Warnings: Male/male relationships, two kisses, and some implied stuff.

Hooray, For Holidays!

By: Hime-dono (aka Terra Tenshi)

It always amused David to see the manor decked out for the Christmas season. Even being a vampire himself and knowing how inaccurate the stories could be a little part of him still found it funny that a family of vampires would go to such lengths when celebrating a supposed holy holiday.

Not that he was complaining mind you, after all it gave him an excuse to accidentally shove Marlo under every sprig of mistletoe he could find. This, in turn, allowed him to share a plethora of kisses with his normally frigid spouse. Hooray, for holidays! Of course David was nothing if not cunning, and after being made to suffer a life of near abstinence by his dear mate this past year he had decided to take the Christmas decorating a step further this year.

"Get off me you-" Marlo's tirade was cut off by a passionate kiss that lasted until he bit an invading tongue hard enough to draw blood.

"Ouch." David frowned down at his childhood friend. "Come now, Marlo, you can't really expect me to ignore such an important holiday tradition now can you?"

"Bull." His lover replied, glaring and attempting to cross his arms over his chest, this was made somewhat difficult by the fact that David was holding both of his wrists in one hand above his head. "And what are so many sprigs of mistletoe doing hanging over our bed anyway?" he demanded. David had to smile at hearing the words 'our bed' from his love's lips. While most wouldn't have understood the implications to David it was a victory in his quest to prove that Marlo did indeed love him, and as more than just a friend to boot.

Marlo seeing the smile twitching his husband's lips and guessing what he was thinking blushed and renewed his struggles. "Pervert." He grumbled. David endeavored to look innocent.

"It's hardly fair to call me a pervert, you know, after all we are married and this is our marriage bed." He dropped the act to openly leer at his lover. Marlo's blush darkened further but at least he stopped struggling, although he didn't drop his glare. Oh well, David would take his victories where he could get them.

"Swear to me that you didn't put all the mistletoe up so you had an excuse to molest me." David looked offended.

"Of course I didn't." He said with perfect honesty. Marlo relaxed. David glanced and him suspiciously.

"Does that mean you believe me?" he wondered aloud.

"Of course." Marlo stated mildly. David blinked in surprise.

"You got Kim to do it for you." Marlo finished. David opened his mouth to deny this new accusation and then stopped to think.

"Maybe." He finally replied.

"I knew-" Marlo's triumphant cry was cut off with a passionate melding of lips.

And this time there was no biting involved.

...Well at least not any that was openly welcomed.

And a jolly good time was had by all. Hooray, for holidays!

AN: This is cutting it even closer than last night and I have school tomorrow. As such this has not been edited, apologies if I've made any grievous errors. Hope you enjoyed it all!

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