EDITED/REVISED: May 16, 2010


This is of my favorite pair: SessxKag.

"something" = talking

'something' = Sesshoumaru's dog demon half (note: he speaks in broken English)

Something = Sesshoumaru mentally talking to his dog half

Chapter 1: Mate

"This time the master's son will have to take a mate."

"Oh be serious. He hasn't taken a mate in over twenty years after he hit his prime. In fact, I don't think he will ever take a mate."

"Lord Inutaisho is getting impatient. He's been wanting grandpups for a long time."

"Mating is a serious thing. If Lord Sesshoumaru wants to take a mate, he must choose wisely. Dogs mate for life."

"I know, but Lord Sesshoumaru has shown no interest in taking a mate. It is very alarming to have an heir that doesn't want one."

Kagome Higurashi walked away, rolling her large brown eyes. She had listened to the two maids talk for a while now. It was getting tiring. All they ever talked about was their master's son's love life.

"Oh for goodness' sakes, if the dog demon heir don't want a mate, he don't want one. 'Sides, he's got more than enough years left to live. That's plenty of time to find a suitable mate."

It's not like he's going to choose one of us humans, she thought bitterly. He's always hated us since he –

"Un!" Kagome stumbled backwards. She looked up and paled as two narrowed amber eyes glared down at her. "L-Lord Sesshoumaru!" She quickly bowed. "Forgive me. I wasn't watching where I was going."

A long, graceful hand reached under her chin, lifting her bowing body up. Amber eyes slid over her face, down her neck to her belly. He gave a slight grunt and pulled back his hand. Quiet footsteps walked around her. The hems of his white and blue robes brushed against her legs. "Come to my chamber two hours after the evening meal."

Tiny little shivers crawled up her spine at the sound of his deep, quiet voice. She turned her head to watch him walk away. What was that about?


Lord Sesshoumaru, First Son of Inutaisho and heir to the Western Lands, stared out his window. Teasing northern winds toyed with his long white-silver hair and elegant blue and white robes. Narrowed amber eyes turned misty as he watched a raven-haired, chocolate-eyed young human maid gather herbs from the garden below.

Out of all the female demons and humans, he thought. It had to be her.

He had noticed her the moment she was born. She was the daughter of his family's most devoted and respected human servants. She smelled of roses in the spring and a hint of peaches and sometimes strawberries. He watched her grow from a cheerful, curious little girl into a strong-willed, independent young lady. Her father had died soon after her mother's murder.

Sesshoumaru growled. Even after all these years, he would never forgive Noh Mask Shadows for taking away his favorite servants. The Noh Mask Shadows never bonded, only took unwary victims and masked them with shadows of evil, never to return to their former life, in order for their lineage to continue. The Noh had somehow crept through the magical barriers and took Kagome's mother as a way to get into the palace. They never returned her body. Soon after, they took her father as well while he was out, searching for her mother.

As it was, there were so few trustworthy and dependable human servants for the past two decades. He never admitted it out loud, but he had always confided in Kagome's father when it came to the welfare of the humans in the Western Lands. True, there were many humans his family ruled over, but they were only unsolved puzzles with no picture to Sesshoumaru. The human servants now were ever gossiping and even some women had tried to claim the position as his mate. It was most bothersome.

His dog half growled impatiently.

He scolded his other half. I will not stoop so low as to take a human companion for life. I'd rather have her as a servant than a mate.

'She our mate,' the dog spoke. 'She belong to us.'

He shook his head. No.

He tried to forget the scene in the hallway when she accidentally bumped into him, but it was hard to ignore the way the sun danced across her slightly tanned face and glimmered in her wide, shocked eyes. Or how soft and femininely small her face was when he touched her chin to make her look up at him. But somehow everything about her suddenly came into view. He never really looked at her, only glanced her way a couple times whenever he came back to the palace after patrolling the Western Lands. How perplexing.

He had come across ruffians during his patrol earlier that day and he had to inform his father, but he found himself in his room, looking down at the object of his obsession.

'Must take her before another.'

Her friends came running out of nowhere, screaming about heaven knows what human girls scream about.



A small lump also came out of nowhere, scrambling about, emitting more screams from the human girls.



She picked up the mouse and teased her friends by threatening to throw the scared vermin on them.


Her laughter rang loud and clear, beautiful and alluring.

Red glazed over amber. "Must," he muttered.