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This is set after Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Revenge.

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Chapter 6: Road Trip Day One...part 2, Cleao to the Rescue!

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Cleao woke with a start from an odd dream of have tea with her sister while sitting at the tower at the lake near her home back in Totocanta. Her Mariabella was telling her how cookies were good for fighting colds and would be the best thing for her wedding favors. Magic was there and afraid of a spider that was running around the tea pot. Orphen was standing at the lake's edge and looking up at her. He mouth was moving, but Cleao was unable to hear what he was saying.

Leki looked sleepily at Cleao. He yawned streatching out his little blue paws.

"Did you hear something?" Cleao pushed up on an elbow. She tilted her head and listened. There it was again, voices. Troll voices. " Volcan." She narrowed her eyes in concentration. 'Did they just say something about a stupid sorcerer?'

"HEH, Those ninnies actually did it! I, Lord Volcan, am a cunning..."

"Um, Volcan," Dortin's quieter voice or reason interrupted, "Master Orphen is not going to let this go this time. When he finds out what you did..."

"That HAS BEEN? HA! He is nothing but a garden gnome! Thanks to yours truly!" Volcan puffed his chest. "And with him out of my way, always holding me back, I can claim my riches and live like the royalty I am."

"And what have you done, you little troll?" Cleao and Leki had managed to walk right up behind the two without being noticed. She now stood glaring down at Volcan. "Speak quick, Volcan, or you're going to wish you never got up this morning." Leki arched his back puffing out his fur making him look twice his size. His eye glowed menacing green.

"Ohoh, It was Vol,," Dortin started as he tried to hide behind his brother.

"SHUT UP you toad!" Volcan bopped his brother on the head. "I'm not telling you anything blondy. You and your mutt don't scare the nightly Lord Volcan! I have finally defeated that loser and now there is nothing that can stand in my way! EPP!" He cried out as Cleao grabbed him about his throat.

"You better tell me NOW or this blondy is going to pop your head off your body!" Cleao felt the anger raise up in her chest. 'What could these morons possible do to Orpehn? He would have never let his guard down around them...unless, unless he was worried about her and ...focus girl!' Cleao tightened her grip on the squirming troll. "SPEAK!"

"Ack! Let go, you bi..." Volcan's protests where cut off as Cleao throw him away from her. Leki took his cue and let lose with an explosion that would have made Orphen proud.

Cleao turned her fury onto the remaining troll. "What did your bother do?" She was a little surprised on how calm her voice was.

"Mmm,,,mm,,, Miss Cleao. I,,I didn't think his plan would work. Honest! If I had known I would have never let him do it.." Dortin started to cry. "We found a cave that was just recently made by those earthquakes. He thought we would find gold, but it wasn't gold. The cave opened into ruins of the Heavenly Ones. I don't think anyone had been in there for a while.." He gulped as he saw Cleao's glare. "We picked up a few things. He said he was going to sell them to the Tower of Fang. Honest! But,, but he got an idea to sell a few things to the locals. He sold a small ruined bug these men. Hhhe,,,he knew that they wanted to get back at Master Orphen and Volcan told them that the bug would help them. We didn't know what the bug could do. I swear!" Cleao reached down and grabbed him by the lapels. "Volcan and I were at the Inn this morning when your left. Volcan knew that Master Orphen wouldn't let you go alone and told the men." The last was slightly garbeled as Cleao tightened her grip. "He told them to wait in ambush to catch Master Orphen off guard. He told them it was up to them to do the rest. Please don't hurt me, Miss Cleao! I told you all I know!"

"No you haven't. Where were they going to wait for Orphen?"

"At the turn where the Oaks grow close together. I don't know what has happened. We left before Master Orphen arrived. Ppp...please don't!" Dortin begged.

Cleao looked down at Leki who stood at her side. "What do you think, Leki? What's that? Yes, I am with you. Anyone who plans to hurt Orphen has to deal with me." She tossed Dortin and Leki blasted him before he touched the ground.

"Come on boy." Cleao grabbed her pack. She wished she had not left her sword with Majic. "We need to warn Orphen." She started off at a run back to the road and headed back towards town.

