Wilson took Cuddy's hand after they were out of the building. She looked especially lovely tonight in a low cut red dress, her hair up showing her perfect neck. He smiled at the thought of his lips on that neck once they got back to her place. The fundraiser had been exceptionally successful tonight, everyone had been on their best behavior, including House...incredibly. Wilson thought that it had to be Cameron's good influence on him. They had been "secretly" seeing each other since the whole carpet incident. It took a while for Wilson to figure it out, and now it was pretty certain that Foreman and Chase had figured it out. He led Cuddy out to the car, opening the door for her, it was just beginning to snow again, he could see his breath wisping in the crisp winter air. He hadn't seen House or Cameron leave, and hoped that they were in her car. He shut the door and ran to his side, sheltered from the elements.

Cuddy looked toward him and smiled, "What are you thinking?"

"Nothing really. Just thinking about House and Cameron, certainly they drove her car tonight?"

"What makes you think that they came together tonight?" Her eyebrow arched inquisitively.

He smirked, his own eyebrow in his bangs, "Surely you've seen a slight difference in House's behavior lately, or the way that Cameron has started acting around him, a feeling of familiarity, the secret glances, and eye contact?"

Cuddy thought for a moment, she had seen Cameron leaving an exam room last week, and then House afterward. She looked a little flush, I put it down as House being...well House and upsetting her. Maybe she was flushed for another reason.."a smile lit her face, "come to think of it, House looked a little more rumpled than normal" Wilson laughed.

"I'm glad. I haven't said anything to House, I don't want to chance that he'll put up any walls that she's pulled down". Cuddy nodded her agreement.

They had pulled out of PPTH and were heading toward Cuddy's, the snow had picked up somewhat, whirling white before them. In the distance, they could see the red/blue flashing lights of a patrol car. Traffic was backed up, someone had probably slid off of the road. He could hear sirens getting nearer, the red lights of the ambulance reflected in his rearview mirror, then passed them on the shoulder of the road. The traffic inched slowly forward, and Wilson could see that there were two patrol cars and two ambulances on the scene. Then he heard a familiar sound coming from above, chopper blades.

Cuddy looked up through the windshield, "God it must be bad, the medflight was called. Maybe we should stop and see if they need help." Wilson nodded his head, he had a bad feeling that he couldn't explain as they neared the accident site. As they slowly passed, Wilson caught something familiar in his peripheal vision...a yellow motorcyle.

"HOUSE!" Cuddy looked at him sharply.

"James what is it?" and then she turned to look at the site and saw the same thing that he did, as he pulled over to the shoulder of the road, ignoring the state trooper that was motioning him to continue forward on the road. He jumped out of his vehicle, not even remembering if he shut it off, and flashed his ID at the officer and proceeded at a run to the ambulances. Cuddy wasn't far behind, her heels impeding her progress. She could see Wilson running through the snow, slipping ever so often because of his dress shoes not meant for inclement weather.

Wilson could see the amount of blood on the ground, the sharp red stains against the white snow. So much blood. He couldn't think about that now, he had to find what had happened. Where was House? Was Cameron with him? Surely not, what madness would posess her to climb on that motorcycle in a formal? He was brought out of his thoughts by a paramedic.

"Sir, can I help you?"

"I need to know what has happened. I'm Dr. James Wilson from Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I believe that my friend Dr. Gregory House was involved in this accident. I recognized his motorcycle." The paramedic nodded and motioned for Wilson to follow as he began to tell him what had happened. Wilson could see the mediflight landing in the clearing, snow wafting aournd them.

"We have a male late 40's", Wilson nodded, "suffered internal injuries, unconcious, broken right arm, several ribs, possible concussion, with a multitude of scrapes and abrasions. We've got the bleeding stopped...what we can see." He led Wilson to the first ambulance where he could see House lying on a gurney. Two paramedics working on him. His tux, covered in blood, had been cut so that they could tend to the more severe of his injuries. He had a neck brace on to keep him from moving his head too much. If House was in here, then who was the medi-flight for?

He looked to the paramedic, who seemed to know what he was asking. "Who is the medi-flight for? I see that House is in that ambulance?" Wilson turned suddenly, when had Cuddy appeared next to him? Both knew the answer, even before the paramedic started to speak.

"Female. Early thirties, head trauma, spinal injury, internal bleeding, cuts and contusions, broken leg..." he paused " she coded...twice. Massive blood loss. The chopper is for her. They just loaded her up."

"Take her to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I'll call ahead and have the trauma team on the roof ready to receive her, and I'm riding with her. Wilson, you ride with House. I'll meet you there." Wilson nodded at Cuddy as he saw her head over with the paramedic toward the medi-flight. As soon as she was on board, the blades picked up speed, blowing snow like a blizzard. Wilson shielded his eyes as it rose higher and headed south toward the hospital. He turned to see the same paramedic watching with him. "Sir? We are almost ready to head out ourselves. Are you riding with us or following in your car?"

Wilson looked at him and shook him himself. "I'm riding with you, let me let the trooopers know that I'm going to leave my car here. Do I have time for that?" The paramedic looked inside the ambulance and nodded, "About five minutes". Wilson just nodded.

The officer was standing near the crumpled bike, making notes, and looked up upon Wilson's approach. "Hit and run." For a moment, Wilson didn't realize that the officer had spoke, and then he realized what he was telling him as he continued. "Hit and run. The bastard that hit them didn't even stop to see if anyone was injured. It's lucky that the car that was about a 500 yards behind saw what happened and called 911." Wilson only nodded.

"I'm going with the ambulance and wanted to let you know that my car will have to stay here."

"If you leave me your keys, I'll make sure that it makes it back to the hospital." He smiled at Wilson's expression. "Look, I'll even give you my card and my badge number. I know that you need to go with them." Wilson nodded as he handed over his keys and his card.

"Thank you." With that he ran back to the ambulance and climbed in just before they slammed the doors shut and sped off towards PPTH. Wilson looked out the back window of the ambulance, the flashing red lights reflected on the snow. He caught site of the red stains on the pristine white snow. It wasn't right, red snow... a groan turned his attention back to the patient, his best friend. He moved closer as he saw House's eyes flutter open, "Allison". It was barely a whisper.

"House, Allison is on the way to PPTH. Everything is going to be ok. Do you remember what happened?" Wilson was gripping House's left arm, he could see the confused look on his friends face, his heartrate increased, breathing becoming ragged. He was beginning to panic and move against the restraints on the stretcher.

"ALLISON!" His eyes rolled up into his head, body stiff, as he began to seize.