White Valentine from Kaname Kuran

After leaving Zero at the platform, Yuki was patrolling the central building of the school campus when she heard something from the central library. She hurried over, worried that there might be some day time students in the library as all the night class students are supposedly to be at their lessons. She then eased the heavy door open and peeked around the corner, hunting for the source of the noise. To her surprise, she found Kaname sitting in the centre of the library, with a book and 2 cups of steaming tea by his side.

Kaname looked up and smiled at her "Welcome, Yuki. Come in and sit down. I had been waiting for your arrival. Have a cup of your favourite rose tea. I prepared it. "

Yuki looked surprised as she questioned "Waiting for me? Why?"

"There is a time for answers and there is a cup of tea, Yuki. Please, sit beside me."

Yuki padded over on her boots, flexing her fingers nervously behind her back. Her hands are still encased by the protective gloves that Zero had given her. Recalling Zero's words, she blushed as she approached Kaname. Her approach was softened by the thick carpet on the floor of the great library. Still, to her discomfort, Kaname is still glazing at her steadily as she drew closer. Finally, she sat next to Kaname with a soft "plop", with a tea table between them.

As Yuki strove to make herself more comfortable within the chair, which practically swallowed her whole, Kaname reached for a cup of tea and handed it to her. Yuki accepted it with a murmur of thanks as she took a sip. Warmth rushed through her body, making her blood flow again. After a stretch of comfortable silence, she posed a question, softly, while not looking at Kaname "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at class, in the middle of your lessons?"

"There is no need for me to. They are studying the history of Vampire Kings who have ruled. Since they are studying about my family, there is no need for me to be present. The teacher excused me for this lesson. That why I came over to the Great Library for a book………..and to wait for you, Yuki."

Yuki stiffened at his words as she realized that she is speaking to a vampire prince. Then, she blushed even harder as she asked "How do you know that I will be coming to the central library? I might be at the Eastern or Western Library or anywhere else in the campus."

"I just do." Kaname replied softly.

Another stretch of silence passed between them before Kaname pulled out a white box and placed it on the table between them. It was a plain and simple box, with a red bow tied across it. The whole thing was shinning faintly in the moonlight, revealing it to be a satin covered box. Yuki looked at it, not understanding it. Kaname then spoke into the quiet atmosphere "This is for you, Yuki. Happy White Day to you."

Yuki's lips are formed into the shape of O as understanding dawned on her. She blushed prettily while stammering "Thank- thank you, Kaname". She then bounced off the seat and bowed deeply to him. "Open it, Yuki. See if you like it or not"

Yuki gently pulled the bow and put it aside carefully, intending to savor the ribbon later. She opened the box and found a beautiful charm bracelet inside. There are a total of 8 charms, each taking the form of the Sun, Moon, Raindrop, Rose, Heart, Wind, Star and Cloud. Each charm was made beautifully, with jewels adoring everything. Jasper for the sun, ivory for the moon, sapphire for the raindrop, pink diamond for the rose, ruby for the heart, white jade for the wind, diamonds for star and last but not the least, blue diamonds for cloud. Linking everything up was a fine platinum chain, woven with threads of gold. It is simply those kinds of pieces that take your breath away.

Kaname then reached over, and took the bracelet out of its soft bed, and reached for Yuki's hand. He gently pulled down one of the gloves that Zero had given her and clasped the bracelet around her slim wrist. He then held it up to the shaft of moonlight that pierced the Great Library, catching every ray of it. The bracelet flared up, as if it's on fire. Each charm was displayed to its fullest extent of beauty, vying for the attention of the person wearing it. Both Yuki and Kaname admired it together, with Yuki standing up and Kaname, sitting in his chair.

Yuki was the first to break the silence this time. She grasped the bracelet as she stammered "It's too expensive, Kan-Kaname. I can-cannot accept this. I must still thank you for your efforts though."

Kaname looked up at her, smiling "I will not take it back, Yuki. You have already accepted it when you bowed to me. Please wear it at all times, it will not interfere with your duties. Plus, another charm is on the right hand, so this will be fine hanging on your left. My peers will recognize this bracelet anywhere, so they will treat you well as long as you do not take it off. This is my way of protecting you, my dear Yuki."

"But!" Yuki gasped as Kaname suddenly stood up in a smooth motion. Kaname put a finger to her lips as he murmured "No more buts, Yuki. I got to go for class. The history lesson ought to be over already. Finish your tea; I kept it hot still for you. Take care while you are doing your duty. Goodnight." With that, he left the library silently, with his book tucked under one hand. Once out of the door, he kissed the finger that he placed on Yuki's lips, savoring the warmth of it.

Back in the Great Library, Yuki whispered "Kaname…………."

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