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Dumbledore's Games

Chapter 1: Twenty Questions sort of

It had long been said by a number of students that Albus Dumbledore was a senile old man. The headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a very powerful wizard yes, but his love of muggle sweets and his obsession with creating inter house unity were legendry. Which is why today we find the Gryffindor Golden Trio, consisting of the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter and his two best friends. Red haired Ronald Weasley and Muggle born Hermione Granger, locked in a room with the Slytherin Silver Trio. Their leader was none other than the self proclaimed Prince of Slytherin himself, Draco Malfoy. His best (and only true friend) Blaise Zabini, and his shadow Pansy Parkinson, made up the rest of the trio. Now Professor Dumbledore thought in all his wisdom that in order to further his goal of inter house unity, had decided that all sixth year students (he chose sixth year mainly because Harry Potter was in that year and the older students weren't as bad in their house rivalry) would be split into groups of six and locked in a room. There they would play a series of games that he hoped would help bring the houses closer together. Now in his never ending quest, and perhaps for the sheer enjoyment of torturing students he had placed the Gryffindor trio and the Slytherin trio in the same group simply because he could. So now we find the six students seated in comfortable chairs around a round table glaring at each other while they await the instructions on what they have to do in order to be released from the locked room.

Our story starts as a royal purple envelope appears on the table in front of Hermione Granger.

Hermione picked up the envelope that had just appeared in front of her and after breaking the seal she opened it and pulled out a thick sheaf of parchment,

"What does it say Mione?" Harry asked, while he tried to shift his seat further away from Blaise's chair. He was unsuccessful though as they had been charmed to stick to the floor where they were. Hermione who was seated between Harry and Ron, and opposite Draco, looked over at Harry, then turning back to the parchment began to read.

Dear students,

By now you all know that you are locked in the room in which you were escorted, and you are also aware of the fact that you can not move the chairs around so that you are not sitting next to a person from another house.

The purpose of this exercise is to promote house unity and to learn more about students from other houses of which you would not normally associate. With this in mind you will be participating in a series of three games. The first is a shortened version of twenty questions, having only 10 questions to answer. In this game I have provided the 10 questions that you are all to answer. Once you have finished this game and have all answered the 10 questions, a butterbeer will appear in front of each of you for the next game. This will be a game of I Never! There will be no questions provided, you will have to come up with those all on your own. You must each say two things during this game and you will find that you will be unable to start the third game until you have done so. Now the third game that you are to play is Truth! In this game you are to each answer five truth questions, one from each of the other members in your group. If you do not wish to answer the question there will be a deck of cards on the table which will contain forfeits, if you do not wish to answer a truth you must draw a card and perform the forfeit that will appear on that card. Do not try to cheat and choose between which is worse as the forfeit will not appear until you have stated that you will pay the forfeit. I must warn you though that the forfeits will depend on the nature of the question asked and would in most probability be more embarrassing. Now for those that are thinking that they will get through these games easily, I will advise you all that there are truth charms placed around the room to prevent anyone from falsely answering a question, so be warned, you will not be able to lie! Now in the interests of dignity there is also a charm placed that will prevent you from talking about any of the information that you find out about your fellow students. This is to prevent the spread of rumors. You will only be able to discuss the information that you have learned with one of the six people sitting with you in the room.

The door will not be able to be unlocked or opened until all three of these games have been played out fully. Food and drink will be provided if needed, all you need to do is ask for it.

Good Luck!

Albus Dumbledore.

Hermione finished reading and looked over at the rest of her group. Typically Draco was the one to break the silence,

"That crazy old man has totally lost his mind!" he sneered,

"Shut up Malfoy" Ron growled

"Make me" Draco smirked. Ron lunged from his chair but was pulled back down by Hermione,

"Quit it, will you two, lets just get this over with so that we can all leave here as soon as possible" Draco glared at her but kept his mouth shut, he knew she was right, and the sooner he got out of there the better. Hermione opened the list of questions for the first game and quickly read out the little note.

Each question will appear as soon as the previous one has been answered by all six group members, pass the list around the table as soon as your question has been asked.

