Hearts 43

Alexis couldn't stop pacing. Luke watched her with boredom in his eyes. He pulled his cigar from his mouth.

"Natasha. I got news."

Alexis sat down and slumped in her chair. "Go ahead. Hopefully it's good news."

"Laura's coming home." Luke cracked a smile.

Alexis sat up in her chair. "How is that going to work?"

Luke put out his cigar and refused to look Alexis in the eyes. "I'll make it work. I married Laura for better or for worse."

Alexis stood up and wrapped her arms around Luke. He kept his hands shoved in his pockets but finally lifted his eyes to her. "That's what I'm asking you...can I have that with Sonny? For better or for worse?"

"You and Sonny have been through a lot."

"Not together as a couple. We never had a chance." Alexis released Luke from her grasp and leaned on the desk.

"You do what you need to Natasha. I'm out." Luke left the office. Alexis lost herself in her thoughts until she was snapped out of it by a knock on the door.

"It's Nik." Nikolas walked in.

"Hey." Alexis sat in Stefan's chairs and swivels a bit until she finally decided to focus on Nik.

"I sense this nervous energy in you." He said.

Alexis stopped spinning. She pressed her fingers together and stared at Nik.

"Something wrong Alexis?" Nik asked perplexed by her silence.

Alexis stood up and caressed Nik's face in her hands. Nik's eyes bulked in shock. Alexis looked into his eyes until he grew calm.

"Something wrong Alexis?"

"No." She whispered. "It all makes sense now."

"What makes sense?"

"Your scent?"

Alexis released Nik's face. He pressed his nose to his underarms.

"I swear I showered."

"You can never get rid of that scent."

Nik's heart pounded. His joking expression turned to curiosity and fear. He swallowed hard.

"Does this have anything to do with Stavros? You know don't you?'

Alexis crossed her arms. "I know what?"

"You know that I'm going to him. I need to find out who killed Molly."

A tear dropped down Alexis face. She quickly wiped it away. "You treated her and Kristina just like your little sisters. It means so much to me."

Alexis turned away from Nik.

The door to the office was left cracked. Zander walked into the foyer of the Cassadine mansion. He stopped at the sound of his mother's shaky voice.

Alexis turned to Nik. "What did Stefan and Stavros do to you Son?"

Zander's ears peaked to the sound of the word "Son". He raced over to the door and shoved his body into a crevice of the wall to listen.

Nik stared at Alexis dazed and confused. "Son?" He sighed. "Look Alexis, I'm sorry. I don't mean to stress you out with this."

"Remember in the room? Molly was still alive...barely alive. You stood there. I remember holding you in my arms. I held you until they took you away from me."

Zander slumped down to the ground. He grabbed his heart. He couldn't hold back. He stood up and raced into the room.

"I was there too!" Zander shouted to the top of his lungs. "What about me? I was there too!"

Alexis and Nik both looked at Zander with his face red as a beet. He took a deep breath and quickly composed himself.

Nik turned to him. "Who let you on the grounds?"

Alexis touched Nik's shoulder. "Don't. He's a guest of mine. Can you leave us alone?" Nik watched Alexis longingly. "We'll talk later I promise."

"I feel like you need to tell me something." Nik's face was filled with desperation.

Alexis touched his face again. "In due time..."

Nik left the office and scoffed at Zander on the way out.

Zander's eyes fell to the ground. "I'm sorry. It's just that he doesn't love you the way that I do."

Lorenzo watched Anna walk towards him with two steaming cups. He relaxed on the bench on the docks and watched the boats on the water. Anna handed him a cup and sat down next to him.

"How is your head?"

"Which one?"

Anna hit him and took a sip of her tea. "Don't you feel like a weight has been lifted?"

"I feel like one battle is over and another one begins." Lorenzo looked at Anna.

Anna stopped sipping her tea and noted the seriousness in his face. "What battle? Still trying to kill me?"

