In Japan, white Valentine's Day, or white day, fall on the day exactly one month from the actual Valentine Day. This is a day where recipients of chocolates will give a present to the sender as a form of saying thank you. Since Yuki has offered presents (in lieu of chocolates) to Headmaster Cross and chocolate to Zero, she is entitled to a white day gift from both. Of course, Kaname is honor-bound to hand Yuki a gift since he actually received a box from Yuki (thanks to Zero's interference). This is Headmaster Cross's story.

After their patrolling of the school's compounds, where dawn is still a few hours away, both Zero and Yuki dragged themselves tiredly into the showers in the Headmaster's chambers. Just as Zero was about to turn the knob to the bathroom, the Headmaster's head popped around the corner of the corridor and chirped "Once both of you are done, come to my office please. I got a surprise for Yuki!!!!!!!!" he then disappeared as fast as he appeared.

Both Yuki and Zero looked at each other, wondering what the world is going on. Then Zero just shrugged his shoulder and went into the shower, effectively shutting Yuki out, much to her displeasure. "Humph! Some gentleman he is!" huffed Yuki.

Once both of them are done, they stepped towards the Headmaster's office with water dripping from their hair, leaving a trail behind the walkway. Yuki then opened the door this time, looking in, with Zero behind her. Seeing the Headmaster at his desk, she smoothed a yawn as she stepped in, with Zero at her heels.

"You called, Headmaster?" She yawned.

"Yes, my precious daughter! Do you know what day is today?!"

Zero tensed, ever so slightly at his words. Still, he retained his expressionless facade.

"14th March." Yuki replied, too sleepy to think any further.

"Yup!!!! And hence………'s white day!" flourishing a black box, with red ribbons on it, he waved it under her nose, saying "this is your white's day gift from your dearest papa!" he then held it out properly to her, all smiles.

"Oh…….thank you, Headmaster-no, I mean daddy." Yuki blushed and accepted the box.

"Open it, open it! Let's see if it fits you! I made it myself, you know!"

Even Zero is curious as to what is it. He leaned over and took a look at the box. Then he murmured into Yuki's ear "Betcha it is a lacy dress"

"Zero!" Yuki admonished, blushing.

"Close but not quite!" The Headmaster beamed. "Open it, Yuki!"

Yuki undid all the ribbons and lifted the lid. Inside the box, covered by soft tissues, is a white jumper, with red roses adoring the hems. It's made entirely of wool, showing clearing all the knitted areas. As said, it's handmade. Yuki reached in and pulled it over her head as she turned around for the Headmaster's inspection.

Zero burst out laughing the moment he saw it, and then tried to hide his laughter by turning to his side. The headmaster clapped his hands and exclaimed "Perfect fit! Oh, it fits you soooooooooooooooooo well, my cute daughter! Hold still now, let daddy take pictures!" He then whipped out his camera and start snapping away.

"What's so funny, Zero? It's nice! White and adored with roses! Warm and comfy!" Yuki blistered.

"Yes, it's white. Still, take a look before anything else" snickered Zero.

"What?" Yuki looked down to her chest and to her horror, found the words "I love daddy cross" on it. She gasped in shock as she looked at the Headmaster, who was still busy snapping pictures away.

Furious, she peeled the jumper off and stormed out of the room, dragging Zero with her, who is now laughing in her face. Back in the room, the Headmaster sniffed sadly "Now, where did I go wrong? Sob!" He then cheered up almost immediately as he said "Still, I managed to get a number of shots of her wearing that jumper a worthy and priceless add-on to my collection!"

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