It's a Wonderful Life.

By Frank Candiloro.

Cliff Huxtable opened up the pantry to get some snacks. It was his day off from work and all he wanted to do was watch television in peace.

"Chips?" He said, opening up the potato chip bag and emptying it in a bowl. A few crumbs came out. "No." Cliff said.

"Pretzels?" He said, now opening up a pretzel bag and emptying it. More crumbs came out.

"That's leaves it to no one's favorite," He said, opening up another bag and emptying it. "Walnuts." He said in disgust.

Cliff carried the bowl to the living room and lied down on the couch. He turned on the T.V set and flipped through channels. Finally he saw that The Blues Brothers was on, one of his favorite movies, mainly because it had James Brown in it and left it there.

He was getting really tired. He fell asleep.

Then, the door opened. Cliff's second daughter Denise walked in. Cliff and his wife Claire had five children- 4 daughters and one son, but the oldest, Sandra, was at college.

"Hey dad!" Denise said, walking up the stairs to her room.

Cliff didn't answer. He just gave a "Mmmmm" sound in reply.

Then the door opened again and Vanessa and Rudy, the two youngest daughters walked in and up to their room. They were arguing about something.

"But I wanna watch Sesame Street at 5:00!" Rudy whined.

"No Rudy! There's a movie on. It's called St Elmo's Fire." Vanessa said.

"I don't think Daddy will let you watch that." Rudy said.

Although Cliff could here all of this, he didn't pay any attention. Two hours had passed. His wife Claire walked to him.

"Cliff!" She said, shaking him, "Wake up!"

Cliff woke up. "What is it dear?" He said, a little cranky.

"Do you know where Theo is?" Claire said.

"No I don't." Cliff said.

"He was supposed to come home two hours ago!" Claire said. "Where do you suppose he could be?"

"Maybe he's meeting another girl. You know what Theo's like. He pierced his ear once for a girl." Cliff said.

Claire smiled. "I suppose so. And you burned all the hair off your head just for me."

There was laughter. Cliff and Claire turned around. Vanessa was at the stairs, laughing her head off.

"Vanessa!" Claire said, stern. "Go do you homework."

"But what is homework?" Vanessa said. "What does it all mean?"

"It's going to mean a lot of pain if you don't do it!" Cliff said.

Vanessa sighed and walked back up the stairs. A second later, the door opened and Theo walked in.

"Theodore!" Claire said. "Where have you been?"

"Oh... I was just... playing basketball." Theo said.

"For two hours?" Cliff said.

"Well we played a couple of games." Theo said. He looked uncomfortable for some reason. Then he ran upstairs.

"What do you suppose is wrong with him?" Claire asked.

"I'll have a talk with him after a nap." Cliff said.

"Cliff!" Claire said.

Cliff sighed. "All right." He said. He got up and walked up the stairs to Theo's room.