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Chapter 5

After over an hour of driving, most of which Katara spent seeing how close she could get to Jet while he was driving without actually sitting in his lap and trying not to turn completely pink when the hand Jet wasn't using to drive sat almost innocently on her inner thigh. She could only hope no one noticed…and, as she shifted yet closer to him again, the Water Tribe member wondered idly just why she hadn't taken the time to find a boyfriend in all her sixteen years. While it was definitely exciting to bend water, there really was no better feeling in the entire world then what she had experienced last night with Jet…

Pretending to look out the window, Katara drank in his masculine profile, trying to commit it to memory. Her vision was cut short when Jet pulled down an unmarked road. Turning off the headlights, the car crept along, and Katara's heart rate accelerated. Here, they were actually helping do something against the Fire Nation. It was a very empowering feeling…

"We're here."

All business, the group followed Jet's lead and slowly and cautiously made their way down a dark and overgrown path. Katara didn't need a map to tell her that there was a large body of water up ahead. She could already smell the element that was so much a part of her.

Nearing the site, but still within the protection of the forest, Jet pointed to the entrance of the dam and said, "So basically, I think if you two bend the water inside the pipes to the point where things almost break, then get yourselves out safely, then I think we can handle the rest," grinning dangerously, he continued, "The dam will burst and flood the valley below and take out the Fire Nation regiment. Duke and Longshot will be around if you need them and acting as lookouts and I will be overseeing things from the outlook above attending to some of the details. When you're done, it's very important that you meet up with Duke and Longshot, who will take you to a predetermined safe place out of the way of danger. Now, Longshot, you and Duke go ahead and 'clear' the way for Aang and Katara."

The Duke cracked his knuckles and laughed. Katara watched as the two Freedom Fighters went ahead. Aang, a bundle of nerves, danced around nervously.

Jet nodded and said authoritatively, "Go ahead, Aang, and see if they need any extra help. Katara will be along shortly."

Katara's heart beat erratically when Aang was out of sight. She had hoped that she might get some alone time with Jet, but since they were on a mission…

Without even having a chance to take a breath, Katara found herself in Jet's crushing embrace, with his tongue penetrating her mouth repeatedly. It was if he had instantly picked up where they were the night before. Katara's fingers pulled through his messy hair and then, just as soon as the kiss started, it was over.

"What was that for?" Katara asked, breathless.

Jet's eyes looked away, "For luck. Now go…I'll see you when this is all over and we're victorious. We'd be happy to call all of you Freedom Fighters."

Giving him an impulsive peck on the cheek, Katara nodded, then hurried down the path to find Aang.

After getting the 'all clear' sign from the Duke, quickly and quietly, Aang and Katra went about their task, willing the water within the pipes out. Over an hour later, a sweaty Katara could hear the entire structure starting to groan and there was water starting to leak out in various places. She looked at Aang and asked, "You think we've done enough?"

"I think we've done all we can do. The rest is up to Jet and the Fighters."

Katara wiped her brow, "Let's go find Jet!"

"He told us to meet up with the Duke and Longshot…"

"Well, I think we got done early, anyway, I'm sure he'd want to see us."

Saying 'no' to Katara was something Aang always had trouble with, so he said, "Sure."

Walking out of the dam, instead of going back down the path they had originally come up, Katara and Aang cautiously crept along a rough trail that led up to a cliff overlooking the dam. Not finding Jet, they watched as four familiar people from the club unload what looked like explosives at the top of the giant concrete structure. Catching her breath and shielding her eyes, Katara looked down river and could see the unmistakable green and yellow flags of an earth kingdom village.

The breath immediately went out of Katara's lungs as she saw what was happening. She asked, "What are they doing?"

The wheels began to turn quickly in Aang's mind, "He's going to blow up the dam."

She replied, "What? No, that would destroy the town. Jet wouldn't do that."

Aang was already running towards the ledge to assess the situation, "I've gotta stop him!"

Katara sat down heavily, telling herself, "Jet wouldn't do that."

Walking up from behind them, Jet snapped his straw and said coldly, "Yes, I would."

"Why?" Katara's heart plummeted in her chest. Had she been so wrong in her feelings for Jet?

Jet put an arm casually around her shoulders, "Katara, you would too, if you just stopped to think. Think about what the Fire Nation did to your mother – we can't let them do that to anyone else, ever again. Sometimes there are things that stand in the way, but it's all for the greater cause. You have to understand."

"This isn't the answer!" Katara tensed up in his grasp.

