Harry Potter and the Alternative Universe

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Summary: AU, non-magic, SLASH DM/HP (Draco is top), parody of the Swiss Family Robinson story and the Tarzan story. 'Her husband, James, was gone, killed one year ago by the savage wild, leaving her and her baby to fend for themselves. But she couldn't go on anymore. She was weak and terrified. The gods were smiting her and her family. It was the only reason for so much bad luck to fall on the Potter name in such a short span of time.'


Chapter 5: Captive

"So what are we going to do with this?" Severus tilted his head up at the filthy youth beneath him.

Harry glared at the hawk nosed speaker, clearly understanding the animosity that was directed at him for no known reason. He had done nothing to these foreigners who were supposedly their rescuers.

"I only hope it doesn't have fleas or some disease."

"So boy, ya can talk eh? Well then you can understand what we're saying very clearly?" Moody ambled over and squatted precariously close, his one good eye focused with intent on Harry for any sudden movement. "We want no trouble from you. If you were the one that sent up that signal we apologize for such a rough meet'n but if you're some violent native then I'm afraid that the belt will stay in place indefinitely."

Harry narrowed his eyes at the scary looking gentlemen, in no way eased by what he was saying. The rough treatment he had been given left a sour taste in the back of his throat. Maybe being rescued was worse then being stranded after all.

"We're gonna need proof of some kind you understand?"

Harry looked between the faces of the ones he thought were the dominant members of the group slowing his perusal of the young man that had taken him down. Then again…maybe being rescued would provide long needed excitement that the island had seemed to be lacking as of late.

"I have proof."

Harry walked ahead of the group, eyes alert for wild predators and ears alert for the ones behind him. He walked unsteadily, arms still trapped in the odd looking rope. The man who had taken him down was directly behind him, eyes staring into the back of his head. It was unnatural this heat he felt from him.

Never before had the touch of another affected his body in such a way. Dumbledore hugged him all the time and he never felt this achy, burning sensation just beneath the surface of his skin. Just thinking about the short tousle sent flames to lick at the bridge of his nose. Something was obviously wrong with his body. Maybe Dumbledore would know when he told him of the encounter.

Harry glanced up and noted the top of the tree house in the distance. They would be there in less then an hour hopefully.

"Gods, will ya slow down boy! Not all of us have the option of wiry youth on our sides anymore. Damn jungle." Moody growled as yet another hole in the ground caused him to stop and pull his leg out with a grunt.

Harry glanced back briefly to the ever complaining old geezer but instead caught the eyes of the silvered eyed man behind him. He wasn't sure he liked the way the slow perusal of his body made him feel. 'God it was easier when it was just me and Dumbledore,' Harry thought to himself as he turned around and started walking at his usual brisk pace.

Another curse behind him caused a small smile to touch the corner of his lips. 'I don't think Dumbledore has ever complained as much as this guy.'

Draco didn't know what was wrong with him. Every move of the captive in front of him, every flexing muscle in those hard calves, every drop of sweat from the sweltering sun that fell between slightly defined shoulder blades and every gorram twitch of that wee loin cloth sent him into a fight of arousal he'd never experienced before with his many trysts. And he'd had his fair share of beautiful consorts on his arm and in his bed…among other places. None had ever affected him so quickly.

'It's the sun…it's only this gorram heat that's making you so silly, Draco boy,' he thought to himself as he noticed another sweat droplet emerging from the captives silky dark hair and traveling in the same direction as the others. Its slow path brought Draco to the part of the other man as the other droplet had. The shapely derriere and wee loin cloth.

"Are we almost there?" Draco huffed, wincing at the husky undertone to the question. He cleared his throat pretending it was only dry because of the heat. "Bullocks, is it always this hot here?"

"That depends." Harry softly voiced over his shoulder, refusing to even glance in the others direction. Acknowledging his presence wasn't a smart move at the moment.

"Depends?" Draco was positively intrigued that the captive had given an answer to his rhetorical question.

"Depends on what?"

Silence greeted his question as the captive contemplated his answer. Draco speed up, completely ignoring Snapes warning not to get so close to the savage. "Well…" he prompted when no answer was forthcoming.

"Depends on the time of day." Harry replied, rolling his eyes. He didn't like the fact that the other man was getting closer. They were still a good 15-20 minutes from the tree house and the others were loosing their momentum and starting to slow down.

"That's it! Stop, we're taking a break. I can't take another minute more. Someone help get this damn thing out of this rat hole!" Moody swore profusely at the bumbling help he received. This was not his idea of an easy trek though the woods. The first half of their travels went by without this much trouble. "What are we traveling though boy? I'd be damned sure that we're traveling over a minefield."

"This stretch of land is usually inhabited by a many number of creatures because the ground is soft. A river nearby saturates it." Harry stated, leaning against a tree looking of in the distance at the tree house. Maybe he could make a run for it but what would that do? He already knew he'd be chased down again and most likely fail like the last time. At that thought, Harry turned to look at his captor and found him also leaning against a tree looking him curiously across the way.

"You know a lot for a person who has been stranded on a deserted island. How long ago did your ship hit? We didn't see any wreckage?" Draco perused his latest train of thought. He was curious as to how this other knew so much information. He almost seemed cultured, although it was completely unrefined.

Harry shrugged and glanced at the other, happily ignoring the silver haired man. He was too much on the senses for even him to handle without breaking down. Currently he could still feel his scorching gaze on his body and it was making just as uncomfortable as before. The one the others had called Moody was currently rubbing his thigh, muttering grievances under his breathe about stupid nature and how he should have stayed on the boat, or gotten married those 10 years back and be currently in bed having the time of old life. Much of what he said was too confusing to even register so he looked instead at the stuffy black haired man who was standing stiffly in the middle of the small clearing, brushing at almost invisible specks of dirt that had drifted onto his shoulder. Everything about the man dictated cleanliness and what Dumbledore labeled as 'poncy'.

"We're only a few miles away." Harry said to the now complacent Moody who was currently drinking a few mouthfuls of water.

"Only a few miles the young'n says. Just a few… Boy if ya hadn't noticed I'm no spring chicken anymore. The 'few' we've already traveled is enough to last me a couple years. I must wonder what a 'few' more is going to do to me."

Harry smirked under the fall of his hair. There was also something about the old man that reminded him of Dumbledore's sometimes sarcastic quips.

"If you don't believe me look over there." Harry glanced towards the tree house and the distinctly foreign architecture amidst the jungle foliage.

"My, god. That's the biggest gorram tree I've ever seen in me life." Moody breathed out. "Then by all means boy, let us get going. I don't want to live the rest of my short life here."

Harry smirked, narrowly missing the silver eyes of the watchful youth. 'Just a few more miles,' he said to himself, 'then Dumbledore can decide if I've just brought snakes into our lair.'


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