1-Through Our Daughters' Hearts

It was the day after Alexis got the news that would change her life.

"Sam McCall is my daughter?" she questioned as she unbuckled a sleepy Kristina from the car seat. Alexis laid a kiss on the little one's forehead before pulling her out of the car and placing her next to it on her feet.

"Do you have Lamby by the hand?" Alexis checked Kristina's hand gripping her stuff animal tight.

Kristina rubbed her eyes and nodded her head up and down. She took one more yawn and slid her tiny hand into Alexis'. The child closed her eyes and allowed mommy to drag her from the car and up the walkway to Kelly's.

Alexis stepped into the diner and her eyes met Mike's. He lifted from the counter two steaming cups, one big and one small. Alexis maneuvered with Kristina through the morning crowd and met Mike with a kiss on the cheek.

"Green tea with sugar for Mommy and hot chocolate for little big girl." Mike handed each one their cup. "And a cube of ice in Kristina's to cool it down."

"You're always looking out for us Mike."

Mike lowered his eyes to the ground. "I heard about Sam."

"Well...I can now make sense of my life I guess. Apparently I wronged her and she hates me or something so I will deal with all of that tomorrow. How is Sonny?"

"Honestly he's worried about you. Give him a call some time."

"I don't have the energy to even dial his number."

Mike touched Alexis' forehead. "You ok? You seeing a doctor regularly?"

Alexis pushed Mike's hand away. "Mike I'm fine. My headache has to do with my life and nothing else."

Kristina released Alexis' hand and started to search around realizing Lamby missing.

Anna Devane walked up to the door of Kelly's and noticed the white stuffed lamb tossing and turning in the windy morning. She picked up the lamb and ran her hand across its soft fur. A tear beamed in her eye, but she quickly caught it from escaping down her face.

Kristina tugged at Alexis' skirt for attention. "Lamby out there Mommy!" She pointed at Anna outside the door.

After saying her goodbye to Mike, Alexis picked up Kristina and walked out the door towards Anna taking a seat with the lamb at a corner table.

"Anna Devane right?" Alexis stretched out her hand.

"Alexis Davis?" Anna shook her hand.

"Yes. Did my daughter drop that stuffed lamb?"

Anna quickly picked up the lamb from the table and handed it to Kristina. "Oh my god! Is this your lamb Sweetheart?"

Kristina nodded and took the lamb under her arm.

"What do we say when someone returns our lost items Kristina?"

Kristina shyly belted out to Anna. "Thank you."

Anna smiled in admiration. "She's a precious child. I'm sorry for holding on to the lamb. It reminded me of my little girl."

"Your little girl?" Alexis asked. "Can I just say that she is great! Robin delivered my daughter Molly under the craziest circumstances and I commend her on her efforts."

Anna stared at Alexis speechless for a moment. "No not Robin...but I'm so happy she could be of help to you. My daughter Leora had a lamb very similar. She died of heart complications."

Alexis placed her hand on her mouth. "I'm so sorry. Kristina was born with a heart condition as well."

"And she looks like she's perfect. Do you know the rhyme Kristina?" Anna questioned her, but Kristina buried her face in her mother's neck.

Anna continued. "Mary had a little lamb... go ahead Dear. I'm sure you know it."

"She's shy." Alexis interjected.

Kristina pulled up her head, squeezed Lamby tight, and started to dance in her mother's arms. "And every-where that Mary went, Lamby went too!" She shrieked.

Anna couldn't hold back her laughter. "I've lost track. One second. Ok. He followed her to school one day, which was against the rules. Your turn."

Kristina's face beamed with a smile. She poked her finger in her mouth and recited her best. "It made them play to see Lamby on the swings. Swish swish."

Kristina pulled her finger from her mouth. "Can do the swings Mommy? Right now."

Alexis stared at Kristina in awe. "You never recite nursery rhymes to me that well. I'm jealous. You did it perfectly for Ms. Devane."

"She's destined for PBS." Anna gently touched Kristina's arm. "This absolutely made me feel so much better. I appreciate your time Kristina. It was really nice meeting you Alexis."

Alexis nodded in agreement. "I guess I have time for S-W-I-N-G before my first meeting. It was good to finally meet you as well."

Alexis left the front of Kellys with Kristina bouncing with energy in her arms.

Robert waited patiently behind the bushes till he saw Alexis go out of sight. He tripped through the bushes and up Kelly's walk. Anna looked up from her file and observed Robert gazing at her in the front of Kelly's entrance.

"Just go inside Kelly's and leave me alone Robert."

"What I do now Cupcake?"

"You have bushes coming from your sweater. You've been prying. You used to be

more sophisticated. What happened?"

Robert swept the debris from his clothes. "Age happened. That modern technology

mumbo jumbo is for the birds."

"How much did you hear?"

Robert sat down at Anna's table. "I didn't realize you possessed more mothering than a knat. I'm impressed."

"If you're here to insult, buzz off." Anna started to gather her files together.

"I also didn't realize you lost a baby. I'm so sorry Anna. I can't even come close to understanding a mother's pain of losing a child...twice."

Anna stopped her gathering and sat back in her chair. "Three times."

Robert furrowed his brow. "Explain? Robin is still here and living a great life. She's smarter than the both of us combined."

Anna stood up to leave. "I can't really explain what I meant. Just like you said, you wouldn't understand. My time to linger is over. It was good to get an ounce of sympathy from you." Anne rushed away.

Robert shrugged his shoulders. "You don't have to show me how incredibly grateful

you are!" He shook his head. "Woman are complex simpletons I swear. They succeed

only by confusing the male species."