Harry Potter: Love Season

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me: For once, this is my first-time writing a Harry Potter romance story

Harry: yea, about me and Professor Snape.

me: Plus many more.

Ron: so no flames.

Hermione: let's get onto the story shall we?

me: very well Hermione. Here it is...

"Go, go Gryffindor! Go, go Gryffindor!" The chants became louder as the kids from Gryffindor were cheering for there team as they were all watching the Quidditch match before the winter season. "Harry Potter caught the snitch!" Jordan cried excitedly as the Gryffindor house kids cheered excitedly.

"That was one hell of a match Harry!" Ron said excitedly as the group of friends were now going inside there dormitory. "I was beginning to think that Draco was going to catch it but you did it with ease!" Hermione exclaimed, "another job well done Potter," a voice said suddenly as the trio turned around and saw Professor Snape.

"Thank you Professor," Harry said with a smile. "It's a shame that the Gryffindor victory will be over until you all leave at the end of the year," Severus said as he stared at Harry, "um, we are going to have try-outs for the team for next year sir," Ron said as Severus didn't looked at him but was still glaring at Harry.

"Are you going somewhere for the winter session Potter?" He asked as Harry shook his head, "good then. I expect to have a five-page essay on what you have learned here at Hogwarts before the holidays," Severus said as he began to walk away. "But sir! That's impossible! I can't have it done in two weeks!" Harry called out to him.

Severus stopped as he turned to stare at him, "I assure you, you have many things to write about in your essay. Since there won't be any classes before the holiday, I expect you will have to find me and turned it in," he said as he turned again and left. Harry groaned, "I'm sure you can do it Harry," Hermione said slowly.

"How can I? With finals coming up it's impossible," Harry replied. "I wish I can help you out mate. But I'm visiting Charlie in Romania since I didn't went the last time my family went and my mom pestered me about it along with Fred and George who is also coming even though they are out of school," Ron said with a smirk.

"Along with me of course," a voice said with a grumble as they turned and saw Ron's younger sister, Ginny. "Everyone has plans except me? That's just great," Harry grumbled, "I'm sure your winter session is going to be fine Harry. I'll bring you back something after my vacation of course," Hermione said as Ron nodded.

"The only good thing is that, I get to live on my own next summer. I don't have to live with the Dursley's anymore," Harry said as he sighed in relieved. Hermione chuckled, "I should get dress. Potions are next right?" Harry asked as Hermione nodded. "I still don't know why Professor Snape wouldn't cancel his class like all the other teachers did for today," Ron complained.

"His Snape, Ron," Harry pointed out. "Yea, I know," Ron mumbled as the two were in the boy's dormitory. "Since I don't want to get in anymore trouble with him, nothing's due today, is there?" Harry asked as Ron didn't looked at him as he stared at the floor, "Ron?" Harry asked again as Ron gulped.

"We were supposed to read a chapter for the test today," Ron said quietly, "what!" Harry cried as he glared at his friend. "I'm sorry Harry, I thought you knew," Ron said quickly, "I didn't know. I was busy practicing Quidditch for today's game and along with my other classes doing my homework," Harry replied.

"Perhaps Professor Snape won't be that cruel to you," Ron suggested. Harry snorted, "Ron, we've known him since we were first-years. You know how he is," he said. "I know. But I am here for you mate," Ron said as Harry nodded slowly.

"Another assignment missed Potter?" Severus asked unhappily as he stood in front of him as the whole class was staring at the two with wide-eyes as Draco was smirking at Harry. "I'm sorry sir, I've been so busy these past couple of days along with..." Harry didn't finished as Severus cut him off, "you were about to say Quidditch right? Draco played you and he managed to get his assignment done."

"Yea, by someone else," Harry mumbled as Severus narrowed his eyes at him, "what was that?" He asked sharply as Harry shooked his head. "Detention after class for an hour," Severus said as he turned to go and stand in front of the class to finish his lecture, Harry groaned. "I'm sorry mate," Ron whispered to him as Harry shook his head.

"It's not your fault. It's not," Harry murmured as he knew, staying with Snape for an hour of detention would be dead horrible.

The class departed as Harry stayed behind for detention as he stared up at Professor Snape. "Sir?" Harry asked quietly as Severus turned to stare at him, "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now," he murmured as Severus stood up and went to stand in front of him like he did earlier in class.

"You supposed to be reading the chapter in your book that you were assigned to Potter," he snapped as Harry gulped and he took out his book and opened it. "Let me guess, you forgot the pages, right?" Severus asked as Harry was flipping through the pages and he didn't say anything, "page 323 until the end of the chapter," Severus said as Harry found the page.

"Next time Potter, pay attention or I will double your detention," Severus threatened as Harry nodded as he was ignoring eye contact with him. "What is it Potter? Can't make eye contact with me because your afraid?" Severus asked as he had been noticing it after he had took out his book.

Harry snorted, "what?" Severus snarled as Harry looked at him. "I just don't want to see your big, long ugly nose that people could see right away since it frightens them," he said as Severus glared at him. "Why you...! Twenty points out off Gryffindor!" He snapped as he turned around and sat at his desk once again.

Harry smirked in victory as he begun to read the page, Severus glared at the boy momentarily before returning back to his original work. It was going to be a long detention, indeed it was.


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