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Chapter 5: Revelations

Nearly two months later found the Brat Pack, as Harry had cheekily dubbed them, in the Room of Requirement. They had met everyday for the last two months, mostly after curfew, they were highly pleased with themselves that so far they hadn't been caught. Little did they know that the reason they hadn't been caught was because Dumbledore had instructed all the teachers and Filch to leave them alone, he knew what they were up to and supported it. The teachers had all agreed, despite the fact that Dumbledore hadn't filled them in on what he knew. There had been another development in the Brat Pack during the past two months as well. Ron and Pansy had started dating and despite the original shock that the rest of Hogwarts had shown, their relationship had been accepted, although a few Slytherins and Gryffindors still shunned them, as well as Ginny and Blaise, Ron and Pansy were both happy and in love. Tonight however there was great excitement, Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Ginny and Luna had all finished their exercises and were just waiting for Hermione to say that the potion was ready. A month ago Hermione had found a spell in the library which allowed them all to talk to each other telepathically. They had cast it upon themselves and were thrilled when they could talk to each other in their minds. The spell hadn't allowed them to read thoughts, but they had been able to 'mind-speak' to each other both collectively as a group and to each person individually. To test it, Hermione, Harry and Ron had all transformed into their animals and were ecstatic when they had still been able to communicate with everyone, so in among all the exercises they had been doing, they had practiced their telepathic abilities, and each could talk to the other separately or as a group.

"Alright its ready!" Hermione called out from the corner where she had been brewing the potion.

"Great! So what happens now?" Ginny asked excitedly,

"When you take the potion make sure that your minds are clear and the only thing that you are thinking about is the animal in which you want to transform. After the initial transformation it becomes embedded in your genes and so you won't have to worry about it after that"

"Can we get some mirrors in here so that we can see what we look like?" Pansy asked, no sooner had she spoken when one wall became a mirrored wall,

"Alright before you transform there is one other thing that we have to do, Harry if you will" Hermione said as she approached holding a tray with five glasses filled with the potion on it. Harry nodded and closed his eyes. Instantly the room changed, becoming three times the size of the great hall with various apparatuses throughout it. The mirrored wall remained, yet the ceiling was now so high up that they could barely see it, there were several trees scattered around the room, along with bushes of every shape and size, it basically looked like a forest, although there were a few balance beams and other paraphernalia.

"What's all that for?" Blaise asked,

"To help you all get to know how your animal bodies move as well as your reflexes" Ron answered,

"Cool" Ginny marveled,

"Ok spread out and give yourselves plenty of room" Hermione instructed, once they had done so, she walked along and handed them each a glass of the potion,

"Your first transformation will feel weird, almost like your whole body is aching, that is normal it will go as soon as you are in your animal form, you will not feel it again" Harry said as they all looked dubiously at the jet black potion,

"It doesn't taste as bad as it looks, it almost tastes like a chocolate milkshake" Ron added.

"Alright, close your eyes and clear your mind, leaving the only thought in your head that of the animal you wish to be. Once you have done that drink the potion, but make sure that you only think of your animal" Hermione instructed again, then she, Harry and Ron stood back silently watching and waiting. One by one the other five drank their potions, a minute later they all started to change. Ginny, Blaise and Pansy shrank to the size of the animals that they had chosen, Blaise and Pansy started to develop feathers, their noses became the hooked shape of a beak and their arms lengthened to accommodate their wingspan. Ginny's nose lengthened, her ears became larger and a bushy tail sprouted out from the base of her spine. Luna and Draco also grew tails from the base of their spines, their ears grew, their noses lengthened slightly and their arms grew at the same time as their legs shortened, until all four limbs were the same length. Two minutes later the transformation was complete. Harry, Ron and Hermione all stood grinning at the five animals that stood in front of them,

"Did it work?" Ginny asked telepathically,

"Turn around all of you" Hermione answered back, the five animals turned and faced the mirrored wall,

"Check out my tail!" Ginny cried excitedly,

"I've got spots!" was Luna's contribution,

"Wow my wingspan is impressive" Blaise commented as he stretched out his giant black wings,

"My feathers are actually really pretty colours" Pansy exclaimed,

"Damn I am one handsome tiger" that was Draco, Hermione rolled her eyes, then transformed and padded over to the silver eyed, white tiger,

"You are so conceited, even as an animal"

"Look at me, I have a right to be, I look so majestic, this is so cool"

"Alright guys" Harry who had transformed interrupted, "Lets start getting you all used to your new animal bodies" For the next hour they all practiced getting used to their abilities and limitations. Blaise and Pansy practiced their flying, diving, seeking and scouting techniques. Draco and Luna practiced pouncing, climbing, balance and stealth techniques, while Ginny practiced hiding, dodging, balance and with help from Ron, tracking. Once they all had the hang of it they played a series of hide and seek games, where the land animals would hide or camouflage themselves and the two birds would seek them out. They also practiced their telepathic abilities, talking to each other both separately, collectively and also in small groups.

