Summary: Sesshomaru has just let Kohaku go free after Rin was kidnapped by Naraku. What will enfold when Kagome hears a cry for help and ends up saving the child? This will be a Kagome/Sesshomaru piece.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha, or any of the other characters.

The first chapter will consist of how Kagome runs into Rin again and the events that occur afterwards. I plan to move this story in a steady manner. Do not expect to see Sesshomaru and Kagome being all "lovey dovey" for a few chapters. I really want to give this story a good foundation.

Chapter One

So We Meet Again

Watching the small raven haired child run after the cold, intimidating Lord, Kagome couldn't quite fathom how she had come to travel with Sesshomaru. A gentle breeze tossed her raven locks around behind her as she let out a sigh.

"Hey, Wench! You coming?" Kagome was rudely brought out of her reverie as Inu Yasha called to her over his shoulder. She blinked in surprise seeing that she had indeed fallen behind.

"Yea… Yea I'm coming!" Kagome called increasing her pace to a light trot until she had caught up with her friends. They had just entered the surrounding forest, and were preparing to set up camp for the night. Sango tended the fire quietly as Miroku found himself enjoying the sight of Sango bent over the pitiful embers in attempt to fan them into a more suitable flame. Kagome could not hold her glare back and simply shook her head as she pulled some ramen from her back pack.

"I hope you guys are hungry!" Kagome said brightly. "I kind of over packed this time, but I guess it just means that I won't have to go back home as early."

"Good! Then we won't have to halt our search waiting for your sorry butt to get back here." Inu Yasha replied rudely. If looks could kill, He would have been six feet under with the glares Kagome sent him.

"Inu Yasha, you know it really isn't a big deal for Lady Kagome to return home for a few days." Miroku stated calmly.

"Feh, whatever. All I was saying is that we could cover a lot more ground if we didn't have to wait around for her to decide she's ready to come back…" Kagome stubbornly turned her nose up to air and turned her head away.

"Well, since it is such a problem, then maybe I just won't waste my time going home to bring food for you Inu Yasha…" There, now she had caught his attention. Inu Yasha huffed and turned around, not wanting to think of never eating ramen again.

"Sadly that's all it takes to shut you up Inu Yasha." Shippo chimed in. It took all Inu Yasha had from bopping the youngster on the head. Thinking better of it, and for the sake of his stomach he remained still, silently fuming.

"Kagome-Chan, there is a hot-spring not too far away." Sango said after managing to create a decently burning fire. "I'll get the food started if you want to wash up a little." Kagome smiled and nodded.

"That would be great Sango. Don't worry about clean up, when I get back I'll take care of it while you have your turn." Sango nodded her agreement as Kagome gathered her bathing supplies. Shippo was happily helping Sango to get the ramen cooking, while Inu Yasha hovered over them.

Kagome smiled gently as she removed her clothing and slipped slowly into the hot spring. The steam rose lightly from the spring. It looked as though someone had made it the perfect bathing area. There were large flat rocks set all around the edge of the spring allowing easy entrance, as opposed to sliding in on the slippery grass. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the effect the hot water had on her sore muscles.

After having her fill of relaxation and feeling clean, Kagome pulled herself from the hot spring and toweled herself off before getting dressed. Letting out a contented sigh, she gathered her things. In the process of folding her towels she heard an ear piercing cry. Her head jerked involuntarily toward the sound. It wasn't towards the direction of the camp. Thankfully, she had brought her bow and arrows with her just incase she were attacked. Grabbing said items, she slid her shoes on and took off towards the sound of the scream.

"Come on! Give me another clue to where you are!" Kagome mumbled, now having lost the trail she was following. As if on cue, the shrill cry sounded again. It struck her as the voice of a little girl, and she knew she had to hurry if she wanted to get there in time. Taking off in a run, she could hear the sounds of scuffling and even a little growling.

Finally, Kagome reached a clearing and the sight that met her made her gasp in surprise. She squinted looking around for the little girl, and it didn't take her long to spot her high in a tree.

