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Ok, so I'm in my room, right? There was this big fight going on, the whole family was involved. And as I sit there, on my bed, there's this big shining star, flaring up. Perfect wishing star, right? So…

"I wish something NEW and DIFFERENT and MAGICAL would happen to me, and Kate, and Lizzie! I wish we were together in Kingdom Hearts!" I screamed it, loud. The lights were going on in the house I could see through my other window. Someone yelled. Party going on. I, naturally, wasn't invited.

Things got hazy. I felt like I did that one time when I drank that cider that had fermented so long, it was alcohol. I was dead drunk. And now I was sorta punch drunk. I fell…

What the hell? I'm on the Snow White stained glass! And so're Kate and Liz! That is so awesome!

So much to do, so little time, take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now step forward. Can you do it?

"Of course we can idiot! We aren't invalids! Now. Where the hell are we?" Kate honestly doesn't know? This is her favorite part of the game!

"Kaye-re…" Lizzie was looking it her all weird.

"We're in Kingdom Hearts. Duh." I said.

Oh, by-the-by, I'm the oldest of us; my name is Sona/Sonora/Madigan/heckle-of-a-lot –more-names-with-odd-meanings-and-stories-attached. I have braces that're due off real soon. The bossy and actually quite bitchy girl in the blue pj's is Kate/Kaye-re/Katharine. She's the middle kid. Lizzie/Liz/Elizabeth, the youngest, is a short, timid, occasional screamer. We all have red hair. We all are pale and freckled. I'm medium weight, Kate's as skinny as a rail with no boobs, and Lizzie's very short and quite pudgy. My eyes are blue on the outside, and there's a ring of orangey-gold around the pupil. Special, I know. But most of my cousins on Da's side have eyes like that. Kate's are a bright blue, and Lizzie's are just like mine, 'cept brown is the ring, and the blue is more of a green. I'm a vegetarian, and my strengths are in art, writing, and acting. I can also sing. Yay! Kate is a dancer, with a special dance company, and she wins money if she does well. She plays the oboe, but it sounds wrong. He voice is actually quite nice as well. She has a really ace memory. Liz is a bass player, and a math wiz. She really good at figuring things out. Sadly, she cannot sing, or we'd have something going for us. And that's our biography. Oh, wait, we're all very Irish. So…yeah, that's it.

"Wait…wait one minute."

"Yes Liz?" I turned to her.

"There're gonna be heartless."

"Well, yeah." Oops… I hadn't thought of that.

"Oh shit." Kate groaned, "How're supposed to deal with that, hmm? How'd we get here anyway?"

"Erm…I wished?"

"Smart move, dumbass."

"It's pronounced Du-mass!"

"Will both of you be quiet? If we're in the stained-glass area, then we will get weapons, now let's get going already!" Lizzie's hands were on her hips as she headed for the middle of the glass.

Nothing to do but follow. I headed after her, and Kate stood for a second before moving along.

Power sleeps within you. If you give it form, it will give you strength.

The ground shook. The weaponry appeared. We silently made our choices, based on the game.

Kate bolted for the sword. But it was a different sort of sword. The blade was gold, with a red paint-pattern up the side of the blade. The handle was red, with these orange feather patterns at the hilt. She grabbed it, and jumped back.

The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this the power you seek?

"Hell yes!" She yelled.

"No need to shout, Katie-bitch." I said

"Don't you call me that!"

While we had been arguing, Liz had grabbed the shield. But it wasn't the usual shield.

It was a light blue color, with a pattern of pink butterflies. So pretty. There were little green-ish gems too. In a diamond cut. They looked like emeralds, but there was a silver-blue sheen to them that made me think otherwise.

The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all. Is this the power you seek?

"You know it!" She was grinning.

"Wait!" I yelled, "We need new clothes! We can't fight like this!"

As you wish.

There were sparks. And light. And then we were wearing some very nifty clothes.

