Disclaimer: I don't own the songs or the characters

Okay I have an idea. I always wanted to make a songfic about Battle B-daman. So I will make a fic. of many characters.

The fics (if you think I could use a better song for a character, then just say it):

Enjyu: Breaking the habit

Bull: When you believe

Bierce: My last breath

Terry: Headstrong

Sly: Runaway

Li: Bring me to life

Wen: A place for my head

Mie: Story of a girl

Armada and Ababa: Let my people go!

Joe: Fight for Freedom

Assado: Playground

Lienna: Ain't no other man

Gray: Lies

Yamato: Zero to Hero

Joshua: Taking over me

Cain: Numb

Karat: Reflection

So what do you think of it?

Plz. Review I will go further with it if I have 3 reviews