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"They do make a handsome couple, don't they?" said a soft feminine voice accented with an exotic lilt. It came from over his shoulder. The prince turned and gazed into the most amazing green eyes ever seen.

"That they do, my lady. May I ask your name?" Don Pedro queried.

"Morgain, your grace." She answered with a slight bow.

"You know me?" he asked.

"Yes your grace. Beatrice and Hero speak well of you, as does Senor Leonato. They are good people. I am indebted to them for many things."

"They are good people and their hospitality is legendary. It is something I look forward to on my visits."

"I also look forward to it. When I was banished from my homeland, Beatrice found me wounded and wandering on the hills. They took care of me. I did my best to repay them for their kindness but I had little to give them and at heart I am a free spirit. I have been away for almost a 12 month. I came for the wedding."

"The double wedding now."

"So Beatrice is finally going to marry Benedick."

"That she is. They are off dancing."

"And you Prince? Why do you not join the foray?"

"I don not feel like joining them. I would put a damper on their fun." She saw right through him.

"Have you no wife or lover to share your joy with?"

"Nay my lady, I am a bachelor." Don Pedro faced her once more, this time taking in all of her, not just her eyes and voice. She wore her hair in a long braid of light blonde. Her skin was flawless and lightly tanned. Upon her brow was a simple crown of silver with a single stone of emerald set in the center. Her clothes were simple but unusual for a woman. She was clothed in a cotton shirt of black and black leather britches, knee high boots and a wide belt with a heavy sword. "You are not from Italy?"

"Nay, I am from Eire, the land of the Celts. I am the last of my family. I was deposed by a rival family who outnumbered me. I was banished and should I ever return I am to be killed on sight. But should I ever have a child, a son, he will be the true heir to the throne."

"That would explain the sword and the accent." The Prince gave her a rakish grin. She was a beauty ad she had spirit. "Perhaps I could be persuaded to dance if I had a willing partner."

"I would be honored your grace." Morgain took his proffered hand and they join the fray. Perhaps his days as a bachelor were numbered.