"Alright, well since I have the list I may as well start. What is your favorite colour?" Hermione stated as she read the first question, then handed the list to Ron,

"Orange" Ron answered shortly,

"Pink" Pansy glowered, all eyes turned to Draco,

"Silver" he answered with a sneer, Harry snorted,

"Well that's a shock I thought for sure that you would say green"

"Well I didn't, just get on with it" Draco retorted, then glared at Blaise. Blaise grinned,


"Red" Harry shrugged,

"Gee who would have guessed" Draco commented snidely, Harry ignored him and turned to Hermione,

"Purple" she answered simply, then turned to Ron who was reading his question through,

"What is your favorite animal? Bloody hell, who came up with these lame questions?"

"For once Weasley, I agree with you, they are lame" Blaise agreed,

"Doesn't matter anyway, we still have to answer" Harry added, then looked at Pansy,

"Unicorn" Pansy answered blushing slightly,

"Dragon" Draco snapped,

"Dog, boring I know" Blaise answered,

"Panther" Harry replied with a smirk,

"Tiger" Hermione grinned,

"Wolf" Ron looked smug as he replied. He passed the list to Pansy who as well as Draco and Blaise were curious about the smug looks on the golden trio's faces,

"What is your favorite subject?" Pansy read, then tossed the list to Draco,

"Potions" Draco answered as he picked the list up,

"Muggle studies" Blaise answered, ignoring the surprised looks he received from everyone,

"Defense Against the Dark Arts" Harry replied,

"Transfiguration" Hermione stated,

"Herbology" Ron scowled,

"Charms" Pansy said as she looked at Draco, waiting for the next question. Draco sneered as he read the next question,

"What is your favorite hobby?"

"Quidditch!" Harry, Ron, Blaise and Draco all said simultaneously, Draco then turned to Hermione,

"I suppose yours is reading Granger?"

"Nope, Dancing" Hermione retorted, much to the three Slytherin's surprise,

"Well I like ice skating" Pansy replied with a haughty sniff. Draco handed the list to Blaise,

"What are you most afraid of?"

"Dementors" Harry answered softly,

"Vampires" Hermione added,

"Spiders!" Ron said with a shudder, Draco was shocked, not one of the golden trio had said Voldemort, as he had thought,

"None of you are scared of the Dark Lord?" Pansy asked voicing the question burning on Draco's mind,

"Nope" Ron replied,

"Voldemort is just another halfblood wizard, he has no more power than any other" Hermione added,

"I've faced him four times and haven't died yet, he's not all powerful, just butt ugly" Harry shrugged,

"Halfblood?" Blaise asked, Harry looked at him strangely,

"Yeah ole Voldie is a halfblood, his father was a muggle, his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, I thought everyone knew that" Blaise and Pansy shook their heads shocked, Draco was speechless, his father, who kept going on and on about the importance of being a pureblood, was a servant to a halfblood? His thoughts were interrupted by Harry,

"So what are your biggest fears?"

"Werewolves" Pansy whispered,

"Death" Draco whispered,

"Snakes" Blaise responded,

"But you're in Slytherin? How could you be afraid of snakes?" Ron asked

"I just am" Blaise replied, as he handed the list to Harry. Harry read the next question and blanched before reading it out aloud,

"If there was one memory that you could wipe from your mind, what would it be?" Hermione closed her eyes,

"The fight at the department of mysteries last year, every time I close my eyes I see that" Ron nodded, then answered

"The Death Eater attack at the Quidditch world cup and the dark mark in the sky"

"The one and only death eater meeting that my father forced me to attend" Blaise whispered, not bothering to wait for his turn,

"My cousin dying after falling from a horse" Pansy voiced, Draco closed his eyes, knowing what memory he wanted gone,

"My father beating my mother until she was nearly dead, then turning his anger on me when I tried to stop him" everyone gasped but wisely didn't say anything, then they all turned to Harry, awaiting for his answer,

"Voldemort's return, where our wands connected and echo's of his last spells appeared, first there was the hand that Pettigrew had cut off to perform the spell to resurrect him, then there was Cedric Diggory, an old man, Bertha Jorkins, then Mum and Dad, they spoke to me and then attacked Voldemort while I escaped with Cedric's body. I want that memory gone" Harry finally whispered. Hermione and Ron, having known about this said nothing, but the three Slytherin's were once again shocked. Deciding that Harry needed a minute to compose himself, Hermione took the list from him and read the next question,

"What is your full name?"