Majic's heart pounded in his chest. 'Come on, Majic! You're a sorcerer! Think of something!' Majic chided himself. He desperately wanted to stroll out into the road with the confidence of Master and blast those men to the three ring of Hell. But knew he wasn't Master and now fought with his insecurities. 'No, I can do this! I have to!'

He quietly placed his pack on the ground against the tree he had been hiding behind. 'I can do this...' He took a deep breath and gathered his courage.

Stepping out from behind the tree, Majic picked his way quietly and as quickly as he could to the road. Reaching the road, Majic gasped. Orphen's spell had faded from his hands as he stood frozen in place in the center of the road. The men had taken to hitting him with bats. There was sound or movement for the sorcerer. 'By the Heavenly Ones! What kind of spell is that?' The large man who had spoke first looked bored that his attacks had no effect.

"What's that? Is that the boy apprentice?" One of the men called out to others.

"Heh," the large man lifted his bat, "I bet he'll scream for us."

Majic had second thoughts about his plan. 'Maybe I should have tried to teleaport Master away.'

"He wont. But you will." Cleao's voice promised pain and death. Majic had never been so happy to see her. Cleao stood opposite Majic on the other side of the men.

"Huh?" The large man turned about to see who dared interup his fun. "Hah! Looky who it is boys! Are we in luck? We'll get to have a little fun after we get rid of the kid." He started towards Cleao.

"Not this time." Cleao pointed out at him. "Tell me now what you did to my friend and I might let you live."

"I don't think you are in any possion to threaten me little girl." He closed the space between them.

He was about 10 feet from Cleao when she spoke. "No, you are in no possion for anything. Leki, if you please. I want them gone from my sight."

Leki leaped from her pack and stood on her outstretched arm. He let out an unearthly howl and turned his glowing glare onto the men. How dare the threaten his mistress and her pack! The would pay! He unleashed his power. A green orb appeared in front of him and grew encompassing the area.

Majic could not see as the power of the spell momentarily blinded him. He shielded his eyes waiting for the effect to pass. Blinking, he dropped his arm. "Cleao? Leki? Please help! They did something to Master!" Majic stumbled forward towards the stunned man. The group of men where gone without a trace.

"I know Majic." Cleao and Leki where already standing with Orphen. "I know." She said quielty. She was holding Leki up to see the odd bug on Orphen's arm. "Do you think it is safe just to pull it off?" Leki sniffed it and let out a little whine. "Hmm, that was what I thought too."

Majic stood next to Cleao. "It has something written on it." He bent closer to read the old script.

"It says, 'Hold what lives'. " Cleao sighed.

Majic looked at her dumbfounded. "Cleao, how,,,how did you know? I mean, that is the runes of the Heavenly Ones."

"I know," Cleao said. She gave no other explanation. "We need either need the other piece or to find a way to wake him without it."

"Wha...?" Majic scratched his head.

"Not now Majic. We need" She was inspecting the bug again. It says 'night's bloom'." She stood straight and looked about. "Leki?"

"Yip!" With that the Wolven was off running into the woods.

"We need to move him. We don't need to get run over." Cleao grabbed a hold of one arm. "Majic?" He stood staring at her. "What? Don't you think over the years I haven't learned anything? Stephanie and Hartia have both been tutoring me. Plus, I help. Now help me, he is heavy!"

Majic jumped and help Cleao move Orphen off to the side of the road. 'Where have I been?' Majic could not help but be amazed at Cleao. 'She took charge, not like normal bossiness, but no nonsense. Just like Master. She had no doubt. Well, if she does she is not showing it. Now, why can't I do that? And who helped her? Was it Leki?' He pouted contemplating why she seemed to learn things and she was not a sorcerer when Leki returned.

Leki held a small bouquet of closed flower buds. "Good job!" Cleao scooped the pup and the flowers up. "I knew you could do it!" She nuzzled the Wolven's furry face. "My hero!"

"Majic! We are going to need a camp fire. Get moving!" She barked. She started to root through her pack.

'And she give orders like Master,' Majic could not help but smile. 'Those two were a lot alike, not that I am going to tell either of them that.' He set about looking for wood to start a fire.