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After a few days in the hospital, Hermione was declared fit enough to go home.

She was to be placed on bed rest for the first week back and was not allowed to be overly stressed at any one time during her pregnancy or would be placed on bed rest permanently.

They were able to dodge the gang of red heads in the waiting room with some help from, Charlie and the staff of St Mungo's, whom had come to know the story behind their visit and were more then happy to help.

The took the safest route back to Cairo, Charlie tagged along for the ride to help with Hermione and the luggage, and to also spend a few days at the apartment to catch up on the happenings of his new sister in law and his brother.

Life went back to some form of normalcy, until his family started to show up in Cairo to make amends, that is.

They had to put up extra wards and after a week of constantly being unable to leave the apartment Bill decided he would hear them out, but that it was too stressful for Hermione to be a part of it yet.

In two meetings, both an hour long, he found out everything that he needed to know. Ginny had been the one to cast the hex, trying to stop Hermione from telling everyone that Harry was gay, because then he would be out of the proverbial closet and then there would be no need to keep his, what she now knew to be fake, relationship with her, which ultimately meant losing the one man she had always wanted.

The twins seemed to be the only ones besides Charlie that actually believed the news about Harry and Ron without wanting proof, and Bill was not in the mood to give them anything.

He had thought that if they were honestly sorry, and wanted to make it up to him and Hermione, then he would be willing to make a go of it, but after hearing the disparaging remarks and the constant questioning still, he realised that with the twins and Charlie and Hermione, plus the baby he had more family then he would ever need.

He composed a short letter to each member of the family, listing the problems or lack there of, to having them as part of the family at this stage in his life and even though he knew that his actions could be classed as cruel and undeserved he thought he had enough reason.

The only reason he could tell everyone who asked, was that he was doing it to protect his wife and child and himself from those people who would believe derogatory remarks about someone whom they had known for more then five years as a member of the family.

(Where are they now you may ask, well keep reading and find out.)

Ginny Weasley:

Is now a year older and not much has changed. She lives alone, moving from man to man and works in the muggle world as a shooter girl in the not so well known strip clubs. She is unwelcome at her family home and has been blacklisted in the wizarding world.

Arthur and Molly Weasley:

Go about there lives as they always did, but with some huge differences, they never take things to face value anymore and realise even family can lie to get what they want in life. They also spend there vacation time every year in Egypt hoping that one day they will run into Bill and his family, even if it is just a glimpse of what they could have had.

Charlie, Fred and George Weasley:

Fred and George established a new WWW store in Cairo, where they now live with their wives, whom they met at the hospital after their first shop was blown up from the inside, wanting to be close to Bill and Hermione and as far from the rest of the family as possible. Charlie lives in Romania still, but is seen in Cairo every chance he gets.

Harry Potter:

Decided that he wasn't actually gay, but Bi sexual and didn't like the way his relationship with Ron was going, so he dumped him and is now dating Oliver Wood.

Ronald Weasley:

Is a nobody in a small town. He was so unpopular after the very public break up and reasons behind it, that he decided to go and live in the muggle world. He now delivers pizza during the nights and sits at home twiddling his thumbs at all other times.

Bill, Hermione and Fatin Isra Weasley:

The newest Weasley family is quite happy even though they still reflect on what they could have done differently, they know the past is just that, the past.

They spend all their free time with the family they do have, Bill went back to work, but at a desk, so that there was no danger, and because the only partner he would trust was no longer there, but at home looking after their new born daughter Fatin Isra.

They might not have all lived happily ever after, but the point is that they lived.