Jet moved next to Katara and gently pushed one of her braids behind her ear. The contact sent a series of goosebumps from his now repulsive touch down her back. He said softly, "I want you to understand me, Katara. I thought you would get why—"

Backing away, Katara stood and released the water from her waterskin quickly and effectively knocking Jet on his ass. Aang came back to find a very different situation than when he left a few moments ago, "My glider—"

From the ground, Jet recovered enough to neatly use his shuang gou to pin and sneak Aang's glider to his own grip. With his dark brown eyes glittering dangerously, Jet said, "You're not going anywhere."

Aang put his hands up in a peaceful manner, "I'm not going to fight you, Jet."

Jet sneered, "You will if you want your glider back."

Wanting to draw Jet away from Katara, Aang rushed into the forest with the rebel hot on his heels and the glider tucked on his back. The leader of the Freedom Fighters attacked full on, Aang's Avatar status notwithstanding. Aang neatly and continually moved out of the way from the majority of the attacks, but once the fight entered into the trees – Jet's territory – the fight became a little one sided. As they fought high into the treetops, Aang and Jet both lost their balance, falling to the ground. Aang's glider came free, but landed closer to Jet than to its owner. Shaking off the fall, the Airbender slowly got to his feet. Jet, already recovered, began making a move towards him. Out of nowhere, the rebel is suddenly struck from behind by a whip of water.

Locking eyes with his former flame, Jet said, "Katara—"

Katara's eyes were ice cold as she responded, "Shut up, Jet!"

In a parody of yesterday's sparring match, the waterbender, relentless and mercilessly, forced attack after attack at Jet, who could only put up a short fight with his weapons against the onslaught of water. Soon, Jet found himself backed into a giant oak tree. Pausing for just a moment, Katara moved her hand gracefully and, in an instant, the water turned to ice, effectively pinning Jet.

Tears streaming from her face, Katara yelled, "Why Jet? I can't believe I trusted you. You lied to me - you're sick and I trusted you!"

A call from nearby caused the pair to look up. Aang walked up, rubbing his head and glaring at Jet. With his straw drooping slightly, but a shit eating grin still on his face, Jet answered the call, whistling sharply.

"What are you doing?" Katara questioned.

In a mocking tone, Jet responded, "Well, Angel, you're too late."

Katara was horrified, "No!"

Grabbing his glider, Aang took off for the cliff. However, the young Avatar did not get very far. In the rough and tumble fighting with Jet, it seemed that his glider's left wing had broken, which sent the Airbender crashing into the earth below.

With a death stare sent to Jet, Katara hurried over to help her friend.

Aang looked up, a desperate and worried expression on his face, "Sokka's still out there – he's our only chance."

Katara looked horrified, in the commotion she managed to forget about her brother. Whispering aloud, she said, "Come on, Sokka. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Please be okay."

A burst of flame to their left instantly caught she and Aang's attention. Longshot had notched a flaming arrow and it was heading right for the dam. The ensuing explosion and catastrophic wave that followed erased any doubt in Katara's head that Jet was the devil incarnate.

She continued her thoughts, "All those people…"

The brunette wheeled around, intent on slapping the smug grin right off of Jet's mouth, "Jet – you monster!"

Even though the straw was sodden and drooping, Jet's evil smile remained. He said stoically, "This was a victory, Katara. Remember that. The Fire Nation is gone and this valley will be safe."

Aang cracked his knuckles loudly, "It will be safe – without you."

A loud whirring sound grabbed the trio's attention.. Katara was shocked to see a smiling Sokka standing in the open door of the hovering Appa, piloted by the able Momo.

"Sokka!" Katara had never been more glad to see her brother.

Sokka nimbly leapt down from the open door, and said, looking directly at Jet, "I warned the villagers of your plan, just in time."

Jet's eyes narrowed, "And the Fire Nation?"

Sokka casually flipped his sharp boomerang in his hand, "Remember the old man you beat up?"

"Yeah?" Jet grumbled.

"I told him to spread the word of your plans. He trusted me and the Fire Nation fled the valley this morning. All you've done today is cause millions of dollars worth of damage."

Jet looked at the Water Tribe member in disbelief, "Sokka – you fool! We could've freed this valley!"

Sokka clenched his jaw, "Who would be free, Jet? Everyone would be dead."

"Traitor," a desperate Jet spat.

"No, Jet," Sokka responded, "You became the traitor when you stopped protecting innocent people."

"Katara…" Jet pleaded.

Katara's ocean blue eyes drew into slits. She calmly walked up and slapped Jet hard enough to draw blood and send the straw flying to the ground, "Goodbye, Jet."

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