day, reducing her hair length from the belt of her pants up to the middle of her back.

She couldn't help but let a broad smile break out across her face. She looked stunning.

Kagome jumped when there was a light knock on the door. "Kagome? You almost ready?"

"Yeah, almost," she said. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and then unlocked the door and stepped out of the sultry bathroom.

Inuyasha scanned her appreciatively before smiling. "You look really nice," he said, taking her hand in his.

"Thank you," she said, following him to the living room where Bankotsu was waiting. When he caught sight of them, he jumped to his feet. "Wow," he said. "It's been so long since…" He trailed off.

"Yeah," she said when he failed to finish his sentence. "I know."

"Well, you ready?" Inuyasha asked.

"Sure am," Kagome replied. "I'm starving."

"Me, too," Bankotsu said.

Inuyasha smirked at him and they grabbed their car keys, locked the door, and left.


"So when will I have to be taken in?" Kagome asked, her face aglow from the candle in the center of the elegantly decorated table.

Both Inuyasha and Bankotsu exchanged worried, wondering glances. "At least within the next twenty-four hours," Inuyasha said. "We don't want to get into trouble by having kept you away from the police for too long."

Kagome nodded in understanding and finished her meal.

"What was it like…in there with them?" Bankotsu asked tentatively.

Kagome abruptly jerked her head in his direction and regarded him with her calm eyes. "At first, it wasn't fun. It wasn't easy, either," she began, the memories flooding back as she spoke, tearing at her like a giant tidal wave. "I was nearly beaten to death," she said the words calmly, coolly, with a sort of detached air about her, as if she had been through worse.

Both Inuyasha and Bankotsu flinched at her choice of words and gaped at her, filling with dangerous, animalistic rage.

"Naraku had taken his place as leader, which upset Suikotsu. He didn't believe in having a leader in their 'crime gang.' So that caused a great deal of tension among them. Not only that, but there had been another girl a few years ago by the name of Anaya." Kagome paused, remembering the nightmare she had had years before. She had been in Anaya's body, had been the one to receive a knife in her back. "Suikotsu was dating her, back before he was a killer. He was still joined with Naraku and the others, doing small jobs such as robbing convenience stores and whatnot."

"And yet, he was still seeing her?" Inuyasha asked, genuinely surprised.

Kagome nodded. "Yeah, I know. It turned out to be a mistake. Naraku discovered his secret and commanded that Anaya be brought there. She was kept in the same room that I was, held hostage with no food or water. But from what I had heard about her, she was a tough woman. She held on for a little over a week."

She took a sip of her iced tea and grimaced a bit. She was not particularly fond of tea.

"Then what?" Bankotsu asked.

"Naraku eventually grew tired of her and ordered Suikotsu to kill her," she closed her eyes remorsefully and remembered her nightmare…Anaya's reality. "So he did. And that's probably what ruined whatever sanity he had left."

"Well what did they do to you?"

Kagome looked down at her empty plate, a distant look on her face. "Well basically they just wanted me as a hostage out of Tokyo. Then they just wanted to keep me around in case the police found any leads and came to ask questions. But the more resilient I became and the more I tried to escape, the more injuries they inflicted upon me. Ryura…" She inhaled sharply before releasing it slowly and dropping her head in her hand, her elbow propped on top of the table. "Let's just say Ryura tried to get something from me, but he didn't succeed. Naraku tried to get me to join the team, Suikotsu and Jakotsu despised me with a passion and were constantly mean, and the other didn't really care."

Her face changed then, as if she remembered something. "Yoshiro was the only one who cared at the time; the only one who kept me alive, kept me going. He taught me everything I knew about them, and warned me about their intentions."

A sob seemed to wrack her body, but the years of training she had gone through had made it an instinct for her to push back the tears.

