Chapter 1

Seeing red

"You think you could just do that, you think I would just let you get away with it? Ha think again."

Warren raised his gun and aimed it at Buffy. Without hesitation, he fired point blank at Buffy. Xander stood with his mouth opened and shock and disbelief filled his face. He then rushed to help to aid his fallen friend and all he could see was the gushing gunshot wound that now occupied Buffy's chest. Stammering Warren rushed to try and pull a quick exit from the scene of the crime but Xander immediately noticed him running and left Buffy to catch him.

Upstairs in Tara and Willows' room

"Oh My god Tara get away from the window!"

Willow got a hold of Tara and moved her away from the window as she went to see what the ruckus outside was. She caught a glimpse of Xander in hot pursuit of Warren and a cold chill ran down her spine for she now knew that things were about to turn bad but she didn't look away. Mean while outside Xander was within striking distance from Warren but his pursuit did not go unnoticed. Warren quickly turned and fired at Xander, but none of the bullets were even close to hitting him but they were right on target with Willow who didn't have enough time to duck. The Bullet raced at her and penetrated her chest and exited from her shoulder. A spray of blood clashed in to Tara's blue top and willow could only turn around and say "your shirt."

"Willow! No! Please don't leave me! Come on Willow Please! No! No!"

Tara had a hold of Willow when she went limp and her last breath left her body. Her grief and rage filled her eyes and now her fury and Magic burned brightly in them as she began to summon Osiris.

"By Osiris I command you! Bring her back!"

Xander had dropped in time to keep him from getting hit by Warren's bullets. When he found that he was unharmed he got up but Warren was long gone. So he rushed from where he was and ran over to Buffy who seemed to be fading fast. He removed his yellow shirt to cushion her head.

"Buffy! Can you hear me? Oh God, Buffy please answer me!"

Buffy felt her consciousness slipping and all that came to her mind was Dawn. She seemed to have left her body as a vacant look crossed her face. Xander's voice kept fading in and out and all she could hear was him on the phone with 9-11; "Hello? Yes please I need help my friend was just shot. She needs help… God there is so much blood!" After that Buffy blacked out. But upstairs Tara continued with her spell.

"Hear me keeper of Darkness!"

The thundering clouds that had now filled her room began to form a cyclone in front of her and the image of what appeared to be Osiris came into view.

"Witch! How dare you invoke Osiris at this task!"

Tara was hysterically crying at this point and begged the demon.

"Please! Please bring her back!"

"You may not violate the laws of natural passing, the slain one raised one killed by mystical forces this is not the same, she is taken by natural order."

"How? How is this natural?"

"It is a human death by human means. It is done."

"No! There has to be a way!"

"It is done!"

Rage filled Tara, and the decline of her pleaded request enraged her even more. She could no longer constrain herself.


her fury and magicks released in a full and direct assault on Osiris as a flow of energy was released from Tara. He writhed and screamed in agony and as quickly as he appeared he disappeared from sight.