Title: Redirection: A Second Chance

Author: the-writer1988

Rating: T, for violence and swearing later on

Summary: Pettigrew is captured and Harry gains the family he deserves: his godfather. But as darkness begins to grow, Harry discovers that his new found happiness is short lived. POA AU.

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I'd be rich, and I'd be writing book seven, not fan fiction.

Before you read this story, please take your time to read these important notes.

- This story will roughly follow canon, but will have major changes in the later books, mainly books 5 and 6, and possibly 7, depending on when it is released.

- The narrative will be shared between Harry and Sirius, with a dash of Remus, and Ron and Hermione contributing when need to.

- This will be a very long story. So far, my estimate is around 70 - 90 chapters.

- There will be no slash. Pairings will include: Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron

- The story starts off slow, but that is to establish the rest of the plot and the relationship between Harry and Sirius.

- With that said, I do hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter One: The Traitor

This chapter borrows several lines from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book.

Thursday 9th June 1994

Thirteen year old Harry Potter stared at the trembling form of Peter Pettigrew, the man who had betrayed his parents and framed an innocent man for the horrible crime of murdering twelve innocent Muggles. He cowered on the floor of the Shrieking Shack as Sirius Black and Remus Lupin raised their wands, both ready to kill him. He bit his lip. What could he do? Pettigrew may have betrayed his parents, but did he want him dead? Did he deserve it?

No, an unbidden voice in the back of his mind reasoned. Alive, Sirius is free. Dead, the truth dies with him.

With his mind made up, Harry ran forward, placing himself in front of Pettigrew, preventing Sirius and Remus from harming him. "You can't kill him. You just can't."

He saw Sirius and Remus stagger backwards, stunned by his movement and words.

"Harry, this piece of vermin is the reason you have no parents. This cringing bit of filth would have seen you die without turning a hair. You heard him. His own stinking skin meant more to him than your whole family."

"I know," replied Harry, keeping his eyes focused on the two adults. "We'll take him to the castle. We'll hand him over to the Dementors. He can go to Azkaban…just don't kill him."

"Harry!" Pettigrew gasped. In one fluid motion he had flung his arms round Harry's knees. "You - thank you - it's more then I deserve - thank you -"

"Get off me," spat Harry, stepping back from Pettigrew in disgust. "I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it because I don't believe my dad would've wanted his best friends to become killers - just for you."

Silence fell within the Shrieking Shack. Harry watched as Sirius and Remus exchanged looks and then, simultaneously, lowered their wands. Harry breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"You're the only person who has the right to decide, Harry, but think…think what he did," said Sirius, meeting Harry's gaze.

Harry shook his head, refusing to back down. "He can go to Azkaban. If anyone deserves that place, he does." He could hear Pettigrew shuddering behind him.

"Okay then." Remus pointed his wand at the trembling man. "Stand aside, Harry. I'm going to stun him and then tie him up, in case he escapes. That's all, I swear."

Harry swallowed, then, he moved aside, deciding to trust Lupin's words.

"Stupefy!" cast Remus. Pettigrew fell to the floor with a thud. Thin cords shot from the end of Remus' wand binding Pettigrew's wrists and ankles together.

Remus stepped across the room over to Ron, who was lying on the bed, resting his broken leg. "I can't mend broken bones nearly as well as Madam Pomfrey, so I think it's best if we just strap your leg up until we can get you to the hospital wing." Again, he waved his wand, muttered a spell, and bandages wrapped round Ron's leg, strapping them tightly to a splint. Helping Ron to his feet, Harry watched as his friend placed his weight carefully on the splintered leg. He didn't wince.

"Thanks," muttered Ron.

Harry glanced over to the prone form of Professor Snape. He has barged before Pettigrew had been uncovered and had refused to let Sirius and Remus tell the true story. Believing that Sirius had the right to explain things, Harry, Hermione and Ron had knocked their Professor out-cold. "What about Snape?"

"There's nothing seriously wrong with him," said Lupin, checking for a pulse. "You were just a little - over enthusiastic. Perhaps we should leave him like that. He may cause trouble otherwise."

Harry allowed a small grin.

Another spell a moment later had Snape drifting in the air, his head lolling onto his chest. Remus passed his wand to Hermione. "Keep the wand directed at Snape, it'll keep him mobile."

Hermione nodded. "Yes, Professor."

"Professor Lupin?" Harry asked, uncertainly. "What are you doing?"

Remus traded a glance with Sirius. "It's the Full Moon tonight. It's cloudy at the moment, otherwise I'd have transformed. I can't risk harming you if I'm with you and the clouds part. It's better if I stay here. If we had left Peter conscious and I had transformed, he could've made his escape. And I don't want that to happen."

"Me neither," agreed Harry.

Walking over to Ron, Harry slipped his arms around his friend's shoulders and carefully aided him towards the open door. Hermione followed with Snape bouncing along beside her. Sirius came last, levitating the unconscious Pettigrew in front of him. Remus shut the door behind them, locking himself inside the room.