"At one point, they stabbed me. They beat me around. She threatened to kill you, Inuyasha. You, Miroku, and Sango. In order to prevent them from doing so, I killed someone…she was so young, so beautiful…she didn't deserve it. But I hoped to try to keep you guys safe. So I just pushed all thoughts aside and did what I thought I had to do," she managed a tiny laugh. "It was like I fell into another state of consciousness. I couldn't even really see what I was doing. I just made it quick and virtually painless."

She stopped, her eyes staring into the fabric of the tablecloth, her mind falling into that deep abyss of pain and hatred, the memories of that night filling her vision, playing out before her. Bankotsu and Inuyasha waited patiently as she composed herself again. They were used to it; they did it every day with witnesses to crimes in the interrogation room.

"They came after you, anyway, though, didn't they?" She looked up into Inuyasha's amber eyes, her gaze slightly wavering.

He nodded solemnly. "There was a high speed chase down the highway," he began, noticing that she was listening intently. "They shot at us repeatedly. Sango was hit in the back. And I was hit in my right shoulder." He sighed before continuing. "I was the one driving. I saw exit seventy seven and I knew we were close to getting to you. I hoped to make it and just drive right into the place. But something happened with the tires. The car jerked to the left, and I pulled the steering wheel to the right, but it overcorrected. It flipped twice before landing in the ditch."

Kagome had lifted her slender right hand to her mouth, staring at him with wide, disbelieving eyes. "My mother was in the car with you…all of you were hurt…"

"It's fine. No one was seriously injured, though I lost quite a bit of blood and blacked out. Of course, they kept me longer than the others. They went home. As soon as I got out of the hospital, I went to the warehouse, remembering the directions you had given me. It was empty; you guys had cleared out."

Kagome nodded, remembering. She dropped her hand into her lap. "The night before we left, they brought me into the main room and tied me to a chair. What Naraku did was place his hand on my forehead. He tried to erase my memory. But it didn't work the first time. He said it was because of my "priestess powers," and that I could use them with the proper training. He ended up erasing my memory anyways and we went to Osaka."

"And then when you guys robbed the bank, we had some kind of lead. And then I saw you in that nightclub," Inuyasha said.

Kagome nodded. "I'm so glad that my memory started to come back to me after I saw you that day. I started fighting with Ryura and I went to the bathroom. But I started having so many flashbacks that I guess I got so scared that I blacked out after you found me."

"All that matters now is that you're here with us and you're safe," Bankotsu said after a while of silence.

She nodded in agreement and lifted her glass. Inuyasha lifted his glass and clinked it gently against hers. "I'll toast to that."

Bankotsu did the same. "Me, too."

Kagome took a long drink from her glass, her eyes smiling at Inuyasha over the rim of the cup. She was happy to be back. She just couldn't wait to get home.


The clock read twelve thirty-seven in big, bright red numbers. Kagome couldn't sleep, so she sat upright in her bed, being careful as to not jostle the bed too much and wake Inuyasha, who had taken his place protectively beside her. Bankotsu was in the other bed.

Kagome, under normal circumstances, would have been able to sleep without a problem. But there was something nagging at her. She knew what it was, too. And she knew she needed to fix that problem.

can do something, who will

She climbed out of bed and slipped into a pair of old jeans and an old baggy t-shirt. She left a note beside of Inuyasha's cell phone and grabbed his Beretta from it's holster. She tied her sneakers on securely and left the hotel room, slipping the key into her pocket, just in case. Then she took in a lungful of fresh, crisp fall, nighttime air and headed in the direction of the warehouse.


"And you let her walk away?"

Ryura turned to look at Jakotsu with a particularly distasteful look on his face. "Yeah. I let her go."

"Why didn't you try to stop her?" Jakotsu demanded.

"I did! We had a fight, and I knew that if I kept trying, she'd kill me," Ryura growled. "Besides, what's it matter to you, anyway?"

"I wanted to kill her myself!" Jakotsu bellowed.

"There's Yoshiro. Take it out on him." Bankotsu said simply, leaning back against the wall he had sat in front of.

