Warning: Rated M. A little more fluff for you Yuffie/Vincent fans...but that's it! Unless you ask really nice!

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Part Two

Yuffie smiled as she woke up. The sun was streaming in the window and lighting up her face. She rolled over an looked at the handsome naked man next to her and grinned. They had been together officially for a year and Yuffie loved every minute. She kissed him lightly, careful not to wake him and walked to the kitchen for a drink.

Yuffie and Vincent had moved in together two months ago, right after Cloud and Tifa were married. So far it was wonderful. Yuffie smiled as she opened the fridge to find orange juice. The only thing they fought over was the decor. Vincent had a taste for dark decor and Yuffie loved the sun. The deal was that she got to decorate all the rooms except the bedroom. The room turned out very much like him. Dark, red, black and surprisingly romantic. Vincent only liked candle or firelight in that room and she obliged most of the time. But there were mornings like this one when she snuck out of bed in the middle of the night to open the curtains so she would wake with the sun.

Grinning, Yuffie picked up a can of whipped cream and walked back to the bedroom, to Vincent. Se walked over to the heavy black drapes and shut them, immediately making the room dark. She light the candles around the room and looked to the bed. He was still sound asleep, exhausted from last night. Yuffie smirked at the memory and climbed next to him.

When they first got together, they were both very careful with each other. There was a lot of passion, but it was always held back somewhat. Vincent was very afraid of hurting Yuffie. His inner demon got the better of him sometimes and he tried to take it slow. Yuffie was so afraid that one day Vincent would be lost in passion and cry out a name that would break her heart.

Bleh. Lucretia. It was still a sore spot for Yuffie, even now. She hated that bitch for all she did to her Vinny and was very afraid that he still loved her. One night, about six months into the relationship, Yuffie couldn't take it anymore. She was tired of holding back and she attacked him with all the passion she had. Vincent was blown away in surprise and turned on beyond all reasoning. To Yuffie's immense relief, he had cried out her name in his passion. Not any dead bitch's name. That night, Vincent lost control of his demon and Yuffie was fine. More than fine actually. She could barely walk the next day.

After that night, the two had become closer, letting go of their fears. That was probably the main reason for them living together now. Yuffie grinned down at her sleeping lover and shook the can of whipped cream. He had been on her mind all night and she was going to take advantage of the fact that they had nowhere to go today. He was lying on his back, one under his head and the other on her pillow. Smiling, she drew a smiley face on his stomach. She added fangs for good measure. Then a bow on the head, and a tie on his neck.

She was giggling pretty hard and very surprised that he wasn't awake yet. She started to lick the tie off of his neck and felt him stir a little.

"Yuffie..."he mumbled softly, still not waking. She ran her tongue over his neck and still nothing. Sighing, she moved to the fangs she drew. She licked up all the sugary fluff and kissed him. Still nothing.

Damn! I hope we are never attacked at night!

Frustrated that her plaything wasn't responding, she thrust her tongue down onto this stomach and drew circles around in the whip cream. She could feel him stirring and groaning slightly in his sleep and smiled. But he still wasn't awake! She lifted her head a little and rolled her eyes. She looked a little south and caught part of one part of his body that was awake. Hmmm...she grabbed her can of whipped cream again...

Vincent was having a very nice dream. His lovely girlfriend Yuffie was licking whipped cream off of his body and kissing him everywhere. He knew it was a dream because the real Yuffie would never be that bold. Not that he minded, but he still enjoyed the dream. He vaguely heard someone cursing at him and mumbling, but it wasn't enough to disturb his dream. He felt a pleasant pressure building in his body and was finally waking up.

He blinked a few times and realized that he was cold. Except one part of him that was really hot. Instinctively, he looked down...

"Yuffie!" he yelled in complete shock and arousal. She looked up and grinned at him.

"About time you woke up! I've been eating this stuff off of you for at least ten minutes! I think I'm going to go into a sugar coma! Why wouldn't...hey, are you okay?" Yuffie was concerned. Vincent was sitting up now, glaring at her very intensely. His toned body was tense, like he was about to pounce. He took the can out of her hand slowly and breathed in and out. His demon was saying very inappropriate things in his ear and it was really hard to ignore.

"Vinny?" she asked worried. She hopped closer to him, trying to comfort him but forgetting that she was completely naked. She squealed as his hands grabbed her waist and threw her down on the bed. He moved over her and kissed her passionately. She arched into his body and he pressed back, entering her. They moved together in a frenzy, unable to hold back their want for each other. After a moment, Yuffie bit down on his neck to keep from screaming as he collapsed on her.

Pulling himself up, Vincent took the can from it's location on the bed and grinned at her.

"My turn!"

Yuffie knew she was in trouble. He covered her breasts with the fluffy substance and attached his mouth to her for the better part of fifteen minutes. He was driving Yuffie crazy and he knew it, but the way he saw it, she deserved it. She tried to touch him , but he pinned her hands hands above her head and moved his body away. She whimpered under his mouth until he took pity on her and kissed her mouth and brought his body closer.

"Vinny! You're gonna be the death of me" she breathed as he entered her again. He went much slower this time, kissing her deeply and holding her to him as close as he could. Yuffie didn't bother muffling her screams this time and she tightened around him as hard as she could. He moaned and came with her, falling into her arms afterward.

He sighed and started to fall asleep on her. He was going to make damn sure he woke up first this time...