Title: Secrets

Rating: G

Pairing / Characters: Kuchiki Byakuya

Word Count: 506 words

Warnings: Spoilers for both the Soul Society and Bounto arc

Summary: Byakuya keeps his own secrets

A/N: Don't ask me why, Byakuya just seems so sad sometimes, and it's so easy to write about him because of the depth of his emotions. I kinda feel sorry for him, actually.

Byakuya tried in his own way to protect Rukia, it was not because of the promise he made to Hisana but because he couldn't imagine life without her.

The day Rukia stole his kenseikan; he deliberately left it where she could find it.

He silently agrees with Rukia; the sakura trees are the bane of his garden, but they smell so sweet in summer that he keeps them anyway.

Byakuya knows all about the rabbit hutch in the garden; while Rukia was on assignment to the real world, he fed the rabbits every day, becoming very attached to a black and white one he named Kiku.

The picture in the shrine is no longer of Hisana, but of Rukia. He has never told her this; his reputation is damaged enough already.

After Rukia's near execution, Byakuya stood in the darkness of her room, watching her sleep in case she needed him.

Byakuya hasn't visited Hisana's grave in months, and will never go again.

When he fought with Kariya Jin, he agreed with the Bounto in everything he said but one- he wasn't going to die, because he promised to never leave Rukia alone again.

Byakuya has a secret weakness for ice cream; he discovered it on his first mission to the living world and since becoming a captain, has indulged in it as often as possible without getting caught.

The day he saw his zanpakutou made manifest, Byakuya was startled, because he thought his skills were not good enough for something so pure, untouched by no one.

When he achieved shikai, Byakuya celebrated alone in his room, having no one to share his achievements with.

Byakuya hates his kenseikan only slightly more than he hates the cherry trees.

When he can't sleep, Byakuya sits at the fishpond and watches the moon.

In spite of it all, Byakuya is rather fond of Yachiru, and he keeps several packets of confetti candy in his desk. Just in case.

When he fought with Renji, he specifically missed his vital organs; Renji was the first person to face him in battle as a man, and Byakuya was more touched by the gesture than he cared to admit.

Once when he was younger, Byakuya met and befriended a young woman living on the outskirts of Rukongai who taught him how to fish. He is better at it than he expected.

Of all the people who have passed from his life, Byakuya supposes that he misses Yoruichi and Kaien most.

When playing shunpo tag with Yoruichi, Byakuya aimed to lose.

The one and only time Byakuya actually gave in to his desire and played a prank on Renji, the expression on his fukutaichou's face made Byakuya laugh until he cried.

Despite everything that's happened between himself and Rukia, Byakuya still forces himself to remain impassive, seemingly uncaring, for he fears that his emotions will make him more vulnerable than Hisana's death ever did.