Jakotsu considered it a moment before marching into Yoshiro's room. He grabbed the man by the back of his shirt, catching him unaware, and dragging him off his bed and roughly onto the floor. He still kept a firm hold onto the fabric of his shirt and drug him into the main room of the warehouse.

He released him then, and watched as Yoshiro looked round, dazed and baffled.

That's when he imagined it as Kagome and released his rage. He began kicking, punching, slapping, yelling acrimonious things. He even went so far as to remove his gun from its holster and beat him with it.

"That's enough!"

Jakotsu jumped, startled, and whirled around.

Kagome marched toward him, hatred and determination in her eyes. "You want to kill me so bad?" She asked, sort of in a playful tone. "Then how about actually trying to kill me and not him?"

As soon as she was within four feet of him, he lunged at her, blinded by his fury and disdain for her. She felt his left shoulder connect with her stomach, which knocked the air from her lungs and caused her to fall back onto the concrete. Her head slammed onto the hard surface, causing stars to dance before her eyes and obscure her vision.

"You made a mistake coming back here," Jakotsu yelled, grabbing a fistful of her hair. "It's going to cost you your life."

"Is that a threat?" Kagome asked, her vision coming back to her, her resilient nature bubbling to the surface once more. "Better hope you can back it up."

Jakotsu pulled his arm back and slugged her across her left jaw. He scowled when there wasn't much of a reaction from her. He punched her again and then she reacted, angrily flipping him over her head onto the concrete. She then did a back flip, landing on him, straddling him. "I hate you," she hissed. "You and Suikotsu ruined my life. I can never get it back; I'll never be what I used to be."

"That's cause you're a killer," he said.

"No I'm not!" She cried, grabbing his right hand as he tried to hit her again. She pinned it beneath her left knee. She did the same with his left hand when he tried to hit her and pinned it beneath her right knee.

"You're just like us," he said. "Murderer."

She grabbed his throat then, squeezing her eyes shut tightly. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

She felt him struggling for air, trying desperately to free his hands so he could remove her, toss her across the room, save his life. That's when she opened her eyes and looked into his…and realized he was right. He was literally fighting for his life and she was the one trying to take it from him…she was a killer.

That's when she was roughly jerked up off of him and thrown to the floor. She felt the concrete smack against her ribs, felt the blood come up to her mouth. She could tasted it on her lips as it trailed down her chin. She whipped her head around, angry at the intervention, and saw Ryura.

She felt hurt, despite herself. She knew from earlier that day when they'd fought that it was over. But for him to sling her off of someone whom she desperately hated and whom she wanted dead…well, she felt betrayed, too. He was helping someone kill her. He was preventing her from saving someone else. He was against her. Plain and simple.

She rose to her feet shakily, coughing up blood and grasping her midsection. Ryura never glanced away. Instead, his crimson eyes remained connected to hers, never wavering. Jakotsu, after having coughed and gasped in more air, pushed himself to his feet. Kagome barely noticed him. She was too busy staring at Bankotsu.

That was her mistake; Jakotsu dived at her once more, tackling her and they went stumbling against the wall behind her. She grunted from the impact and began throwing blows, not even caring to aim. He gave as good as he got, mostly to her upper body. She went for his face, only to have him easily evade her shot, and then connect a punch to her ribs on her left side. She cried out in pain and doubled over. That's when he grabbed a handful of her hair -- bloody from where her head spit open from her collision with the floor -- and brought his knee up to meet her face. When he released her hair she simply fell limp and collapsed onto the floor.

"What's wrong, Kagome?" She heard him taunting her, his tone sounding smug, as if he'd just won the battle. She cursed him in the back of her mind:

"I thought you were oh so tough and oh so scary!" He said in a mocking tone. "But you've changed ever since you got your memory back. You're weak! You're nothing like that Kagome who helped us murder people and steal those diamonds!"

Kagome, who was fully conscious despite the pain in her head, knew he was right. She knew that she had lost all sensibility and had rushed into trying to save Yoshiro blindly, without bothering to try and remember her training. She hadn't thought of a plan other than to fight, but even then she couldn't think about her training, her past mistakes, the lessons she had learned.