"Alright I think that's enough for tonight, but before we leave, you guys should all practice transforming from animal to human and back to animal again" Harry said once he had transformed back into his human body, "Once you have the transformation stage down pat, you'll be able to transform anywhere, like mid-stride, mid-pounce, and for Scout and Screech they could fall and then transform mid-air" Harry added as the rest of the group became human again. Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Ginny and Luna practiced their transforming, then once they had all done it a few times and Harry was satisfied, they returned to their human form. The room changed to a cozy sitting room with four couches surrounding a roaring fire and the eight tired teenagers flopped onto them.

"That was so cool" Ginny started as she curled up next to Blaise and rested her head on his chest. Blaise grinned and wrapped an arm around her shoulders,

"It was awesome, Eagles have such good eyesight, and with our telepathic abilities, I can let you all know if anyone is sneaking up on you"

"Same here, I can't believe how agile Kestrels are, if a Death Eater was standing with his legs apart I could dive and fly straight between them" Pansy added as she curled up on Ron's lap. Ron wrapped his arms around his girlfriend,

"I'd prefer that you didn't"

"Relax Prowler" Pansy grinned using his nickname, "I was only making a point, my job is lookout remember, but I might just have some fun by snatching a few masks off their faces as well, and of course accidentally scratching their ugly faces in the process" Ron chuckled,

"You blood thirsty wench" Harry who was laying on the couch with his head in Luna's lap laughed,

"I see you still have your mean streak Pans, I'm just glad that its no longer directed at us" Pansy responded to Harry's words by sticking her tongue out at him, then squealing as Ron tickled her ribs lightly,

"My spots will bring us good luck during the war" Luna stated with her usual dreamy look, but then her look became serious "And the fact that I can hide in the trees and jump on unsuspecting Death Eaters as they pass underneath me is great too" she added as she stroked her hand through Harry's hair. Hermione stifled a yawn, Draco who was sitting next to her saw it and pulled her down until she was laying on her side with her head in his lap, Hermione whispered a tired 'Thankyou' and settled down comfortably,

"I wish I could let my mother know that I was an animagus, she would love it" Draco commented softly as he absentmindedly played with one of Hermione's curls,

"Have you heard from her recently?" Blaise asked,

"Yeah, Dumbledore gave me a letter last week from her, apparently she has been moved to the same safe house as Hermione's parents and they are all getting on really well" Hermione turned her head and looked up at him,

"You never told me that"

"Sorry, I thought that you must have known since he handed you a letter from your parents on the same day" Draco answered, Hermione shook her head,

"No, Mum didn't mention that your mother had moved into the house with them, but then again she could have written that letter beforehand and only had it delivered at the same time"

"That's highly likely" Draco commented. They were both oblivious to the meaningful looks exchanged between the other six members of their group,

"I told you!" Ginny's voice crowed triumphantly in their minds, although she was careful to make sure that Draco and Hermione didn't catch it,

"Alright place your bets on when you think they will finally get it together" Blaise responded,

"Five galleons says the day before Christmas break" Pansy stated,

"But Christmas is only a month away" Ron argued

"Well when do you think it will happen?" Pansy enquired raising her eyebrow at her boyfriend,

"Well knowing how stubborn they both are I would say new years, after a few firewhiskeys Draco might have loosened up enough to actually ask her" Ron responded,

"I'll put my money on Christmas day, when he gives her a gift" Luna stated,

"I say two weeks" Harry put in,

"Nah Harry, Draco has never really liked a girl as much as he does Hermione, and when it comes to things like this he can be rather shy, I'll say three weeks tops" Blaise contradicted,

"What about you Ginny?" Pansy asked,

"I think that they will be an item by the end of this week" Ginny answered confidently,

"You're mad Vixie" Blaise laughed "There is no way that Draco will get up the courage to ask her by the end of the week"

"We'll just see, won't we Scout" Ginny replied cockily,

"Alright so whoever gets the correct guess or closest to it will receive five galleons from each of us" Pansy responded,

"Agreed" they all chorused, then turned their attention back to Draco and Hermione as she sat up and rubbed her tired eyes.

