Chapter 4

"Son, open the door." Cliff said, pounding on the door.

The door opened. Theo stood there, looking very unhappy.

"Theo, your mother thinks you are taking drugs. Is that true?" Cliff said.

"No it's not." Theo said. "I never took drugs."

"But, the container was in your jacket pocket." Cliff said.

"Well, maybe someone put it in there." Theo said.

Cliff was thoughtful for a moment. "I suppose that's not impossible. Anthony Braxton did put that joint in your geography book. Did he put the container in your pocket?" Cliff said.

"Oh no. After all that, me and Anthony became friends." Theo said.

Cliff smiled. "Well, I'm sure that you will find out who did it sooner or later." he said.

* * *

Theo was putting his books in his locker when Anthony Braxton came to him.

"Hey Theo." Anthony said.

"Hey Anthony." Theo said, glum.

"What's the matter Theo?" Anthony said.

"I found a ritalin container in my jacket pocket and now my parents think I take drugs!" Theo said.

"Well, I didn't put it in there. I stopped taking drugs." Anthony said.

"I know, I know." Theo said. "Who did?"

Anthony was about to reply when Wickers, a kid in Theo's class, came up to him.

"Hey Huxtable, I accidently took your jacket yesterday and you took mine. I want it back." Wickers said.

Theo suddenly realized something. "Hey Wickers, did you have a ritalin container in your jacket?" He asked, excited.

"Well, yeah. Why?" Wickers asked.

Theo gasped. The connection was made. "That was yours! My parents think I take ritalin!" Theo said.

"So? Just tell them that I put it in there." Wickers said.

"No! You have to tell them yourself!" Theo said.

"Who's gonna make me?" Wickers taunted.

"I will." Anthony said, glaring at Wickers. Wickers's face paled. Anthony was a tough boy and you wouldn't want to mess with him.

"Oh allright." Wickers said.

* * *

Theo, Anthony and Wickers walked into the Huxtable residence.

"Well, no one's home. I better go." Wickers said, making a run for it. Anthony grabbed him.

"You're gonna stay if I have to tie you to the chair." Anthony threatened.

Cliff came walking down the stairs.

"Oh hello Theo, Anthony and um, who is this?" Cliff said, pointing to Wickers.

"Yeah, um, this is Wickers. Wickers has something to say to you." Theo said. Wickers walked over to Cliff. He took a deep breath.

"Dr Huxtable, I accidently took Theo's jacket and Theo took mine. That ritalin container was mine." Wickers said.

"So that's how it got there." Cliff said. "Well, son, as I said to Anthony a couple of months ago, if you need help, go to your parents, or you counsellor or even right here."

"Okay." Wickers said. "Well, I have to go."

Wickers left. Theo sighed with relief.

"Well, I'm glad that's all over." Theo said.

"Yeah." Anthony said.

"I better get dinner ready. Do you want to stay for dinner Anthony?" Cliff asked.

"Sure." Anthony said.

"You're gonna love what I'm making." Cliff started. "It's-"

"Dad! Don't tell!" Theo said. Every time Cliff told his wife and kids what they were eating, they went sick.

"Oh allright. Come on." Cliff said.

Cliff, Theo and Anthony walked into the kitchen, ready to eat dinner.


Copyright Frank Candiloro 2001