They made it into the tunnel and began the arduous journey back out into the Hogwarts Grounds.

Harry glanced up at the sky as they emerged from the tunnel. Above them the moon was shining brightly. Professor Lupin had been right: if he had stepped outside all hell would have broken loose.

"What now?" asked Hermione, as she lowered the Potion's Professor to the grass.

Harry hesitated, unsure what to do.

"Go to the castle. Find Dumbledore. It's best, I think, if I wait here," suggested Sirius. "I don't believe it is a good idea if I walked into the Castle. They might assume I'm holding you hostage."

Harry had to agree with that assessment. As of this moment, only he, Hermione, Ron and Professor Lupin could vouch for Sirius' innocence. "Okay."

"Where will you go, Mr…Bla…Sirius?" Hermione asked. It seemed to unnerve her to call a convicted murderer by his first name.

"I'll hide in my Animagus form," replied Sirius, shrugging his shoulders. "When I see you call out to me, I'll reappear in human form, providing everyone believes I am innocent. If not, then I will slip away quietly."

"What about him?" Hermione pointed to Pettigrew.

"Take Pettigrew with you. You need some proof to show Fudge if he is still on the grounds," pointed out Sirius. "Otherwise he will order the Dementors to search for me."

"Dumbledore wouldn't allow it," replied Harry. "He got livid when they came onto the Quidditch Pitch and attacked me."

"It wouldn't stop Fudge. He is the Minister of Magic," said Sirius, grimly.

Harry had to give way. He knew Sirius was right. Without Pettigrew to present, Sirius had no chance. At least taking Pettigrew with them, it gave them a chance to convince Fudge of the truth and if he didn't believe them, then Sirius still had might be able to escape. He glanced towards Ron, frowning. "What about Ron? He's injured."

"Leave him here with Snape, I'll keep watch," replied Sirius.

Harry helped Ron to the ground, being careful not to injure his broken leg even further. Sirius passed Snape's wand to Harry, giving him complete control of Pettigrew's unconscious, floating form.

As they walked towards the castle, Harry glanced back, only to see Sirius transform into the giant black dog and quickly hide amongst the shadows.

They made it to the Castle with little incident. The only thing that had happened was that Pettigrew had awoken, but the way he was bound and gagged, meant that he could not get away. Harry could see through the light of the Full Moon, the fear reflected in the traitor's eyes. It had not stopped him trying to wriggle free but Harry had placed the wand at his throat, the meaning quite clear.

Hermione pushed open the door to Hogwarts Castle. "It's nine-thirty. Not many students will be around now. Curfew is ten-o-cloak. We might be lucky to avoid certain people."

"Like Malfoy you mean?" grinned Harry.


Hermione led the way into the Castle, casting her eyes about. Behind her Harry levitated Pettigrew.

"To the second floor, Dumbledore's office," said Harry, "as quickly as possible."

As they made their way through the Castle, Harry found himself praying that they wouldn't run into anyone. As luck would have it, they did.

Thankfully it was Professor McGonagall. Her sharp eyes widened at the bedraggled state of Harry and Hermione, and then she saw Pettigrew floating in the air, behind them."Oh my goodness! What is the meaning of this? What happened?"

Harry moved up the steps, feeling doubly aware that a small crowd of students was forming above them to look down on their odd party. "We need to see Professor Dumbledore. It's urgent."

Minerva McGonagall shook her head, her eyes running over the form of Pettigrew. "He should be dead…" she whispered, more to herself than anyone else. "This way, Potter."

"Professor, we left Ron outside. He's got a broken leg, and Professor Snape was knocked unconscious…" whispered Hermione, going red slightly.

"Then go back outside, Miss Granger and get them both to the hospital wing. I will deal with Harry and his guest." McGonagall didn't give the young muggle-born witch time to say a word, as she moved away from them, indicating Harry to follow her down the second floor corridor.

Coming to the stone gargoyle, McGonagall spoke the password: "Blue Pops." Moving aside, the gargoyle revealed steps and both Professor and pupil trudged up them: Pettigrew floating behind them, wriggling in the bonds.

When they reached the door, McGonagall knocked, and then opened the door, stepping inside.

Harry distinctly heard Dumbledore's voice. "Professor McGonagall?"

"Professor Dumbledore, I apologise for intruding but I think you need to see what Potter has found."

McGonagall moved out of Harry's way, and he could clearly see who sat in the office. Cornelius Fudge, and a woman he did not know sat in front of Dumbledore's desk. There were also two men standing to the side in Ministry robes.

They look like body-guards, Harry mused.

He moved into the office, bringing Pettigrew into the Office behind him, and as he stopped in the centre of the room, facing Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic, Harry saw surprise register across their faces.

"Professor Dumbledore, Minister," Harry said, "may I present Peter Pettigrew."

To be continued...