"Well I think we should all head to bed, Blaise, Pansy, Harry, Ron, Draco and I all have double Potions first thing tomorrow morning" Hermione said as she rose to her feet and stretched, Harry and Ron groaned aloud,

"Oh relax, Potions isn't that bad, well it hasn't been since you have paired up with a Slytherin partner. At least you don't lose house points anymore" Pansy grinned,

"True enough" Ron agreed, then dropped a quick kiss on Pansy's lips. The eight of them stood and left the room, after bidding everyone goodnight they parted company. The three Slytherins headed down to the dungeons, while the Gryffindors and the lone Ravenclaw headed in the opposite direction. After dropping Luna off at the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room, Harry, Ron Ginny and Hermione all headed to Gryffindor tower and after bidding each other good night went up the stairs to their respective dorms and fell into bed, falling asleep instantly.

The morning Potions lesson went by rather quickly as they started making a Polyjuice potion. Pansy, Blaise and Draco all shared a smug grin when the Snape told them what potion that they would be making, they were the lucky ones, all sitting next to three people who had already made the potion. Draco was the luckiest, with Hermione having made the original potion back in second year. Snape who had gotten suspicious when Harry, Blaise, Pansy and Ron started to improve in their potion making abilities had separated the three pairs so that there was no way that Draco and Hermione could whisper the instructions to the other four without hearing them. Thanks to their telepathic abilities they were still able to whisper the directions to them with Snape none the wiser. It was the only class that Hermione would allow it in though, and only because Snape was such a biased teacher. After Potions they split up, Draco, Pansy and Blaise heading to Charms with the Ravenclaws, while Harry, Hermione and Ron went to Herbology with the Hufflepuffs. During lunch the Brat Pack all sat at the Gryffindor table and talked over what they were going to do that night in their animagus training. After lunch Luna and Ginny headed off to Transfiguration while the rest headed down to Hagrid's hut for double Care of Magical Creatures. Finally the class was over and they all split up to head for their final classes of the day. Harry, Ron and Pansy headed off to Divination, Blaise to Muggle Studies, while Draco and Hermione headed to Arithmancy. It was during Arithmancy that Draco finally plucked up his courage to ask Hermione to meet him to tell her the truth, using their 'mind speak' he asked her,


"Yes Draco?"

"Can I talk to you after class? There are a couple of things that I need to tell you about"

"Sure" Hermione replied while sending him a small smile from across the room, before she turned her attention back to the Professor. When the final bell rang Hermione met Draco in the hall, then followed him to an abandoned classroom. Her eyebrows rose in question when he locked the door behind him and cast a silencing charm, before turning to face her.

"What's going on Draco?"

"There are a couple of things that I need to tell you, I have been arguing with myself since Dumbledore had us playing those games. I just didn't know how to tell you"

"Tell me what?" Hermione asked

"The truth that I found out during the last game" Draco admitted,

"Just tell me, it can't be that bad" Draco nodded then decided to just blurt it out,

"It was me" Hermione looked at him confused,

"Sorry, I don't understand"

"It was me, I was the guy in the closet near the kitchens that night. I didn't figure it out until you answered Harry's question" Hermione scowled,

"That's not funny Draco"

"Does it look like I'm laughing?"

"No! it can't have been, I would have recognized your voice" Hermione gasped,

"We were whispering Hermione, you said so yourself, neither of us recognized each other"

"I don't believe you, its impossible!" Hermione was starting to pace, the gravity of what he was telling her sinking in,

"I can prove that it was me"

"How?" Hermione demanded glaring at him. Draco sighed, he knew that she wouldn't take the news well, what girl would take the news that they had lost their virginity to their worst enemy at the time. But that hadn't stopped him from hoping that she would be ok with it,

"You have a small crescent shaped scar on your right hip, just below where your tattoo is"

"That proves nothing, you could have seen that when I showed you my tattoo" Hermione responded, though her voice was doubtful,

"In the closet that night when I found it, I asked you where you had gotten a scar that shape. You told me that when you were eight you had fallen on a pipe that was buried in your backyard" Hermione's eyes widened as realization dawned,

"Oh my god! I lost my virginity to my worst enemy!"

"I'm not your enemy now"

"No, but you were at the time"

"I know, but I also lost mine to you"

"Why did you wait this long to tell me?" Hermione snapped angrily,

"Look at it from my point of view, I have never really had close friends, even Blaise and I weren't as close as we all are now. For the first time in my life I had made true friends. I was scared that if I told you, then you would start acting weird around me" Hermione stopped her pacing and faced Draco. He sat nervously on a desk, his head bowed and his hair falling over his eyes. He had stopped gelling it back in third year.

"I suppose I can understand that. Why did you decide to tell me now?"

