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Author's Notes:

Ultimate Sacrifices is the final installment in the Blackfire Trilogy with its predecessors being The Plains of Daluram (part 1) and The Blackluck Angel (part 2). While it would be recommended to read the previous two installments, it is not necessary for the enjoyment of this story. The prologue should be enough to bring new readers up to speed. Thank you and enjoy the story.

Prologue: How Time Flies

Dear Diary,

Big day tomorrow! It's Blackfire's 21st birthday and her sister apparently has something big planned for her. I haven't been let in on most of the details but apparently we're going to be gone for a couple of days and it's going to be just us girls on it. It was hard to believe that only a few years ago those two siblings were practically at each other's neck trying to rid the other out of their lives…now those two are probably closer than ever.

I don't know much of what happened between the two Tamaraneans before I met Blackfire but from what I've been told there were some disputes involving a throne and a lot of sibling rivalry being blown out of proportions. An incident about two years ago, where Blackfire and the Titans got transported to another dimension, helped heal the rift between the sisters though it only got the two to respect each other and Blackfire to promise to try and make something of her life. It wasn't until six months after that incident did Blackfire finally have that opportunity to really show herself and the world that she could be more than just an angry alien with incredible powers.

It all started when the Adamantine Prison, where Brotherhood of Evil and its 'recruits' were all being held, was broken into and all the prisoners, save for the Brotherhood leaders, were released. The Titans were sent to investigate with the assistance of an old friend of theirs, Jacqueline L'Armor, better known as the Jack-of-All-Trades. Sadly, their investigation didn't reveal much until the perpetrators of the crime began causing trouble in Jump City. They were a group known as the Legion, comprised entirely of highly intelligent and deadly robotic warriors and led by three generals – Achilles, Bellerophon, and Heracles. What was worse was that commanding the generals were none other than Brother Blood and Slade.

I, however, did not get involved in this situation until a bit later. At the time I was having difficulties of mine own. My former associates, having escaped from the Adamantine Prison, paid me a visit for a little revenge. If they hadn't taken me by surprise and overwhelmed me quickly I might've been able to beat them. I only just managed to escape and those…goons started squatting in my home! It was this dilemma that led me to meet Blackfire for the first time. At first I didn't pay much attention to her and when she agreed to help me get my home back, I figured I could just use her to do exactly that and nothing more would come of it. This unusual contract eventually became a friendship and when I got my home back, it became our home – it was getting a bit lonesome living on my own in such a big place.

Some time later, I received a call from Kid Flash asking for assistance. Apparently the Titans were getting a little overwhelmed with the Legion and called for some back up. After some…correction, a lot of convincing I got Blackfire to lend some muscle as well.

The Titans had a new guest as well – another robotic girl on the run from the Legion came crashing into the Tower and Cyborg and Kid Flash were able to protect her from some pursuing Legionnaires. Her name was eventually discovered to be Atalanta and though her memory was heavily damaged, Cyborg promised to help get to the bottom of who she really was. His investigation eventually led him from Jump City to Steel City where he discovered a horrifying fact – Atalanta was actually a part of the Legion. Sadly, he only learned this fact when she attacked him and Cyborg was captured by the Legion. The other Titans remained oblivious to Atalanta's betrayal and even Cyborg's disappearance as the Legion replaced him with a very convincing robotic duplicate. One by one, the other Titans were lured away from the tower, captured, and replaced by the Legion. Raven was able to catch on to what was going on and just barely managed to escape her 'friends' and fled to Blackfire and me for assistance.

At the time, we thought we were really dealing with the Titans who had suddenly gone rogue. It was then that Raven explained to us that the Titans were going to be helping with security at some big political meeting of the world leaders in Jump City. Clearly, the Legion was planning to cause havoc and let the Titans take the blame for it. Kid Flash, Blackfire, and I raced to stop the rogue Titans but we wound up getting our butts kicked by the Titans. On the bright side, we did save the politicians but we realized we were in over our heads dealing with the Titans.

