Chase, Wilson and Cuddy sat staring at the white board and the listed symptoms, when Foreman walked in the conference room doors, and picked up a marker.

"Two new symptoms, blood in the urine, and a swollen abdomen." Foreman looked at his co-workers waiting for the differential to start.

"I've scheduled him for a round of tests, repeated blood culture and sensitivity, CBC, ECG, echocardiogram, sonogram and a chest x-ray." Foreman shook his head, "I think that the infection has spread to his heart."

"Shit." Foreman could barely hear Wilson's hissed expletive.

"He's been on IV antibiotics for several days. This is either a super virus or he's being re-infected by something in the hospital." Chase was on a roll, he hardly noticed the other people in the room as he stood up to pace the length of the conference room. "We need to treat House like any other patient. What if the infection started before his injury? We should check his apartment."

Wilson stood as well, "I've got a key, so that eliminates the problem of breaking in."

"Let's go." Chase didn't wait for Wilson's agreement, he stood and went to get his coat on, the quicker that they could gather clues, the quicker that they could solve the puzzle.

"I'll help Foreman run the tests." Cuddy stood, feeling better that they were taking some action. Wilson stopped by the door and turned to look at her. "What if you don't find anything? We'll need to ask Cameron - " Wilson stopped her with a shake of his head.

"No- she just needs to focus on being positive before the surgery, and on top of that House wants to be there tomorrow morning before Cameron goes in. I think that she'll do better in the surgery if she is allowed to see him, and he will be more cooperative with any treatment that we've decided." Cuddy nodded her head, she'd have to work around that. The testing would probably take most of the night, and Cameron's surgery was scheduled for early the next morning.


House awoke bleary eyed, teeth chattering, his body ached all over. He groaned when he was finally able to open his eyes. The sounds of machines filled his head, he was in the CCU. His brow furrowed in confusion.

"House?" Cuddy's face swam into his vision, he closed his eyes and then reopened them, "House can you hear me?"

He nodded, not trusting his voice. His eyes shifted to the cup of ice on the bed tray, Cuddy followed his line of site, grabbing the cup and putting an ice chip to his parched lips. House closed his eyes, focusing on the coldness of the ice chip, trying to concentrate on what was happening. Pain, it radiated throughout his body, pain that he wasn't used to, his leg felt no better or worse.

"House, we are drawing some more blood," she nodded at the technician, "Your infection isn't responding to the antibiotics like we expected." The last part earned her an eye roll. She fed him another chip as she continued, "Foreman has you scheduled for an ECG, echocardiogram and chest x-ray – "

"He thinks it's my heart." His voice was weak and raspy, it wasn't a question, but Cuddy answered it regardless.


"List the other symptoms." It wasn't a request, it was an order. He closed his eyes so that he could give them his full attention as Cuddy rattled them off, and he added them to his internal white board. He was having trouble concentrating, every diagnosis that he had thought of would have been wiped out by the antibiotics administered. Had he been given so much antibiotic that it had boxed his kidneys?

"I've got to see Cameron before she goes into surgery. She can't know that something is wrong…" Cuddy was staring at him open mouthed and started, but House shook his head, "You know that whole positive thoughts before a surgery?"

Cuddy rolled her eyes and paged Wilson, she knew that they weren't going to get out of this, and House probably did have a point. It wouldn't do for Cameron to go into the surgery worried about House.

"And how to you propose we do that? Don't you think that your condition will be a big tip-off that something is seriously wrong with you?" Cuddy stood back, her hand on her hips.

"You could pump me full of antibiotics, fluids, and amphetamines-", but Cuddy cut him off.

"You know we can't do that, it could exacerbate your current condition, especially your heart!"

"I have to do it!" House shut his eyes, and took a deep breath, this argument was taking a toll on his strength. "Just get me up and running long enough to see her off, and then I'll do what you say." When he opened his eyes, Cuddy's brows were knitted in concern, and then she smirked a little while shaking her head.

"Liar." His eyes widened and his mouth opened to retort, but she cut him off "You won't do what I say."

He smirked himself and shrugged, "I'll be too sick to argue, so you'll win by default."

"That's more like it. Ok, we'll do it your way, but only so that you see her for a few minutes before she goes in, and then we need to find out what is causing your symptoms…understand?" Cuddy paused as she watched House nod weakly. "Good, now get some rest."

"Cuddy..", She turned as she heard him say her name, "When they go to search my apartment, tell them to bring my spare ipod." Before she could respond, he had drifted to sleep. Her eyes ran across his vitals, even in sleep his heart rate was slightly elevated, his fever was lower than before, but still not normal. She could only hope that his team could figure out what was wrong, and that they could keep his illness from Cameron, at least until after her surgery. God House, you have the worst luck.