Kate was in a red Chinese silk shirt-pant-slipper combo. There was gold detailing, of magnificent birds. The red slipper-shoes had gold beads on them, and a gold tassel-thing too. Her long hair was up in two little buns, tied with red and gold ribbons. I wanted to pull them…

Lizzie was also in a silk pant and shirt combo. But the shirt was more of a short Kimono that only went to the thigh. The pants were the same blue of her shield, as was the basic color of the kimono-shirt. But the obi was pink like the butterflies, and there were butterflies in the same pink on the shirt. She was wearing pink Chinese slippers like Kate. They had a blue butterfly on each of them. Liz's hair was too short to do much with, so instead she had a blue ribbon and a pink ribbon tied around each wrist.

And then there was me. I was wearing a very dark purple Victorian-ish ball gown that cut off at the knees. There was black lace and black trim. I had black lace fingerless gloves. I had a black choker. My hair was still short, but there were little braids scattered here and there, tied with, you guessed it, black ribbons. I was pretty sure I was wearing makeup. Really, really sweet dress. And holy free-holies, my braces just fell out of my mouth, and my teeth were perfect! SWEET! I bet they'd been bleached too!

"Thank you kindly!"

And so, I went for the staff. But, like the others, it was different.

It was black, but with the same dark purple weights on the ends, and a black rose, carved outta some kind of rock on one end. It was a long staff, which meant it was slightly taller than me. Boy, did I feel awkward. But I also felt good. Calm. Like a great change had just come over me, making me feel safe and at peace.

The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin. Is this the power you seek?

"Yes," I said, "This is defiantly what I want."

"This is SOO awesome!" Yelled Kate.

"Cool it down." I said.

"You're not the boss of me!"

"Hey, I'm the oldest, and currently the team leader, because of that fact. When we get to Sora, he can take over."

Kate growled.

Lizzie looked calm.

Voice said:

Your paths are set. You've chosen your powers.

Aaaand- the glass shattered. Lizzie screamed. Kate screamed. I screamed. For like, three seconds. Then I felt ok. Because I knew we couldn't die here. Not yet.

We fell onto Cinderella.

"Hey, guys?" I started.


"What is it?"

"Did you guys feel good after getting your weapon?"

"Yeah! I felt great!" Lizzie beamed

"Yeah, I guess." Said Kate.

You've gained the power to fight.

Kate took a swing at Lizzie, who blocked, while I took a swing at Kate, who quickly turned and blocked.

All right! You've got it. Use this power to protect yourself and others. There will be times that you'll have to fight. Keep your lights burning strong.

"Uh-oh." Lizzie pointed to the materializing shadows. Kate's eyes widened. I clutched my staff.


And we ran at them. The rose opened wider and turned bladed. We so pwned them. 'Bout 10 seconds 'till we'd killed them all. YAY!

Behind you!

"Oh my god…" Lizzie whipped around as a shadow went for her. Strangely enough, Kate's the one who saved her. I turned to see more heartless. And so…they died. Me Kate and Liz kulled 'em into the ground.

The darkness was spreading around the floor. Lizzie grabbed my hand. Kate grabbed her other one. We sank.

Then there was the door-chest-box routine. Handled that quite well, if I do say so myself. We all took a turn, Lizzie opened the box, Kate smashed the crate, and I opened the door.

Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First tell me more about yourselves.

Kate ran through first.

She went to Selphie, who asked, "What's most important to you?"

Kate smirked and said, "Being Number one!"

Then Selphie asked her, "Is being number one such a big deal?"

She ran to Wakka next who asked, "What do you want outta life?"

She replied, "To be strong!"

He said, "To be strong? Huh."

She sauntered over to Tidus, and he asked her, "What are you so afraid of?"

She thought about it, "Getting old." She was quieter then I'd ever seen her.

"Getting old?" He asked, "Is that really so scary?"

You want to be number one. You want to be strong. You're afraid of getting old. Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one.

"That sounds good." Said Kate, crossing her arms.

Liz went next.

Selphie asked her, "What is most important to you?"

"My prized possessions." I knew she was thinking of her stuffed animals, and the little knick-knacks she collected.