We decided that it was time to get help and we traveled out east to Steel City to contact the Teen Titans East. However, we soon discovered that the Titans East had already been subjected to the same 'replacement' that the Titans in Jump City experienced. Brother Blood was even there to rub their supremacy in our faces. Blackfire managed to hold them off while we made our escape. Meanwhile, back at my home, Kid Flash and Jacqueline, who we had rescued from the Titans while saving the politicians, were attacked by a detachment of Legionnaires. Despite their supposedly best efforts, the Legion succeeded in capturing Raven and destroying my home.

When we regrouped, Blackfire had brought along another friend of hers – a thief by the name of Red X. The others, including myself, were a bit skeptical at first but with five of us the odds were at least tilted in our favour. We launched out attack on the Titans Tower and were successful in defeating all of them; it was then that we discovered that the Titans had all been replaced with robot clones. We knew we had to find the real Titans but other pressing concerns were diverting our attention.

Apparently, the Legion had struck a deal with the criminals it freed and all of them had begun causing havoc throughout the city. At first, Blackfire and Red X were unwilling to help us any further but eventually their consciences got the best of them and the five of us became the new protectors of Jump City.

After another attack on the tower by the Legion general, Achilles, we were able to learn of the locations of two key Legion buildings: a factory building and a shipyard. Splitting into two teams, Red X and Blackfire attacked the factory while Jacqueline, Kid Flash, and I went to investigate the shipyard. At the factory, Blackfire and Red X were able to locate and free the Titans, destroy the Legion's ability to manufacture more troops, and defeated Heracles.

At the shipyard, we discovered the final product of Slade's master plan. Using the Legion's technology, he had created a giant, airship called the Argo. It housed a giant particle cannon that would be devastating against the city if the Argo got into the air. When Blackfire and the Teen Titans arrived, we were able to push back the Legion, destroy their last general, and get onboard the Argo. Once again, we were forced to split up in order to accomplish our goals. Cyborg went off on his own to find Atalanta, who he still felt he could save. Poor guy…he and Atalanta got along so well and now they were forced to fight each other. Kid Flash and I went to find the real Titans East, who were being held somewhere on the vessel. Shortly after freeing them, we ran into the robotic clones of the Titans East and made short work of the imposters. Blackfire and Starfire went after Brother Blood and were able to take him down and Robin confronted Slade. Unfortunately, Slade managed to escape.

With the Argo under our control and the Legion crippled, we returned back to the Tower to recover. Robin informed us that the Legion had not been destroyed nor were they actually under Slade control, rather working in an alliance with him. Chances were, the Legion would return one day, though we have not seen a sign of them since. Blackfire, Red X, Kid Flash, Jacqueline, and I all agreed that we made a pretty damn good team and we unanimously decided to form our own little group of heroes. I was surprised to see Red X agree but apparently he was willing to be a good guy so long as he remained by Blackfire's side. They made a cute couple…though not as cute as Kid Flash and I.

Since our home had been destroyed by the Legion, we were able to convince the Titans to let us take possession of the Argo…once we stripped off the gigantic energy cannon of course. After a few months of renovating, we managed to make the Argo feel much more like a home – just took a couple square kilometers of carpeting, some better lighting, and some paint to bright up the rooms; Cyborg even helped to install an entertainment room so we could all just kick back and relax. There was more than enough room for the five of us so a lot of the space was converted into training rooms, study halls, storage spaces, and, of course, a Jacuzzi room.

A girl needs to relax after all.

We even managed to decide upon a team name…after about an hour of debating, fifty minutes of name-calling, and several incidences of roughhousing. We finally agreed upon the Argonauts. It was my suggestion too so I was quite pleased with myself.

The Teen Titans didn't have any problems with sharing some of the limelight with us. At first we mostly handled small things and helped the Titans out when things got rough but eventually our team starting became a recognized force of its own. It wasn't long until the Titans and us were sharing responsibilities of watching over Jump City.

Blackfire, while always one to jump on opportunities to celebrate, has been a little…reluctant to discuss. I admit that I do not know a great deal still about my friend and I do hope this outing will do exactly that. At the very least, we'll try to get Blackfire back into the partying mood tomorrow.