"Let's not pretend the animosity between us is over Anna. With your link to the Cassadines and Caesar Faison, I imagine it'll only get worst."

"It's fiction that Caesar has any hold on me."

Lorenzo sat up and put his arm around Anna. He nuzzled his nose into her neck. "But what if he has everything to do with your daughter and the secrets to her past?"

"It's a risk I'd have to take. No hickeys please?" Anna laughed as Lorenzo tickled her neck. She turned to him and kissed him until they felt someone else near.

Luke finished his cigar and walked over to Anna and Lorenzo.

"Not down with the PDA especially not in my place of business." Luke snarled.

Anna kept her focus on Lorenzo. She struck his hair and smiled at him. They both ignored Luke until he broke out in a childish tantrum by kicking the edge of the bench. Anna stood up and grabbed Luke's jacket.

"What is your problem?" She spoke with guarded frustration.

"He's dangerous Anna. You're playing with fire." Luke's eyes shifted to Lorenzo playing innocent on the bench. "Why don't you scoot along? You have no business here."

Lorenzo stood up and pulled a card from his top pocket. "Be careful how you speak to me Luke. You have no knowledge of my alliances. Clearly this is a shock to you." Lorenzo tried to hand Luke the card, but he took it and ripped it to pieces tossing them into the lake.

"We'll never do business Alcazar. Leave these women alone."

Lorenzo walked away.

"Sam included!" Luke shouted after him.

Luke turned to Anna clearly irritated.

"What's your beef Luke?"

Luke pulled out another cigar. "Tell me you're just watching him?"

Anna slowly shook her head. "I'm in love with him."

Luke jerked the cigar from his mouth and moved in close to Anna. "Say it ain't so Dorothy. You lost your wits about you. He is playing you. He's playing all of us."

"Show me proof." Anna crossed her arms in waiting.

"He knows all about the Cassadines."

"When are you gonna give up your fight with the Cassadines?"

"When someone proves to me that Stefan Cassadine is dead." Luke slid the cigar back in his mouth and took a couple puffs.

Anna circled him as he blew rings of smoke in the air.

"Stefan's possibly alive?" She asked.

"Possibly." He turned to her. "I'm worried about Natasha here. Stavros and Stefan will stop at nothing to hurt her for the empire. Sonny's weak right now. He's got his head up his ass."

"What's new?" Anna slumped down on the bench. "Thanks for telling me."

"Anna, Laura and I were far from perfect, but I tried to tell her everything…everything that was important to me. Lorenzo is holding back. He can't do that if he's sincere."

Anna looked to Luke hovering over her.

"Right. Thanks. I need to be alone."

Luke nodded and left Anna alone on the docks.

Alexis took Zander's limp body into her arms. He couldn't help but sob. He felt dejected especially knowing she didn't have a clue.

"I think that's the first time a man proclaimed his love for me." She said as she tried to hold back her soft laughter.

Zander pulled from her and pushed the whiff of hair from his redlined eyes. "It just came out wrong."

"He doesn't love you the way that I do? What other way could that possibly come out?" Alexis rested her hands on his shoulders and tried to get Zander to look at her with no luck. His eyes went to the ground. "I feel like you and Nik are both my very special boys. You're both princes to me."

"But he's the favored one. He always has been. He can give you everything that I can't."

"Have you every asked me what I wanted?"

Zander pulled from Alexis. "Why didn't you ever look for me? You always said I was like a son to you."

"Zander Smith!" The rumbling voice of Lorenzo trailed down the hall. Lorenzo appeared ready to render Zander unconscious. "I'd advise you not to speak any more about this issue. Please."

"Fine." Zander slammed his body out the door and out of both of their sights.

"That was between Zander and me." Alexis approached Lorenzo.

"Alexis, I'm here for one reason." Lorenzo kept a steady eye on Alexis.

"What's that?"

"I'm here to protect and claim my Son and his inheritance. In essence I'm declaring war on the Cassadines."