Jakotsu came up to her with a gun aimed at her head. "And now you're going to die."

She watched his finger on the trigger squeeze ever so slowly and she timed herself. A shot echoed through the warehouse, but she had leapt out of the way and then leapt at Jakotsu, flinging the gun far across the room. She threw punches that connected with his face and chest. Then she noticed Ryura coming at her. She did a back flip and landed away from him, facing them both in an attack stance. She was on the ready and waiting for them.

She noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye and looked over as Yoshiro moved and pulled himself into a sitting position. That was her second mistake. Both Ryura and Jakotsu jumped her, Jakotsu going to her legs while Ryura grabbed her upper arms.

All three of them fell to the ground and Kagome instantly began wriggling to attempt to vainly free herself. Ryura was in her face now. "You should've stayed, Kagome," he said, forcefully stealing a kiss from her. Then, to Jakotsu, he said, "Wait, let me have my way with her."

Jakotsu merely rolled his eyes.

Kagome stared at him in disbelief. He was still going to do it. He was still willing to do her harm, to take something from her that he would've never stolen had she never regained her memory. She wanted to belief that, deep down, he wouldn't. But when he ripped her shirt, almost completely off, that changed her mind and she managed to head but him.

He fell backwards, away from her. That's when Jakotsu took his place and gave her a hard punch to her right jaw. "Dear Kagome, when you're gone, we'll miss you." He smirked and pulled a knife from a sheath at his side.

She was going to stop him from stabbing her but Ryura recovered and held both of her hands in place. Jakotsu plunged the knife into her stomach, apparently wanting to drag out her death as long as he could. If he had wanted her dead immediately, he would've went for her heart.

She cried out in pain as blood gushed from her new wound, soaking through her once gray shirt, making it a dark crimson. She felt the hot, oozing liquid pool beneath her as she was pinned down to the floor. Jakotsu raised the hunting knife -- now stained with red -- above his head, prepared to deliver another fatal blow.

However, Yoshiro managed to tackle Ryura, freeing Kagome's hands. She managed to reach up and grab Jakotsu's hand as it came down, and hold the knife at bay. But she was weak and he was determined to end her life. She was shaking from the effort to hold him off and the knife was inching closer and closer.

"Just resign yourself to death," he said.

She dropped her right hand to her side, holding his hand with her left. "Never," she growled. She grabbed the Beretta and aimed at his head. "Jakotsu…even though you're a murderer and want me dead…you're still my cousin…and I love you."

A single shot echoed through the warehouse for a second time and Jakotsu's lifeless body slumped beside of her. Ryura, who had simply pushed Yoshiro aside, stared in disbelief at the dead body adjacent to Kagome's badly injured form.

It grew insanely quiet in the room. No one moved. No one spoke. Not until Suikotsu rushed in, apparently having heard a gunshot from outside, wherever he had been. When he caught sight of Kagome, a gun in her hand, he gaped at her. She looked half dead. But then he took sight of his brother…

He instantly rushed forward and took his dead brother into his strong arms, holding him. "You bitch!" He screamed. "You fucking bitch! You killed him!"

Kagome looked at him. "No shit…" she tried to be sarcastic, but she was in a bad way and she knew she was probably going to die from her injuries, if not from Suikotsu or Ryura.

However, if either of them had intentions of finishing the job Jakotsu had started, they never got the opportunity to. Inuyasha and Bankotsu showed up, guns drawn, and aimed them at the two felons. They both gave in pretty quickly, and they were cuffed and sat down next to one another. Then backup was called.

Inuyasha raced over to Kagome. "Are you okay?" He demanded.

She stared at him. "Fine."

"You are not fine," he argued, looking over her at all the blood and injuries. "What were you thinking?!" He demanded. "You could've gotten yourself killed!"