"Urk, do I have to?" Ron groaned,

"Yes Ron" Hermione replied, Ron groaned again, then answered, the tips of his ears turning red,

"Ronald William Weasley"

"Pansy Selene Parkinson"

"Draco Alexander Malfoy"

"Blaise Michael Zabini"

"Harry James Potter"

"Hermione Jane Granger" Ron took the list off Hermione and read the next question,

"What is your lifetime goal?" Draco cringed, not only because he had an inkling about what Pansy's answer would be but also what he knew his answer would be, and it didn't fit with his reputation, Pansy's answer surprised him though,

"I would like to live in Paris and design fashion robes, become a career witch" Draco closed his eyes, knowing the reaction this would cause,

"Before I answer, I'm going to make it clear that I want nothing said about it"

"Alright Malfoy" Hermione answered, Draco sighed,

"Believe it or not but I actually want peace and to find one woman who completes me, one who loves me for me, and not for the Malfoy fortune"

"Me, I just want to play professional Quidditch" Blaise responded, knowing that he had to get the attention off Draco, "What about you Potter?" Harry shrugged,

"My life goal should be obvious, to become an Auror and destroy Voldemort"

"Let me guess Granger, you want to become Minister of Magic?" Pansy commented, though it lacked malice,

"No, I would like to survive the war, find love, get married and have kids, but as a career I would like to become a Professor" they all turned to Ron,

"Hey, my life goal is simple, to play for the Chudley Cannons" Ron answered as he handed the list to Pansy,

"If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?" she read, Draco grimaced,

"My last name, I hate being a Malfoy and all the expectations and limitations that go with it"

"My blood, I would give anything to be a halfblood right about now" Blaise answered,

"My fame, to just be anonymous, to not have this bloody scar, to not be the Boy-Who-Lived, the saviour of the wizarding world and all that bull" Harry answered softly,

"You mean that you would rather that no-one knew who you were?" Pansy asked


"But I thought that you always liked being famous" Blaise added,

"Ha! Why would I like the fact that as a 1 year old my family was killed and I was scarred for life, or the fact that when Voldemort cursed me he transferred his ability to speak parseltongue, or at age eleven I had to fight him and Quirril, or at age twelve, I fought a fifty foot basilisk, at thirteen I discovered that my best friends pet rat was the man who had betrayed my parents, or at fourteen I was fighting dragons, being attacked by a swarm of Grindylows in the black lake and in a maze fighting giant spiders, sphinx's, and all other manner of creatures, as well as the whole fighting Voldemort thing, or at fifteen I was lured to the department of mysteries by dreams that Voldemort had planted in my head which caused the death of my godfather"

"Well when you put it that way" Blaise responded, then looked at Hermione, "Granger?"

"I would want to be more outgoing and spontaneous, I mean knowledge is good, but sometimes I would like to do something that I didn't plan and research"

"My red hair, I don't care what other colour, anything but red would do" Ron grumbled,

"My voice, I'd like it to be a bit less shrieky" Pansy said as she handed the list to Draco for the final question. Draco read the question then groaned,

"You have got to be kidding me"

"What?" Pansy asked,

"If your house was dissolved, which of the other three houses would you most like to be placed in?" after reading the question out he groaned again, this was gonna hurt.

"Gryffindor, don't ask me why, I have no idea" Blaise answered,

"Well the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin, but I think I would prefer Ravenclaw" Harry answered,

"Ravenclaw" Hermione spoke,

"Hufflepuff for me, simply because I hate the colour green and I'm not smart enough to be in Ravenclaw" Ron answered,

"Gryffindor, because red is close to pink in colour" Draco sighed, it was the last question and the last answer fell on him,

"Gryffindor, and before you ask or look shocked its because your house seems to stick together, in Slytherin, its everyone for themselves, but with the Gryffindors, if you mess with one you mess with the whole house" As Draco finished speaking, the list in front of him disappeared and six bottles of butterbeer appeared in front of them, along with a platter in the centre of the table with cheeses, dips, cakes, pastries and crackers.

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