"I made a vow that if you didn't figure it out from all the hints I dropped by the time that I became an animagus, that I would tell you" Draco replied as he lifted his head and looked in her eyes. Hermione nodded,

"Alright, thanks for telling me the truth" then she picked up her bag and made her way to the door. Halfway there she stopped however and turned back to Draco, who hadn't moved, "You said that there were a couple of things that you wanted to tell me"


"What's the other thing?" Hermione asked as she walked back and perched herself on the desk opposite him.

"I found something else out that day we played Dumbledore's games" Hermione tilted her head slightly and stared at him, silently encouraging him to continue. Draco ran his hand through his hair, "This is even harder to tell you"

"Is it bad?" Hermione asked gently, sensing his apprehension,

"No, well not to me. You might find it that way though"

"What is it?"

"During the course of the games, when I was learning things about you that I had never known, I started getting these weird feelings, then, when I kissed you to pay my forfeit, I felt this jolt shoot through me the moment our lips touched. It was strange, yet pleasant at the same time. I had never felt things like that before. Then when you answered Blaise's truth question and picked me as the one that you would marry if you had to, I felt this bolt of joy wash through me" Draco stopped and hopping off the desk he started to pace. Hermione however was trying to suppress the smile that was fighting to be shown,

"What exactly is it that you are trying to say Draco?" she asked softly. Draco stopped pacing and turned to face her,

"I have feelings for you Hermione. They started during the games and over the last two months have been getting stronger and stronger. I'm not sure if they are love yet, I don't really know what love is, apart from the love of a son for his mother. But I have been comparing them to what Harry and Blaise described as love and they are really close, if not the same. I feel everything that they talked about but I just don't know" Draco finished, then turned his back to her and placing his hands on the desk he had been sitting on he leant forwards over it. Hermione smiled, then hopped off the desk she was sitting on and approached him. Placing her hand gently on his shoulder she turned him to face her. Their eyes met and his silver eyes gazed into her amber ones. Without a word, Hermione rose up on her tiptoes and placed her lips against his. As their lips touched she felt the same jolt that she had that day two months ago when he had kissed her to pay a forfeit. After a moments shock Draco's arms came around her and he responded to the kiss, running his tongue lightly over her bottom lip, silently asking for entry to her mouth, she granted it willingly and wrapped her arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. A few minutes later they were forced to pull away from lack of oxygen. Draco kept his arms around her and rested his forehead against hers,

"I'm hoping that this means that you feel the same way about me" he whispered, Hermione nodded, smiling,

"Yes, like you I don't know whether its love, but my feelings for you are indeed strong" Draco smiled softly at her, then touched his lips lightly to hers,

"Be mine?" he whispered against her lips, Hermione smiled,

"Yes" she answered softly, then pulled him in for another passionate kiss.

Harry, Ron, Blaise, Ginny, Pansy and Luna were all sitting at the Gryffindor table wondering where the two missing members of the Brat Pack were,

"You don't think that they got detention do you?" Ron asked pausing in his task of eating as much food as he can shovel into his mouth, Blaise raised his eyebrow in question,

"Hermione and Draco?"


"Two months ago I would have said probably, either that or that they are having a screaming match in one of the halls, but now? I don't think so"

"Good point" Ron stated, then went back to inhaling his food. They had all returned to their conversation and dinner when suddenly they noticed that the chatter in the Great Hall had stopped. They all turned towards the doors and saw Draco and Hermione walking in hands intertwined like they had been doing it for years. Nobody said anything as they took their customary seats at the Gryffindor table, Hermione sitting next to Ginny and Draco on her other side.

"Draco man, where have you been?" Blaise asked him,

"Making out with my girlfriend in an abandoned classroom" Draco answered nonchalantly as he dropped a light kiss on Hermione's lips then proceeded to fill his plate.

"I knew it!" Ginny crowed triumphantly, then stuck her hand out palm up over the table, "Handy up guys. Show me the money!" the rest of them groaned and placed their money in her outstretched hand. Draco and Hermione shared confused looks,

"What's going on?" Hermione asked,

"We all had a running bet as to when Draco here would pluck up the nerve to ask you out" Ginny replied as she started counting her winnings,

"I'm assuming that you won of course?" Draco asked, Ginny nodded,

"Yep, I bet that you two would be an item by the end of this week" Draco shot Hermione an amused glance,

"Should we tell them?"

"No, they already know enough about that night, the rest of it is just between you and I" Hermione replied. Draco grinned, then leaning down he kissed his new girlfriend. The other three male members of the Brat Pack took their cue from Draco and all planted a kiss on their respective girlfriend's lips. The eight of them were completely oblivious to the cat calls and wolf whistles being sent in their direction from the rest of the students, nor were they aware of the wide grin and twinkling eyes of their headmaster, who was mentally patting himself on the back for a job well done.

The End.

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