"Look…just help me clean the blood up. Help me sit up," she instructed him. He pulled a rag from his pocket and dabbed at all the blood, cleaning her up substantially. Then he aided her in sitting up. Kagome knew she'd have to be admitted into a hospital. But she also knew that there was, technically, no need. Her priestess powers would aid her in healing. By tomorrow afternoon she'd be healthy as a horse and ready to leave.

"I came to save him…I had to. They were going to kill him. And I couldn't let that happen. He kept me alive. So I had to keep him alive." She explained to Inuyasha.

"We'll discuss it later. And you'll also have to be questioned by the police tomorrow, remember?" He said.

She merely nodded. The ambulance and other police officers showed up. They loaded both Kagome and Yoshiro into the ambulance while Jakotsu was carried away in a body bag. On the way to the hospital, she let herself doze off. She'd need plenty of sleep for the next few days.

The air coming in through the open windows felt nice and cool against her warm skin. Her hair whipped around her head and her bare feet were propped up on the dashboard of Inuyasha's new Dodge Ram. She turned and smiled at him as he drove down the highway. He caught her eye and mirrored her expression before dutifully turning back to the road.

Kagome was fully healed after her fight with Jakotsu and Ryura, all thanks to her priestess powers. A little bit of credit had to be given to the Emergency Medical Team of Osaka, too. Without them, the wounds might not have ever gotten bandaged.

Yoshiro healed up nicely, too. Both he and Kagome had been released from the hospital only a couple days apart, with Kagome released first due to her powers. He didn't really like having to meet Inuyasha, due to how he felt about Kagome, but he promised her that he'd be fine with it.

Jakotsu had had a small funeral, and all of them attended. Inuyasha, Bankotsu, Suikotsu, Ryura, Yoshiro. Of course, police were there monitoring the whole event, which only lasted about twenty minutes. Afterward, Suikotsu and Ryura were taken back to jail.

Kagome was acquitted of all of the crime sprees due to the fact that she had been bewitched. And she had also been found not guilty of Jakotsu's murder by way of self defense. Yoshiro was found not guilty due to the fact that he had tried his best to help Kagome and was threatened with his life if he attempted to help her escape.

The diamonds had been replaced, and Jura and Kyora were also found and arrested. All four of them -- Suikotsu, Ryura, Jura, and Kyora -- were charged with multiple murders as well as kidnapping charges. No one asked of Naraku, and no one told.

After all of the fuss, Kagome and Inuyasha were finally allowed to leave Osaka and go back home to Tokyo. Kagome gave Bankotsu a tearful goodbye at the airport, where he was boarding a plan back to Kyoto.

"Do worry, kid," he'd said to her, giving her a tight, loving embrace. "I'll come by and visit."

Now, Inuyasha and Kagome were driving down the highway, playing silly games such as pointing out which cars had a busted headlight. They caught up by talking about Inuyasha's heated search for her and what Kagome did all day with them.

"By the way, what happened to Naraku?" He asked, turning onto a street going through a small, familiar neighborhood.

"I killed him…" she said quietly. "He made a move on me. And I threatened him with the gun. He had had enough so he went to kill Ryura, who, at the time, was watching out for me against Suikotsu, Jakotsu, and Naraku. But when he shot Ryura, and then tried to kill Yoshiro…I just shot him…"

He nodded. He wasn't going to reprimand her for her past. He knew that she had lived in a tough world for three years and that it was already hard enough to cope with any of the things she did.

They stopped and pulled into a driveway where a woman with short, black hair sat on the porch. When their eyes met, they smiled happily. Kagome nearly dived from the car. The woman almost broke her neck falling down the porch.



They embraced tightly. So tightly that it looked as if they were trying to strangle one another. But they weren't. They were both ecstatic about seeing one another after three years. "I'm home, mom. I'm here and I'm never leaving."

It was the truth. After all, how could she leave, other than to move on and get married with a family of her own? There was no one here to take her to another city. No one to stalk her, to kidnap her.

All was perfect. And it would remain that way.

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