Authors Notes: I don't own Orphen (or Cleao, Majic, Leki, Mariabella, Hartia, Stephanie, Dortin or Volcan Yeah, I listed them so I would remember the spellings ;p ). I just wrote the story ;)

This is set after Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Revenge.

Warning Spoilers

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Chapter 1: Morning

Orphen woke up wrapped in the warmth of his blankets. He felt well relaxed and wished he could go back to sleep. He tightened his arm around the warm form next him. 'What?!' He froze for a moment. Cautiously pulling the blanket back to reveal the sleeping Cleao. Panicked, he looked for Leki. Finding the Wolven pup curled at the foot of the bed sound asleep, the allowed himself to relax a little.

Cleao looked so peaceful just lying there. She was curled up against him with her back to him. Taking a moment, Orphen studied the woman next to him. He'd been traveling with her for three years. She had changed a lot since those first adventures. 'When did that happen?' Orphen wondered. 'She really has grown up into a woman.'

He lay there a moment longer until it occurred to him. 'I don't even remember her coming in, crap.' He always woke up to Cleao's sleepwalking. He'd try to herd her back to her room or just give in and let her stay. But not waking at all was disturbing to him. Had he become to use to her comings and goings?

A muffled moan brought his attention back to the pending explosion. He realized his arm was still around her waist. He become conscious of the fact that he was pausing a little long about moving it. 'What the hell is wrong with you?' He silently cursed himself. 'But if she woke up at this moment, would I ..' Dropping the thought he sat up and tried to leave the bed as quietly as he could.

"Orphen?" Cleao asked sleepily as she pushed golden locks from her face.

'CRAP!' Orphen stopped and remained sitting motionless on the edge of the bed. 'Go back to sleep,' he thought at the woman in his bed. 'Don't wake up. Not yet. I need to be way from the Demon Dog..'

"Orphen." Cleao's eyes opened as she rolled onto her back. Stretching she looked up at him. "Ah? What are you..?" She blinked with the realization that she was not in her room.

"You were sleepwalking again." He hoped he could keep her from blowing him up this morning.

"Why didn't you put me back in my room?" She was fully awake now and her voice was raising.

"Heh, well it's kind of funny you should bring that up," he paused a moment looking to Leki, who had just walked up to the head of the bed.

"I'm listening. " She sounded calm.

'God, I'm dead.' "It seems I didn't wake up when you entered last night." 'Don't blow me up.'

Cleao pulled the blankets up around her chin considering his words. "Why do you look guilty?" Her eyes narrowed on him.

'Guilty?' "I know how you get."

"And HOW do I get?!" Cleao's lips narrowed into a tight line.

"Like that," he stated crossing his arms cross his chest.


"Miss High and Mighty comes climbing into MY bed and then gets all indignant about it and blames ME. I didn't drag you in here.."



Sitting up, forgetting about the blanket she pointed an accusing finger in his face. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME?!"


"TWO BIT SORCERER!" She screamed back.


"AGH! LEKI!!!!"

'Oh crap' Orphen closed his eyes cringing at the expected explosion. But it didn't come. He opened his eyes at the sound of his door closing. 'What the..? She never lets me go without a morning blast. Huh?' He dressed and headed down stairs.


Short, I know. It's just the beginning. More to come.