By: BooBoo

In this life many people have look for heroes. A hero can be anyone,... or anything. He can be of any color, race, ethnic origin, or sex. It can even be a hemorrhoid. But in the Toadstool Kingdom there is a different kind of hero. Many people look at him as a bitmap,... well he is a bitmap. As an athlete I have many idols but we can learn a lot from Mario. He can teach lessons in courage, no matter how many enemies he has to go through he always comes through. He is humble, no matter how badly he whoops-up on Bowser he always accepts congratulations humbly and moves on. He has been made fun pf because he's fat and can't speak fluent English but neither can Bobby Bonilla. He has brought memories from the original Mario with bullet Ben, goombas, flying koopa troopas, and his faithful companion Luigi. People can see friendship here. There has never been a game made for Luigi but yet he stands, soft-spoken at the side of this processed hero. The chemistry between the two has lasted for 14 years and has kept them together. Pride, humbleness, courage, and kindness is what this fat Italian dude stands for. Please do not player-hate the man. He gave us 14 years of enjoyment and for this we must pay our respects. What would the world be like without Super Mario, I tremble at the thought. That is why Mario is one of my heroes and what he stands for should be a quality of everybody who is a role model or who tries to be a leader or role model. Respects to Mario and all of those great role models. Thank you.