I don't regret it
What I did was my own choice
But I wish I could've told them
It was a plan you have to voice

I'd do it again in a heartbeat
My life for the life of Dean
It wasn't his time yet
Too much he's never seen

They carry the world on their shoulders
My sons were always tough
I tried to prepare them the best I could
But sometimes it isn't enough

And now I see them hurting
Every breath is filled with pain
I want to be there for them
To guide them through the rain

Dean is changed, forever
He was never one for fear
But now he's lost and hurting
And I saw that lonely tear

I didn't just leave
I burdened him with a secret too
And now he's standing alone
Not knowing what to do

Sam has stepped up to play his part
To take care of his older brother
But he's still just a boy
And he shouldn't have to bother

They've always been close
And they do need each other
Even though Dean hit Sam
They do love one another

They have to go on, to forget me
Because if they don't, we lost
I sold my soul to the devil
But if they die, to what cost?

I did what any parent would do
And I wish they could understand
Because even though I'm gone
I left my prints in the sand

So here I am now, burning
Heat and fire consuming me 'a while'
Every limb is glowing
But through the pain I can still smile

My sons are suffering, they miss me
And on that thought I thrive
Yes, they might never forgive me
But at least they are alive