A kiss.
It was supposed to prove fatal. . .
Yet, it is as if there is no place for death.
Not between you and me.
It is as if there is a chasm separating us, a wall that stretches beyond my sight, but even so I can't help reaching for you.
It is almost as if we are connected on some sort of level beyond what is physical.
Beyond even that of mental and emotional.
A kiss that is supposed to prove fatal, and yet it does not end at that.
For that. . . Brother, I am thankful.
Not as if living was worth much, though.
Not in the torture I suffered from Mother.
Not in the pain I endured from the loneliness, the lack of contact.
You, though. . . You made it all worth while.
You gave it meaning, Rion.
You made life something.
So for that, for you, I am thankful.
You are the only thing I have to thank Mother for.
I would not mind dying by your hand, Rion.
So let us die.