"Wait, isn't that…" Kagome didn't have time to finish her thought as the cause of the small girl's distress made itself known.

A large wolf demon was circling the tree, growling and snapping, sending long drivels of drool every where. It's dark brown fur seemed mangled and un-kempt as is dug it's claws into the tree. Kagome couldn't tell if it was trying to climb up after the little girl, or simply claw the tree down.

"Come down little girl…" The wolf demon snarled out. "I promise not to make it painful if you come down right now." The small girl screamed yet again, and Kagome observed that is was indeed Rin. The small child whom she had seen running off after Sesshomaru when Kohaku had disappeared.

"Don't worry, I'll help you." Kagome said more to herself than anything, not thinking that giving herself away right now would be the wisest choice of action. As quietly as she could, Kagome pulled an arrow out of her quiver and aimed for the wolf demon's head. She couldn't sense any Jewel Shards, so she aimed for where it would do the most damage. Drawing the arrow back, Kagome let it fly, hitting it's mark perfectly.

The wolf demon howled miserably in pain as Kagome's sacred arrow plunged through it's skull. It seemed twisted as the demon stumbled backwards, finally falling to it's death. Letting out a relieved sigh, Kagome stepped out into the clearing and walked over to the base of the tree. Looking up she smiled reassuringly to the little girl who looked down at her in amazement.

"It's alright now; this demon won't bother you anymore." Kagome said trying to coax the girl down. Rin stared at her for a moment, recognizing her easily. It took only a minute before she was down on the ground in front of Kagome.

"Thank you for saving me!" Rin said excitedly. "I know you! You travel with Lord Sesshomaru's brother!" Kagome could only smile at the girl and her exuberance.

"That's right. My name is Kagome, and you are Rin if I remember correctly." The small child nodded happily, clearly pleased that Kagome knew who she was.

"Lady Kagome! You should play with Rin sometime; Rin could make you a flowered necklace in thanks for saving me!" Kagome continued to smile, but shook her head.

"I need no thanks for that Rin. I know you would have tried to save me if you could have." Rin nodded enthusiastically. "I should really get back to my friends now; they are probably worried about me." She added, feeling a little guilt as the small child's face fell into a frown.

"Will you promise to come and play with Rin sometime?" The child asked hopefully.

"Of course I will!" Kagome replied turning around to try and find her way back, knowing Sesshomaru would come for the girl later. Kagome felt her face falter a little bit, she had been so busy running and trying to get to the girl, she was completely lost. "Now if I could only find my way back." Kagome knew Inu Yasha would pick up on her scent and find her soon enough, but until one of her friends realized that she had been gone too long, she had some time to spare.

"Don't worry Lady Kagome! You can stay with Rin until your friends find you!" Rin seemed so excited; Kagome couldn't bear to disappoint her.

"Well, alright." Kagome said as they both began to walk away from the corpse of the wolf demon that lay near the base of the tree. I wonder what Sesshomaru will think when he sees me. We're not exactly best friends. I just hope Inu Yasha and the others find me before he does… Kagome thought, walking a short distance away from the clearing and into a field of flowers. She smiled a bit as Rin started to run around picking wild flowers. Kagome wouldn't dare question Sesshomaru as to why the girl was traveling with him, it would probably get her killed, but she still couldn't help but wonder. All she had to do now was wait and hope that no more danger came along.

End Chapter One

Author's Note:

Alright, this is my first time submitting a story to public. I have written some short stories before, but most likely not to the extent of the majority of the writers here. I ask that you be kind in your reviews (assuming you deem this review worthy), and that I will accept helpful criticism. I hope I am not moving things too slowly. One of the reasons I even decided to create an account and try this was to improve my creative writing a little. I don't know where this story will be heading exactly (I do have ideas) or how I will get it there, but have patience with me, and I will try not to disappoint any readers I pick up along the way. Thank you!