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Danny heard Desiree's whispered promise and felt a warm shiver pass thru him. Desiree felt it too, and looked at him worriedly.

"Are you cold, Daniel?" Danny shook his head.

"No… Just happy…" He answered. Desiree smiled and kissed him sweetly before breaking away.

"Me too, Daniel… Unfortunately, time does not sit still, and the morning approaches."


"It's 2 am, Daniel. Young though you are…" Desiree looked at him in amusement. "You need your sleep, my love."

"But…" Desiree shushed him with a finger to the lips.

"No buts, love. It is the disadvantage of falling in love with an older woman. Now, off to bed with you." She ushered him to bed, tucking him in and then kissing him sweetly on the lips.

"Where will you go?" Desiree shrugged noncommittally.

"It matters not. What matters is that you get your rest."


"Shush. I have not loved for so long. You have done so much for me, by simply loving me and allowing me to love you in return. Allow me to take care of you, Daniel. Please…"

"Desiree… Fine. But… I wish you had a place of your own to go home to." Desiree's eyes widened in surprise as she granted the wish.

"Wha- Daniel!"

"I won't be able to get some sleep otherwise. Trust me, thinking and worrying about you has cost me my fair share of sleepless nights." He gave her a wry smile. "At least, now that I know you've got someplace to go to, I can sleep properly…"

"I… Thank you, Daniel." She drifted over to him and kissed him sweetly on the forehead. She turned to go, but before she could get very far, Danny grabbed her hand. He kissed it once, and then looked her in the eye.

"I wish you could decide which wishes to grant." Her hands glowed as she stood there in surprise. "Now, I wish you would slap yourself." His smile widened when Desiree did not comply. Tugging her hand, he yanked her down and kissed her fiercely on the lips.

"See you tomorrow, Des…" He murmured, before falling back onto his bed. Desiree's eyes, which had closed during the kiss, snapped open. She looked at Danny lovingly.

"You sweet boy… You must be exhausted. I never even got the chance to say thank you for making that wish…" She stroked his hair, and then kissed him once more on the forehead.

"I will prepare a small surprise for you tomorrow, my love…" She whispered as she flew out the window.

The next day…

Sunlight filtered through his window, striking his face and slowly stirring him awake. As his eyes opened, memories of the past night flooded his mind, and a smile came to his face. He would be looking for her today, he decided. He had made that wish last night without even bothering to ask as to how it would be granted, let alone where she would be staying. He went downstairs to fix his breakfast, whistling a light-hearted tune.

His sister was already there, eating her breakfast. She smirked as she saw him coming into the kitchen. "Someone woke up in a good mood today."

"What can I say?" Danny replied with a smirk of his own. "I had really good dreams last night."

"Really? You know what they say, Danny. Dreams can be whispers of the subconscious telling you your greatest desires and hopes."

"Yeah, well… I already know what my greatest desire is, thank you very much."

"And what would that be?"

"I'm not telling you." He smirked, sticking his tongue out at her.

"Oh real mature there, Danny. You're eighteen! Why don't you act your age?" She retorted, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, forget you. You're not ruining my good mood. Not today." He answered, grabbing a bowl of cereal and pouring milk into it. As he ate his breakfast, his mind was already wondering where he should start looking. As he knew from Desiree's powers, it would be highly unlikely that some new building or house would have sprung up overnight. Perhaps her powers had possessed an abandoned building somewhere? He sighed as he finished his cereal. This was going to be more difficult than he thought. Standing up, he looked over at his sister.

"I'm going out for today. I'll be back around lunchtime."

"Alright, Danny. Don't get too distracted with your ghost hunting, 'kay?"

He nodded absent-mindedly. He opened the door, still in deep thought about where to start looking for Desiree.

Some time later, at the Amity Park Park…

Danny slumped down with a huff at a park bench in front of the fountain in the inner section of the park. He had been searching for Desiree for nearly the entire day, to no avail. No new buildings had suddenly popped up overnight, and his ghost sense had not gone off the entire time he had been searching. He massaged his temples in frustration. Where the heck could she be? His gaze fell on the fountain.

"Ah, what the heck?" He muttered, walking over to the fountain and flipping a coin into it.

"I wish I could see her again…" He muttered. No sooner had he uttered the words than he heard a soft chuckle come from behind him.

"You will have to be more specific than that, I'm afraid. The genie wouldn't know which "her" to bring to you." He whirled around and his jaw dropped at the sight.

It was Desiree, in human form and looking to be around eighteen. The pink top and hip-hugger jeans clung to her svelte figure, and her long, wavy hair cascaded down her back, held back from her face by a golden headband. Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at him warmly. Danny took a step forward and took her hands in his.

"You had me worried there, Des. I was starting to think that last night was nothing but a really good dream." She smiled, and reaching up to cup his cheeks, pulled him into a passionate kiss. When she pulled away, he had a dazed, drunken look on his face.

"Still feel like a dream, Daniel?" He shook his head quickly. "Good." He laughed at that, and then twirled her around before holding her close.

"If this is a dream, I'd rather not wake up anytime soon."

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