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"You're certain that the League knows nothing of this."

"N-no one does." Sergeant Holland stammered as he held out the small evidence baggie. Within it, a small, single follicle of hair, dark, lay impotently, with the potential to destroy a hundred worlds.

"What about the authorities? I can't have this being traced back to me." The figure crossed his arms in a manner that somehow seemed to expand his authority and power right then and there.

"I bagged this evidence myself." The sergeant insisted, repressing the urge to vent a nervous sweat that was uncomfortably gathering beneath his collar. He continued to hold out the baggie in hand for his perspective buyer to inspect. "Now, a-about the price you offered…"

"First," Lex Luthor held up his hand, quieting the sergeant "you'll permit my people to inspect the sample for viability."

Sergeant Daniel Holland watched as the businessman pressed down on a nearby control pad atop his desk. Within moments, the door to Lex Luthor's office opened as a pair of lab coats walked through the door, wheeling in a cart carrying an array of equipment whose function the sergeant could only guess at.

Lex politely yet expectantly held out his palm at the sergeant who uneasily gave him the small clear bag. The businessman's unflinching gaze barely turned away from the police officer as the bag was then passed to the technicians on hand.

Sergeant Holland kept his arms closely at his side as he felt his anti-perspirant breaking down. He watched nervously as the pair of walking lab coats placed the evidence baggie with the hair follicle inside under a scanner. Looking at a monitor attached to the side of cart, he watched while seemingly nonsensical data was displayed as the follicle was analyzed down to the molecular level.

A small tone from the machine seemed to please the technicians as they reported "The follicular tag is in place. One hundred percent DNA viability Mr. Luthor."

At this, Lex Luthor's stern gaze flexed and wavered slightly, displaying only the slightest bit of satisfaction as his eyes turned back to the Sergeant.

Officer Holland was about to speak up but his mouth flopped shut as Lex Luthor walked back behind his desk and sat down. Retrieving his check book, he quickly scribbled down on the paper in front of him before tearing the check and handing it over to the police officer. "I trust then that this amount will be more than satisfactory. I hope you don't mind but it's just slightly higher than my original offer."

"Whoa." The Sergeant's head swam as his eyes scanned the figure indicated on the check. "Uh, y-yes sir. I mean no sir." He stammered. "This is just fine."

"Good. Then our deal is concluded." Lex sat back in his chair and crossed his fingers, apparently quite pleased.

"Yes sir." The Sergeant looked up just long enough to shoot Lex Luthor one more glance of appreciation before heading out, nearly running straight into Lex Luthor's personal assistant. "Oh, excuse me."

Mercy Graves never shot Daniel Holland a second glance. She simply stood back with all the precision and posture of a soldier, allowing him to walk out. Never turning back, she again moved towards Lex Luthor's desk.

"Is everything taken care of?"

"Yes Lex. By the time his brake line snaps, he should be more than a dozen blocks away." She responded frankly with just a twinge of satisfaction.

"Make sure our people with the county are in position to recover that check." Lex rose up from his chair, walking towards the cart and his technicians and retrieving the bag with the sample in it. "I can't have any evidence to suggest that the late Sergeant Holland was anywhere near a Lexcorp building today."

"Relax Lex." She followed him as he walked over to his eastern wall. Placing his hand to a mounted genetic scanner, the device chimed in accordance with the proper clearance before sliding a section of the wall aside to reveal Lex Luthor's private laboratory. "There's nothing that will ever be traced back to you."

"Good." Lex looked up at the room filled with equipment and more technicians. Off to the side, he noted that the fabrication of the new black costume looked to be already completed. Stepping towards a series of huge tubes large enough for a person to fit in, Lex handed the sample to yet another of his technicians. "Then we're ready to begin step one of Project: Superman Prime."

The End