"Are possessions such a big deal?" inquired Selphie.

Lizzie made her way over to Wakka "What do you want outta life?" He asked. Strange, his voice seemed to be a nicer tone then with Kate

Lizzie replied, "To see rare sights!"

"To see rare sights? Huh." He sounded rather odd. Hmm…

She skipped over to Tidus. "What are you so afraid of?" he asked in a baby voice.

Lizzie glared at him. "Being indecisive."

Then Tidus asked, "Being indecisive? Is that really so scary?"

You like to collect neat things. You want to see rare sights. You're afraid of being indecisive. Your adventure begins in the dead of night. Your road won't be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journeys end.

"I don't like the dark…" She faded back. Ok. My turn.

"What's most important to you?"

"Friendship." It's true; I value my friends more then anything else.

"Is friendship such a big deal?" She asked of me. Well, yeah Selphie, it is actually. You don't get very far without friends, and the road is pretty rocky.

I walked to Wakka.

"What do you want out of life?" He sounded just plain bored with me. Hmph.

"To broaden my horizons." I do want to broaden my horizons. I want to travel, study hard, learn new languages, learn new things. Talk to interesting people. (Not that I don't already)

"To broaden your horizons? Huh." Stupid Wakka. What the hell kind of a name is Wakka anyway?

To Tidus. "What are you so afraid of?"

One choice left. "Being different." Only part way true. I like my individuality, but most people don't accept me for it. I want to be different…just not overly so. Which I usually am anyway. Myeh.

"Being different? Is that really so scary?"

You want friendship. You want to broaden your horizons. You're afraid of being different. You adventure begins at midday. Keep a steady pace and you'll come through fine.

"That works."

The day you three shall open the door is both far off, and very near.

"How boring was that?" asked Kaye-re as she walked back in, keeping in front of us.

"Well, we had too."

"Why do I have to get the dark road, huh?" Liz-biz looked annoyed.

"Well, you'll see the sun. You have to." I smiled at her.

Lizzie made a strange noise as heartless cropped up.

"Kokoro wa." I said.

"Eh?" Kate asked as she killed a shadow.

"Never mind." This was such a casual thing. How did fighting become casual? We've been at it for what? An Hour? Well, at least Lizzie was focused.

Once the heartless were gone, the stained glass steps appeared.

"One way out." I said grimly.

"Yeah…" Kate looked up the stairs towards the Belle glass.

"I'm scared." Lizzie said. But she didn't sound scared.

"We can do it. We just have to look out for each other. We'll be each-other's spotters." I said, "Are you with me?"

"You know it!" Kate was forcing happiness. You see, it was hitting her hard now. If she dies here, there is no coming back. She'll be a monster that will be killed one day. Lizzie had it a long time ago. I was only starting to be affected. But as soon as my hand clenched on the staff, I felt better. Reassured. I had confidence. I went onto the first step, and looked back at my sisters. Lizzie ran up and took my free hand. She was grinning. Kate seemed unsure, but followed us anyway.

We kept a slow pace, occasionally turning to watch the stairs fade away. Soon we were one step until we hit the platform. We looked at each other. Nodded.

"Let's go." Lizzie?

We walked into the light.

The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes.

We, of course, cast three shadows. This is a cause for concern. However, the three shadows merged. The was also a cause for concern.

Kay then. So now we have an uber large Darkside to worry about. And uber large darkballs as well.

So, what did we do, you may ask?

I called upon my inner crazy, hacking and slashing. Ducking and dodging, using the anger left over from home as fuel for my fire.

Kate already has lots of venom in her, she just harnessed it to it's full potential.

Lizzie mostly ran away from heartless, but once surrounded, she unleashed some serious fury.

Duck and dodge the darkballs. Slash the heartless. Hack at Darkside whenever you can.

Winning formula.

-But don't be afraid. You three hold the mightiest weapon of all.

As the darkness covered us…

So don't forget; you are the one's who will open the door."

And then it was completely black.


So…Three Sisters is back in action.

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