Chapter 16- Love Revelation

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Warning: boy/boy (Severus/Harry) Do Not Read If This Offends You.

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After the two had been long enough in the dance party, the two made it their way to the dungeons and into Severu's quarters where Severus pour he and Harry a glass of wine. "If we had stayed there any minute longer, I would go ballistic," Severus murmured as he saw Harry chuckled.

"We don't want that, now do we Professor?" He asked as Severus didn't answer. "I guess everyone thought that Christmas was a time of love but it was actually Valentine's that was a day of love," Harry said quietly, Severus laughed. "That is true. Everyone talking about us getting together during Christmas," he said as Harry nodded slowly.

But then he jerked back to Severus, "does this mean that we are together, Severus?" He asked as Severus looked at him. "Ever since that kiss I've given you, we couldn't be apart, now could we?" He asked as Harry shook his head, "I guess not. But Severus, I'm still a studen there though," he said.

"That's why, we'll wait until your seven-year ends which won't be long now," Severus said as he smiled as Harry smiled back since he hadn't rarely seen Severus smile. "You told your friends, right?" Severus asked as Harry nodded, "but what about the teachers? Don't they want to know what's happening?" He asked.

"I'll tell them in due time. So Harry, since we are now together, do you think you can let my house win the next Quidditch cup?" Severus asked as Harry stared at him. "Do you really think that I'm that stupid?" He asked as Severus chuckled, "I guess not," he said as the two smiled one another and kissed passionately.

Once class resumed, Severus had told the whole entire staff about his and Harry's relationship as none of them hadn't mind at all except for Minerva. "Severus, you won't do anything to the young boy until his off-age, right?" She asked as Severus blushed a bit, "I'm not even sure his ready yet. But I am willing to wait until he is," he said.

"That is good to hear my boy," Albus said as Severus smiled at him. During that evening, Harry and Severus had announced their revelation to the whole school. Some of the kids were disgusted by it but the two didn't care as long as they had each other. Especially Draco Malfoy, he was straight but as long as his godfather was happy, that was all there is to it.

Harry and Draco had became friends also right after the announcement. Every time they hear an insult on Harry's relationship to Severus, they always give a glare to that person or even threatened them as well. Draco had even been friends with Hermione, although Ron wasn't sure about Draco still as they were still working on their friendship.

Nevertheless, Harry was extremely happy that he and Severus were now together and nothing could separate them now.


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